For the Love of Music: What are the Best Speakers, Guitars, Violins, and Microphones?

Best guitars, violins, speakers, microphones for music and other uses

Music is always sweet. It has been in part of merrymaking, major activities, and even education for many generations. Currently, music is much more fun since you can record it and share it. Besides, we have the best guitars, violins, microphones, and other equipment for making music. To listen to music, we have some of the best-advanced speakers and other equipment making it more enjoyable.

Music-making is excellent when a number of instruments are used. Combining the best instruments leads to a kind of music that is rich in terms of instrumental balance and many more.

However, when it comes to listening to music the best gadgets for sound output will make you have more fun. When you have the best speakers, you will find it very comfortable to make your music and enjoy it too.

Instruments such as guitars, violins, speakers, and microphones will make you enjoy your listening sessions and also music-making. We have therefore compiled some information that will help you to acquire the best instruments.

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The best guitars, speakers, violins and microphones


Understanding the different types of guitars and their functionality will help you have the best guitar for each function. We have several types of guitars with their specific features that make them ideal for their functions.

There is a specific guitar for recording music, and for live performances. There are also those that will perfectly help you when it comes to learning music depending on your level of experience. Let’s look at the specific types.

Classical guitars

You may be looking for a guitar that will be played without having to be plugged in. This type makes the best guitars because you will just pick it from wherever it is and begin to play.

Classic guitars are also known as nylon-string acoustic guitars because of the presence of the nylon strings which is the unique characteristic of the guitars hence its functionality.

Looking at the strings of a classical guitar will just give you a straightforward answer. They usually have wire strings wound with nylon or clearly nylon.

Classical guitars are excellent choices when it comes to playing classical music. Other styles include jazz, folk, and flamenco. When you hit the strings while playing classical music, you will feel a mellow tone.

However, you may choose to be rough while playing the guitar but the outcome is a sweet resonance and a soft awesome sustain. This characteristic makes the classical guitar best for beginners.

You will find the classical guitar easy to learn because of the low string tension and very wide fretboard for easy navigation. Your fingers will not experience sores hence an easy and comfortable beginning.

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Acoustic guitars

These are guitars that have a hollow body with their bodies made of wood. You will be amazed to use the guitars six strings that make their playability awesome. The amplification of the sound is excellent due to the hollow body.

There are two major types of acoustic guitars. Classical and steel string. The nylon strings are highlighted under the classical guitars. The steel strings simply mean that the guitars have strings with steel material.

Steel strings also have their types which include the jumbos, parlor and the dreadnought.

There are acoustic guitars that have a cutaway body and some have a symmetrical body. You will also love the presence of the dreadnoughts and the jumbos that have a larger body and have a bigger sound compared to the rest of the guitars.

Moreover, there are also the auditoriums and the parlor has a better tone articulation and is quieter. The tone of an acoustic guitar is clearer compared to that of a classical guitar.

You can comfortably use the guitar for county music, blues, rock, pop, bluegrass, and many other styles. You will therefore find it very comfortable to use the guitar if you are a student. The strings are comfortable to your hand hence very comfortable to use.

However, an acoustic guitar can be harder to learn compared to the classical guitar. But if the music you play using the acoustic is just ideal for it, you may have a challenge if you use another kind of a guitar.

You can use the guitar for making music or live performances.

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Electro-acoustic guitars

Here comes a combination of a guitar that is composed of features of an electric and acoustic guitar. It is an acoustic guitar that allows you to have it plugged in to use electricity.  One unique thing with this guitar is that it has a jack that allows you to plug it in.

Moreover, it also has a control panel that allows you to adjust the volume, EQ, you can insert your inbuilt tuner and the battery. These are the two great features that make the guitar a unique instrument.

The guitar can also be played without having to be plugged in. It is therefore a multipurpose guitar that can be used anywhere you wish. You will therefore enjoy comfortability anywhere you wish.

Furthermore, acoustic-electric guitars have the ability to play various kinds of styles. You will therefore have an opportunity to play different tones and other effects using the electric properties of the guitar.

When connected to your amp or pedalboard, the guitar gives you various choices and controls that enhance the performance. You will therefore choose to use the guitar for both stage performances and studios.

The guitar makes a perfect choice when used by both students and experienced players recording music. They will therefore serve as both music-making and listening instruments.

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Electric guitars

These are guitars that are strongly dependent on plugging for functionality. However, when played naturally they produce a very low sound. When connected to an amplifier you will be amazed by their performance.

When used in music-making, the guitars have an excellent performance because their functionality and control are dependent on the amplifier.

These electric guitars come in various shapes and sizes. You will love them because they have wood material and strings of 12s and 6s. If you are looking for an excellent bass sustain and undistorted sounds, they will make a perfect choice.

Featuring is also pedals that help you to balance the guitar while playing. When playing traditional music styles you will find electric guitars to be the best choices.

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Hollow-body and semi-hollow guitars

These guitars are also called semi-acoustic guitars. You will love these guitars because they are also electric guitars but with a hollow body which is instrumental for their resonation performance.

You may wonder of the difference between a hollow body and a semi-hollow. The difference is the internal cavity where a semi-hollow has a block of wood running through the center which is absent in the hollow body.

Another difference is that the hollow body guitar doesn’t work very well with the amplifier and pickups. The semi-hollow will maintain a perfect tone when used with the pickups and amplifiers.

When the semi-hollow guitar is plugged you will hear a play that is between the electric and the acoustic guitar. However, when the guitars are unplugged, a very poor sound gets produced.

These guitars have a unique resonance and sustain. You will love the mellow tone produced by the quality of sound the guitars produced. Playing jazz, rockability and other similar styles with these guitars are excellent.

These guitars make an easy choice for beginners to play but still, some will complain. When used for music-making you will have an awesome response from them. Live performances also make a great choice for these guitars.

Choosing the best guitar for music making

When buying the best guitars for music-making you need to ensure that it meets the following criteria for the best performance.

Sound quality

The best guitar should have the best sound quality. The balance between the trebles and the bass should be awesome.  The materials used to make the guitar should be strong enough to offer the best resonance and sustain.


The best guitar should be very comfortable to use. You should have easy moments to hold and use the guitar. As you make use of the guitar, the size should be awesome such that you find it very easy to navigate through the fretboard.

Type of music

Each guitar is suited to its own type of music. You should therefore choose your guitar according to the kind of music you will play. For instance, classical music should be played using a classical guitar.

Ease of use

Depending on the use of the guitar, each model should be very easy to set up and use. You should not experience challenges when it is time to start using your guitar.

Best guitars for music making

ModelBest forLink
Breedlove premier concertBest acoustic guitarBUY NOW
Classical guitar manuelRodriuguez Sir, RioBest for classical musicBUY NOW
Parker fly Deluxe  electric guitarBest electricBUY NOW
Ibanez PSC1CM PaulBest for recordingBUY NOW
Takamine pro series JJ325SRC-12Best for live performancesBUY NOW


Violins are wonderful instruments when used for making music. They come on various sizes and features that make each one of them unique. Different categories of violins come depending on their genre, size, and time period because they have evolved over the years.

Let us look at some of the common types of violins that we have and their distinctive features.

Classical violins

This is one of the modern violins that are the pacesetters in the best instruments. Classical violins gained popularity between the 18th and 19th century and from that time they kept improving gradually until now that we have the most recent and high performing models.

Classical violins have a better sound projection among the rest with an awesome range of coverage. The unique features of violins include a better string tension that makes the sound produced when playing sweeter.

You will also be amazed by the presence of the slender neck and a large fretboard that makes it easy to play the violins. Featuring also is a chinrest that makes it easy and very comfortable to play the violin.

Accessing the fittings is easier and very comfortable when playing a classical violin. Any person wishing to play classical violins regardless of their expertise will find this type easy to understand and play.

Moreover, the violins have different sizes that make them ideal for use by both small-handed and big people.  You will also enjoy a heavier bass when playing the violin. When used for playing when recording music, you will have the clearest sound.

Classical violins have a better sustain and resonance with simplicity in playing. Their comfortability of use compared to the other types is excellent.

Electric violin

Featuring in this category are all violins that produce their sounds electronically.  They also come in various styles that help in making playing more simplified depending on the type of user.

The instruments have awesome aesthetics that make them beautiful and lovely to the users. While most electric violins are hollow-bodied, traditional violins also prove to be excellent performers in music playing.

Electric violins have pickups that help in detecting and transmitting vibration waves. Apart from the pickups, you can also use the amplifier to have a better sound projection from the violins. As a result, you will have a bigger sound that you can easily balance.

More about electric violins is that they have a better capability of employing extra effects to enhance their performance. You can use phasing or distortion to make the sound produced by the violin more enhanced and creative.

Furthermore, the violin boasts of great abilities to play all music genres. You will have an awesome opportunity to tamper with the sound produced using the pedals. It can easily accommodate other electronics to make their performance more enhanced.

Finally, if you are making music, you will find it convenient and excellent. Depending on how creative you are, the violin will help you to have a tuned sound that matches your exact needs.

Silent violins

Silent violins have been somehow confusing with electric violins. Some people say that a silent violin is an electric violin but it is not the case. Silent violins are electric violins that have a sound similar to a mute on a normal violin.

Silent violins are great choices especially for practicing people who want to work without making noise. The most interesting thing with silent violins is that once you put on earplugs, you will have awesome personalized playing experience.

If you are using a silent violin for music-making, you will enjoy great moments. Once connected to the amplifier, the great sound will be heard from the speakers. You will have an awesome opportunity to adjust sound settings using an amp.

Furthermore, a silent violin has excellent sound quality. When plugged you will feel each strike perfectly projected. Once controls and implemented, you will have an awesome balance.

Moreover, silent violins are also known to be great choices when you want to mix a number of devices when making music. Due to its ability not to make noise, you will have an experienced violinist playing the violin while other instruments get played too hence an awesome balance.

Semi-electric violin

Semi electric violins are also called semi-acoustic violins. It is s traditional violin but it has a fixed pickup that makes it perfect when electric properties are employed. You will therefore have an amplified acoustic sound when using these violins.

Moreover, the violin is not loud unless the sound is projected using the pickups. If not plugged into an amplifier, the sound produced is average as that of an acoustic violin. Just like electric –acoustic guitars, these violins need a sound backup.

One unique thing with these violins is that the pickup is detachable. You can therefore comfortably play the violin without having it plugged in. The only difference will be that the sound produced is limited.

However, making an acoustic violin electric may be quite simple especially for those that have removable pickups. These others will need to be operated so that you have a hole for fixing the pickup.

You can therefore optionally have a full electric violin with a full tone within just a simple connection. The violins can be used anywhere depending on your wishes.

5 string violins

Most violins have 4 strings. However, we have some violins that have an additional C string which is mostly used by musicians who want to employ more creativity while playing the violin. They, therefore, give room for improvisation while playing.

The unique thing with the 5-string violins is that they have a bigger body to accommodate the 5th string and also give it space for resonating. You will love using 5 string violins because of the simplicity and the comfortability involved in playing the violins.

5-string violins are either acoustic or electric but most of them are electric. There is no much difference with these violins because they both produce a bigger sound. If you love playing the lower notes, you will find the violin to be a perfect choice.

Having a large size allows you to reach at least 3 strings at a time hence improved playability. It perfectly leaves a limited space between the strings making it very simple to have the notes perfectly played.

When used for music-making, the violin offers great opportunities especially for a professional to employ a new technique. You will also find it very comfortable to have music playing excellently with this violin during performances.

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Choosing the best violin for music making

When choosing the best violin for music-making, you should use the following criteria to arrive on the best

Sound quality

The violin you buy should have the best sound quality. This is determined by the materials used to make the strings and the body of the violin. Sturdy materials make the best violin with the best sound quality.


Violins come in different sizes with each size fitting a specific type of user. You should therefore get one that fits the users it will serve. Each person should have a violin that they will comfortably use.

Type of music

Each type of music has its own violin that perfectly serves it. Classical music needs classical violins etc. you should therefore consider getting a violin that is directly associated with the kind of music it will play.


The violin you buy should be very comfortable to use.  The size and the features should make it very easy for you to reach the strings and enjoy your play.

Best violins for music making

ModelBest forLink
Cecilio CEVN-2BK silent violinBest silent violinBUY NOW
Cecilio CVN-300 Solidbody violinBest for recordingBUY NOW 
Fever acoustic-electric violinBest for live performancesBUY NOW 
D Z Strad 5 string electric violinBest 5 stringBUY NOW
Mendini MV 400Best solidbody violinBUY NOW


Speakers are the basic gadgets when it comes to making and listening to music. Various speakers have different functions that are instrumental in facilitating their performance. Let us look at each type of speaker and where it works best.

Studio monitors

Music is made in studios. Studio monitors are therefore the best speakers fo making music because they have the ability to clearly produce vocals and audio at the same time. You will be amazed when using these speakers because of their professional set up.

One thing with these speakers is that they are either bought individually or bought in a set. You will therefore have a chance to choose your most ideal package before buying the speakers.

The speakers have awesome sound quality. When at the highest volume there is clarity in the sound produced. Playing the lowest volumes especially where there is a deep bass, you will still find the speakers to be an awesome choice.

More about studio monitors is that they come in two types. You can either have a powered or a non-powered speaker. A powered speaker just needs to be plugged on the wall and have wit functioning.

Unpowered monitors which are also known as the passive studio monitors. They, therefore, need an external power source to have them up and functioning. You will be amazed by the black and red cables that connect the speakers to power sources and main audio systems.

The most interesting thing about these speakers is that the connection and set up process is very simple and guided. You will also be able to play any kind of music effectively using the speakers.


A subwoofer is a speaker known to play just a single role. They play a low-frequency sound and an excellent and powerful bass. You will find them to be most ideal for use at homes in listening to music.

Subwoofers are excellent sound producers in playing all kinds of music. When properly balanced they produce a deep and a thumping bass with a perfect balance between the trebles and the bass.

It is an omnidirectional speaker that works perfectly for ranges between 20-200Hz. You will find them awesome to use in various places such as cars and home arenas. The sound produced by a subwoofer is felt in the ear.

Just like studio monitors, subwoofers are either powered on unpowered. Unpowered subwoofers will need an amplifier for better functionality while the powered subwoofers just need to be connected and enjoy your music.

Subwoofers work perfectly with most of your sound systems. They are highly compatible and easily pair up with your television and other sound sources.

Floor standing speakers

When looking for great sound systems for listening to music, floor-standing speakers set up the pace. The speakers are set at various points within the floor of your house for better functionality.

They have various designs for arrangements that make their sound production excellent. Most of them have a height of around 4 feet. You will therefore need to consider their arrangement before having the systems set.

The design of the floor-standing speakers is excellent. You will be amazed at the presence of the tweeters and the bass radiators which are essential in the production of the best sound quality.  A thumping bass with an awesome balance is felt when playing your music.

However, most floor standing speakers are unpowered. You will therefore need an amplifier or a receiver to have them functioning efficiently.

Bookshelf speakers

These are speakers that come on a compact size making them fit when stored on the shelves.  You can perfectly use the speaker with any compatible sound system within your setting.

One good thing with these speakers is that they occupy a limited space. You can either place them on the shelves as the name suggests or place them on the table. The sound produced by these speakers is also perfect.

Moreover, bookshelf speakers are directional speakers meaning that you have to ensure that they face you while in use. You won’t have a chance to play very loud music with these speakers but you will still enjoy perfectly balanced sounds.

Moreover, the speakers have a tweeter and a midrange that help in delivering a high-quality sound rich in the balance between the bass and the trebles. You will, however, need a receiver or an amplifier to have the speaker function efficiently.

Bluetooth speakers

Featuring is another type of speaker that comes with advanced wireless technology. These speakers do not need a cable to be connected to your music sources for streaming. All you will do is get a compatible device and pair it with the speaker and begin to enjoy it.

The unique thing about Bluetooth speakers is that they come on various sizes and features that make them perform excellently. We have portable Bluetooth speakers and even some that are massive to be carried from one place to another.

Some of the Bluetooth speakers have a waterproof feature that allows them to be used even in beaches and swimming pools. You can also comfortably use the speakers for parties because they are resistant to splashes.

Due to their portability nature, the speakers make a good choice for use in outdoor activities.  You will easily carry the speaker and enjoy it because some have a long-life rechargeable battery that can keep you enjoy music for several hours.

Furthermore, the speakers are excellent when it comes to listening to music. They easily pair with Bluetooth devices within the range. You will therefore not be worried when a playlist is in your friend’s device. You will just connect and begin to enjoy it.

Ceiling and in-wall speakers

These are speakers that get installed on the wall or the ceiling. They can either be used in the studios or at homes for listening to music. One discouraging thing about these speakers is that they need installation which may at times be complicated.

The speakers have wires that are run from the source of the sound to the speakers. However, they make an excellent choice for use at home because of their fixed positions. You will therefore have your house filled with music.

The speakers save a lot of space at your home because you will not have wires all over the place. You only need some small space and have the speaker fixed. They come either in single units or in a set.

The sound production of these speakers is excellent.  When played they fill up space because of their strategic locations. When well balanced, you will enjoy a perfect sound with a balance between the treble and the bass.

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Choosing the best speaker for music making and listening

A music-making and listening speaker should be excellent in delivering the best sound output. Here are the things to should look for in the best speaker.

Sound quality

The sound quality of the speaker should be excellent. You should feel the clear highs and lows. A sweet balance between the trebles and the bass should exist in your speaker. Good sound quality should be maintained.

Ease of use

A good speaker should be very easy to use. The connections and pairing if the speaker should be a very simple task. Adjustment of the speaker settings should be a straightforward task.


Your speaker should be compatible with the software you use for music-making. They should also be compatible with the devices that you use to stream your music.


The best speaker should be made of strong materials that will make it very durable. Strong materials are also responsible for the best sound quality.


Depending on the available size for your speaker, you should choose one that will perfectly meet your space requirements. Before buying a speaker, it is wise to ensure that you have the storage space.


The usage of the speakers determines which is the best for use. There are those that are used for studios and those that are used for parties. You should therefore choose a speaker that will meet your specific needs

Best speakers for music making and listening

ModelBest forLink
KRK RP5 G4 studio monitorBest for studio  useBUY NOW
Edifier R120DBBest wireless studio monitorBUY NOW 
JBL extreme 2Best Bluetooth speakerBUY NOW
JBL partybox 100Best for partiesBUY NOW 
One link safe  and sound speakerBest ceiling speakerBUY NOW


Microphones are essential in music-making. They are the interface at which sound is captured and relayed to the storage system for music. When enjoying music in parties and other places, you can use a microphone to entertain your audience.

Let us have a look at some types of microphones and where they work best.

Cardioid microphones

When it comes to music recording during the process of making music there is a need to have a microphone that will pick the best sounds.  Cardioid microphones make a great choice when it comes to sound picking.

The microphones capture everything that comes right in front of it and block everything else. You will therefore have the best quality of audio picked and relayed by the mic. The level of background noise is reduced to a great degree.

More about the mic is that you can comfortably use them in karaoke. When it comes to live performances when playing and listening to music, the mic delivers excellence.

When paired with other devices such as drums, you will enjoy a perfect live performance. The microphone when correctly positioned will have an excellent sound picking ability that inturn delivers to perfection.

When used for singing, the microphone delivers excellent sound quality. You will, however, need to have the mic positioned in the right way for better performances.

Hyper cardioid microphones

When it comes to sound picking in noisy areas, these microphone types are the best. In case you have a studio that is untreated for recording, having these speaker models will have you challenge solved.

The microphones have front directionality. You will therefore love how they pick sound from the front and block any other sound. As a result, the sound produced is clear with no traces of background noise.

Using this microphone for recording when you have drums and other music-making accessories is excellent.  It will pick the major sound and leave the rest out no matter how noisy they may be.

Moreover, the microphone can also be perfectly used for stage performances. The sound clarity is perfectly delivered even if the stage is noisy. It has a better resistance because of the narrow area of sensitivity

These kinds of microphones also need to be positioned for better functionality. The sound rejection ability is somehow compromised hence needs to be perfectly set.

Omnidirectional microphones

When it comes to picking sounds from a large group, these microphones are perfect. When having studio recordings especially for choir songs, you will prefer using thee microphones. It has the capability of picking sound from a number of people so long as the noise levels are limited.

Due to the fact that the mic captures sounds from all angles, the chances of background noise affecting the sound output are very high. You will therefore have to ensure that the volumes are maintained to the lowest.

Moreover, the mics have the ability to pick a very natural sound because of the zero rejection. If you are working from the church, the mics offer excellent service to singers especially those that sing in groups.

Furthermore, the microphones can also be used not only for recording vocals but also can pick a combination of instruments such as drums, and guitars so long as the noise level is maintained to the minimal.

Condenser microphone

Condenser microphones are also known as capacitors. They are an excellent choice for use in recording especially in studios for making music. You will appreciate the qualities that make their sound picking excellent.

You will love the diaphragm which acts as a one-plate capacitor and stores energy. The mic picks the sound through a vibration that gets relayed to the capacitor hence a transformation to an audio signal which can then be recorded.

The design of the microphone is such that it is not affected by noise hence a perfect sound quality. You will be amazed by the clarity and the richness of the sound picked and produced by the microphone.

Due to the fact that the microphone is very sensitive, you will find it quite amazing to use the mic for vocals. It, therefore, makes a perfect choice for studio mics for the vocals. Having a mechanical design makes the mic self-powered hence no need for external power.

Dynamic microphones

Are you looking for a way to start you home studio?

You will probably need a microphone that will fit your urgent needs. Dynamic microphones make an excellent choice for any starter for a home studio. The models are quite affordable and have perfect compatibility hence works with any device you think of.

More about the microphone is that they have an awesome moving diaphragm. It has a coil magnet that is attached to the diaphragm. You will therefore find it fit for recording the clearest vocals.

The sound vibrates in the coil mic, therefore, getting converted to recordable audio by the acoustic energy. You will therefore find it awesome to do your records regardless of the number of people.

Furthermore, the microphones have the ability to withstand massive SPLs. You can therefore use them on loud instruments such as drums, bass instruments, and guitars.

Crystal microphones

Various technologies are used to make microphones. These models come with crystals that help in changing electrical properties with their shapes. When the diaphragm of the mic gets attached to the crystal, a clear sound is produced by the mic.

The conversion of the sound to electrical waves results in very clear sound output. The quality of sound produced by these microphones is excellent.  The technology used is excellent in that it easily creates a movement that gears the creation of the signal.

These mics make excellent choices for use in recording studios. When it comes to live performances, the mics still boasts of the best performance.

You will comfortably use the mic as an individual or in group events. The sound quality produced by the mics is excellent.

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Choosing the best microphones for music recording

When choosing microphones for music recording there are a number of factors that need to be considered. However, we will only look at those that are basic for making quick decisions.

Background noise

The best mic should have the ability to reject background noise. The design of the microphone should be such that the sound it picks and relays is free from background noise.  You should not have difficulties in setting the mic for use.

Sound pickups

The sound pickups for the microphone should be excellent. A perfect design should make the pickup so that it picks sound that is very clear without any trace of distortion.

Number of users

When choosing a microphone you should consider getting one that fits the number of users you wish to serve. If the group is big such as a choir you will need to get a mic that will be able to pick sounds from various sources.

When serving a single person you should consider getting a microphone that will pick the main sound and leave the rest.


Your microphone should be compatible with the amplifier and other devices that you connect to. The software you use for music-making should also be compatible with the microphone.


Microphones are exposed to falling. They can therefore easily get spoilt. It is therefore very wise to have a microphone that is strong and durable.

Best microphones for music making

ModelBest forLink
XLR Condenser microphoneSingle person studio recordingBUY NOW
Stellar X12 Large  diaphragm cardioid microphoneBest for group recordingBUY NOW
AKG perception 220 professional studio micBest for the soundBUY NOW
Wireless microphone with 8 channelsBest for worship places singing and conferencesBUY NOW
Shure SM48-LCBest for vocalsBUY NOW

Final verdict

The best guitars, speakers, violins, and microphone makes music-making and listening more fun. However, the making process and listening is perfect when the best equipment is used. When planning to record or listen to music, it is therefore worthy to have the best equipment as highlighted in the article used.