9 Best Electric Guitars for Country Music (2022 edition)

Are you a guitarist who has specialized for country music? Are you looking for the best guitar you will use for playing? Worry not, we will assess the best guitars that will give you an excellent play. As much as we say that the best guitar performance depends on the guitarist, the kind of guitar you buy plays the most significant role. You need to acquire the Best Electric Guitars for Country Music.

This article has a compilation of the best guitars for country music. Let’s have a look as you choose your ideal guitar.

Best guitars for country music

Fender Player Telecaster electric guitar

Fender Player Telecaster electric guitar: Best Electric Guitars for Country Music

The Fender is a well-known company with high ratings for the manufacturing of guitars. Fender player telecaster model is a top-performing guitar with updated features that make it an excellent performer.

The guitar comes on alder and a gloss finish that makes it appealing and quite attractive to the eye. It portrays a lot of creativity, though with a rugged look.  Materials used to make the guitar are forceful and play an instrumental role in producing the best sound quality.

You will love playing the guitar because of its modern C shaped neck and a 9.5 inches’ fingerboard. The guitar is very comfortable to handle and access the frets. Navigating through the fretboards creates an excellent experience.

More about the guitar is its single coil pickup configuration and the hardtail bridge. They work hand in hand to deliver the best sound with the best quality. Combining the materials used to make the guitar and its features forms an excellent performer in country music. This is raked as one of the Best Electric Guitars for Country Music.


  • Beautiful design
  • Ease of handling and operation
  • Excellent performer
  • Excellent sound balance

Fender Stratocaster electric guitar

Fender Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar - Maple Fingerboard, Black

Here comes another product of the Fenderwith punchy mids and a bell-like end. The guitar weighs 10.25 pounds and a C shaped neck that makes it quite simple to handle.  You will enjoy the guitar’s response to frequencies.

More about the guitar is about its beck. It holds 22 frets on a 9.5 inches’ radius fingerboard. You will have an easy time playing the guitar hence enjoying the music. The body of the guitar is made of alder, which boosts the sound resonation and sustains.

The guitar also has single-coil pickups that are very instrumental in sound amplification. A 2-point tremolo bridge accompanies bent-steel saddles and works towards high volumes and best sound quality.

The guitar has a personalized sound output, which you can easily set. You will enjoy not only your desired volume but also the best sound quality. You will play a variety of music apart from country music.


  • Ease of use
  • Quality sound output
  • Good resonance and sustain

Epiphone Les Paul standard plus-top pro electric guitar

Epiphone Les Paul standard plus-top pro electric guitar:Best Electric Guitars for Country Music

Are you looking for a light guitar for country music?

Consider getting Epiphone Les Paul is a lightweight guitar weighing 2.2 pounds. It comes with a mahogany set neck and a maple top material that make it durable. They also complement the general design of the guitar.

The guitar boasts of a rosewood fingerboard and trapezoid inlays that make it look extra beautiful. When combined with the Tune-O-Matic bridge and the cream binding, the guitar forms a first device with more rigidity and resonance.

The guitar is known for probucker 2 and 3 pickups, which boosts the guitar performance. You will enjoy using the coil-tapping to adjust the volume and the tone of the guitar. The guitar produces functional resonance with a perfect blend balance. It is preferred as one of the Best Electric Guitars for Country Music.

More about the guitar is its response to any genre of music. You will be able to play jazz music and any classical music with ease.  The guitar comes at an affordable price that makes you enjoy the features at a lower cost.


  • Ease of use
  • Advanced features
  • Better resonance
  • Better sustain.
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Gretsch Rancher Falcon G5022CWFE-12

Gretsch Rancher Falcon G5022CWFE-12

This guitar adds a straightforward thing to the 12 string models of guitars to make it stand out. You will love the design of the body that makes it unique.  It has a large body with laminated maple sides and pristine finish.  The top is made of spruce that adds to the design of the guitar.

The guitar has a solid maple neck with a 25-inch scale length and a glossy finish that make it beautiful and simple to handle. Twenty-one vintage-style frets with a decorative Pearloid inlay make the guitar have a glittering gold color that makes it more attractive.

Moreover, you will love the cutaway that makes it quite simple to access the frets. You will, therefore, enjoy a fast guitar play with easy to hold features. The guitar boasts of perfect sound shaping because of the presence of the saddle pickup and the built-in digital tuner.

Using the 12 guitar strings make your playing sessions remarkable. Even though the guitar isn’t loud, you will still enjoy easy sound controls such as volume and tone. You will enjoy a better sound articulation and balance hence adequate satisfaction.

The guitar has an excellent response to the range. You will, therefore, at an affordable cost, enjoy the best sound and easy playability. It has something special to deliver as opposed to the other guitars.


  • Easy playability
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Excellent sound production and balance
  • 12 strings


  • Not very loud

Yamaha FG800

Yamaha FG800: Best Electric Guitars for Country Music

Anytime an analysis is made, and Yamaha guitars appear, your mind quickly clicks of the best performance and high-quality sound output. Even though you will need to have adequate money to have it, you will be glad of the guitar’s performance.

The guitar comes with a 25-inch scale length and a non-cutaway body. You will love the body’s design, but more will be about the laminated nato sides &backs and the Sitka spruce top.

You will love the model because of its simplicity to hold and operate. The neck is joined to the body at the 14th fret, although it has 20 frets. You will, therefore, enjoy simple playability and access to the rosewood fretboard.

Moreover, you will love the chrome tuners, which play an instrumental role in balancing the sound produced. It is complemented by the rosewood bridge located at the bottom and a saddle that boost the guitar’s performance to a greater extent.

Finally, you will fall in love with the sound produced by this guitar. The dreadnought shape and the scalloped bracing offer the best resonance. You will enjoy a loud music output as you play your country music.


  • Easy to handle
  • Deep and loud resonance
  • Excellent sound balance
  • Durable and rigid.
  • Easy playability

Breedlove discovery Concerto DSCO01SSMA

Breedlove discovery Concerto DSCO01SSMA

Are you looking for a guitar that will offer you excellent sound and comfortability while playing?

Get the DSCO01SSMA model that comes with advancements in the body’s design and style. The guitar has a big body that is not so big to offer playing challenges. You will enjoy simple playability with a very comfortable play session.

The guitar features a Sitka spruce top with beautiful sides of Okoume. You will love the black binding and the rosette, which makes the guitar more sophisticated. However, the quality of the guitar is outstanding with the best material make and the best sound quality.

Also featuring is a C shaped neck with s slim profile that offers simple playability. You will also find the nato construction that provides rigidity to the guitar. The 20 frets fretboard will make your navigation while playing experience of its own.

More about the guitar is its excellent sound balance as a result of the competent chrome tuners. As you go down the guitar, you will find a saddle on the pinless bridge. You will, therefore, get the best sound quality with the best tonal enhancement.

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Finally, the guitar offers crystal clear sound with deep bass. Sound articulation is excellent, which remains quite responsive even in smoother plays.


  • Perfect performance
  • Perfect articulation
  • Easy of balance and use
  • Better sound amplification

Martin 16 series D-16GT guitar

Martin 16 series D-16GT guitar: Best Electric Guitars for Country Music

Are you looking for a great sound at an affordable cost? Try not to ignore this guitar model.  The guitar comes with elementary features such as a classic shape and black boltaron binding that make a big difference.

You will, however, love this guitar because of its dreadnought shape and craftsmanship. The top has a Sitka spruce material while the back and sides have a mahogany material that offers rigidity and durability.

The neck features a select hardwood built on mahogany and cedar. You will have a different feeling as you play and hold the guitar. It makes it one of the Best Electric Guitars for Country Music. It has an oval profile with a richlite fretboard that offers more playing comfortability and experience.

The tuners and the bridge make a perfect placement of the electronics. The martin branded chrome tuners make it quite simple to navigate through the guitar for better playability. You will love the safety of your guitar while traveling because of its hard case.

Finally, the guitar stands out as an excellent sound producer. The superb articulation does not suppress the performance of the bass and the treble. You will enjoy a big sound filled with the best quality. The design playability and tone make this guitar the best.


  • Excellent sound balance
  • Ease of use
  • Simple to operate
  • Sturdy and durable


  • No electronics

Epiphone EJ-200SCE

Epiphone EJ-200SCE

Epiphone is another trending guitar brand every time we do reviews. It offers an excellent service in terms of sound production and the quality of the sound produced. This model comes with an affordable price though not fitting every country music guitarist.

The guitar comes on a jumbo size and a fascinating design. You will love the extended design that covers the fretboard headstock and the bridge. A historic style of this guitar is displayed that makes you enjoy having one for your country music. Making it one of the Best Electric Guitars for Country Music.

Moreover, the guitar features a cutaway that gives simple accessibility to the 20 frets on the Pau Ferro fretboard. The neck has a D shape that makes the unit quite playable. It also features a perfect tonewood and a maple spruce top that offers durability and sound quality.

Furthermore, the guitar features a pickup and preamp system that makes the sound output extra powerful. A combination of piezo saddle pickup and nanomag fretboard pickup adds up to the guitar’s excellent performance.

The controls give you an impressive balance between the tone and the volume. You will use the standard EQ controls and the onboard tuner to manage the sound output hence an excellent blend.

Combining the features and the material made of the guitar gives rise to the best sound output. It is not only rich in balance but also a high quality which is maintained at both lows and highs.


  • Excellent performance
  • Effective playability
  • Perfect controls
  • Durable and rigid
  • The extraordinary pickup system

Epiphone Hummingbird pro

Epiphone Hummingbird pro: Best Electric Guitars for Country Music

Finally, here is another classic Epiphone model at an affordable price. This guitar is an upgrade of the electro-acoustic version. You will admire the improvements made to this model for better playability and sound production.

The dreadnought body of the guitar features a square shoulder and a tortoiseshell pickup, making the design perfect. At the top, you will find a spruce material make while the sides have laminated mahogany.

Even though you may get convinced that there are better guitars than this, the neck will make you pick this model. Coming with a scale length of 24.75 inches, the mahogany neck also features a D shaped profile. The rosewood fretboard has 20 frets with parallelogram inlays that make it lovely to play and for the eye. This makes it one of the Best Electric Guitars for Country Music.

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The guitar comes with electronics, which include a preamp and a saddle pickup. More fun will begin from the versatile controls for tone and volume controls. You will use the Grover tuners found on the headstock to design a perfect sound blend.

Moreover, the tonewood and the preamp systems play a significant role in blending the sound and maintaining its quality. Therefore, the guitar will deliver a big sound with better resonance and sustain.

The preamp gives a natural amplification to the tone. All through the levels, the guitar maintains the best sound quality. Using the controls, you will be able to get your own desired sound output. You will enjoy a deep bass and treble balance.


  • Excellent electronics
  • Ease of use
  • Perfect sound balance
  • Advanced features for the best sound


  • No built-in controls

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Buyers guide for the best electric guitars for country music

Here comes a question, what makes a guitar best for county music?

Several features make your guitar best suited for county music. The design, features, quality of materials and the specified style make a guitar best suited for producing the best music.

However, these are also specific features that make a guitar specifically meet playing country music. Below are the specifications for the best country music.

Material design

County music comes in its nature that makes specific guitars the best for them. The material used to create a guitar plays a crucial role in maintaining the guitar’s quality and durability.

Better sound production is also a role played by the kind of material used to make the guitar. Sturdy materials make the best sound production. You will also feel a better sustain and rigidity of the strings hence a powerful; sound output.

The design

The shape and size of the guitar play a crucial role in maintaining the sound the guitar produces. A great guitar will provide adequate space for sound production. You will, therefore, enjoy loud music with the best quality.

The shape determines how you hold the guitar in the right way makes it quite simple to hold and use the guitar. A vast and confusing guitar will automatically give you a difficult time when playing.

The neck

A guitar’s neck makes it simple to play the guitar. A slim neck makes it very easy to navigate through the fretboards. The presence of a cutaway also plays a significant role in ensuring that you quickly access the fretboard.

Considering the shape of the neck and the scale length makes the guitar a simple unit to use. You should, therefore, look for a neck that will favor your simplicity while using the guitar.

Cost of the guitar

An essential element to consider when buying a country music guitar is its cost. Your guitar should be affordable. However, you need to be careful so that you do not compromise the quality of the guitar.

Consider doing a proper assessment to get a guitar with the best quality and features that will probably deliver to meet your needs.

Sound quality

Country music guitar needs to have the best sound quality. When buying a guitar, make a test to know the amount of sound that it can produce. Ensure that it also has control features that balance the tone and the volume produced.

Your overall sound output should be loud and of the best quality. Getting a guitar with the best sustain is an excellent choice too.

Final Verdict

Country music is fantastic to listen to and play. However, getting the best guitar for it is a remarkable thing. We have so far done proper research in which you can choose a guitar that meets your needs.  You can also make use of the guide to get the best guitar of your own choice.