How to Connect Wireless Speakers to Old Stereo System

How to Connect Wireless Speakers to Old Stereo System

Do you have wireless speakers that you want to use with your old stereo system? Well, this may seem to be impossible because the two systems are of different versions. you need to be well versed with How to Connect Wireless Speakers to Old Stereo System.

An old stereos system and a wireless speaker are not compatible. A wireless speaker uses wireless technology to connect to other devices, not unless it has wired devices inputs. On the other hand, an old stereo system will use only the old wired technologies to connect to other devices.

As much as the two devices do not seem to match, there is an effortless way that will help you to connect a wireless speaker to an old stereo system. This article will give you the best method and tips to help you have the two sound devices work together.

Understanding wireless speakers and an older version of a stereo system.

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Wireless speaker

A wireless speaker is a sound production device that uses wireless technology to connect to streaming devices. It works by receiving audio signals over radio frequency waves. The audio being played does not have to be connected to the speaker using cables.

The two primary wireless connections are Bluetooth technology and Wi-Fi. Bluetooth connection sets up a link between a source device and the speaker making streaming easier within the wireless range.

On the other hand, the Wi-Fi speaker connects to a source device using a shared Wi-Fi network. It does not have a direct link to the source device. This is one of the ways on how to Connect Wireless Speakers to Old Stereo System

Stereo system

A stereo system is an electronic bulky weight device used for recording sound, reproducing, and broadcasting audio. It comes with a microphone and loudspeakers that make sound encoding and projecting efficient.

A stereo system can be used to create a stereo sound by connecting several loudspeakers to the network hence making the sound output bigger and more extended. It needs good understanding on how to Connect Wireless Speakers to Old Stereo System.

An old stereo system is an outdated and older version device. It uses the old cables and old databases to process and produce sound. However, these older systems are known for quality and enhanced sound.

Connecting a wireless speaker to an old stereo system means using the latest sound technology hand in hand with the old technologies. The outcome of combining the two devices makes the sound produced better and more enhanced.

How it works

Connecting wireless speakers to old systems make them improved. As a result, the old stereo system gets updated with the latest technologies. This needs you to be aware of How to Connect Wireless Speakers to Old Stereo System.

Once a wireless adapter gets connected to an older receiver, it begins to stream via the adapters, which in turn sends out the wireless signals. The adapter is compatible with the stereo system and also the wireless speakers.

The pairing process is automatic hence a secure connection. You can adjust the sound balance by using either the speaker settings or the stereo system. However, the stereo system is much better when used for operations.

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Since the stereo has reliable and high-quality features, you will enjoy the music of the best quality.

Step to step guide to connecting wireless speakers to an old stereo system

The process of connecting an old stereo system to wires speakers is straightforward. The devices required to have the process implemented are affordable and available in the local markets. Below is the process.



1. Install the wireless speakers

The installation of the wireless speakers involves putting each speaker on the specific place where it will be used.  After fixing the speaker, you should then connect them to the power sources. If your speaker has a rechargeable battery, you should also consider the batteries are well fixed and easy to have charged.

2. Connect the adapter to the stereo system

The interface between the speakers and the stereo system is a wireless adapter. While the stereo system is off, connect the RCA cable to the wireless adapter. The connection creates an audio line.

Using the other end of the RCA cable, connect the adapter to the system. This step is a simple plugging in of the ports. the stereo system is connected using the output port

3. Power the adapter

You will then connect the adapter to the socket using the AC power adapter. The connection ensures that the wireless adapter has a stable power supply

4. Power the old stereo system

Connect the stereo system to the power source and switch it on if the connections are complete and functioning.  Being an old device ensures that it is well functioning and the connections do not have any technical challenges

  • Power on and play

Power both the speakers and the stereo system. You can, at this point, begin to play your music normally over the stereo system. You will hear the play projecting on the wireless speaker effortlessly.

The process of having your old stereo system play using Bluetooth speakers is a simple way to rejuvenate the stereo system and upgrade its functionality. You will, therefore, have the best listening moments.

Importance of connecting an old stereo system to wireless speakers

Better sound

Both Bluetooth speakers and the old stereo systems have a better sound.  The old stereo systems are durable and high powered. The cables of the systems are of high quality and well connected.

They, therefore, have a better performance in terms of sound production.

Extended range

Wireless speakers have an extended range of both connection signal and sound projection. If you use several wireless speakers, you will probably enjoy a bigger sound with a highly prolonged sound. The coverage becomes better and maintains sound quality.

Better connection

When the two devices are connected, the signal strength becomes better. The connection is also improved due to the reduction of wired devices. Challenges associated with technical hitches of cables are minimized to a greater extent.

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Easy to set up

As highlighted above, the process of connecting the speakers to the stereo system is not complicated. You will do it quickly and more effectively. Controlling the system is simple due to the use of the traditional methods of control

Enjoyment of the latest technologies

Even though you are using an ancient system, connecting it to the latest technologies makes it updated. You will, therefore, enjoy music both in wired devices and wireless devices. Your sound systems, therefore, become better and more enhanced.

Factors to consider when connecting wireless speakers to an old stereo system

Connecting wireless speakers to stereo systems is a remarkable thing. However, there are several things you need to address during the connection. they are highlighted below


When discussing compatibility in this context, we are talking about the pairing between the wireless adapter and the speakers. The adapter and the speakers should be able to pair effortlessly. The connection to the stereo system should be automatic. It should be compatible to other devices such as mobile phones, tablets, ipods and many more.

Wireless range

Both the speaker and the adapter should have a well-defined wireless range. This makes it easy to cover a broader range of connections. The wireless technology within the field should be stable enough to play music without disturbances

Type of speakers

The type of speaker plays a significant role in determining its compatibility and the amount of sound produced. Wireless speakers come in various sizes and power outputs that make them suitable for a specific purpose.

Some types function best as a single unit and those that will correctly work as stereo sounds.  You should choose a speaker that will deliver adequate sound over extended ranges.

Size of your room

The size of a room matters a lot when matching a stereo system with a wireless speaker. If the room is extensive, your speakers should have a broader range. If it is small, you can consider getting one that has a lesser range. However, you should not compromise the sound quality.

Type of the stereo system

Old stereo systems have different features, such as output and input ports. The adapter should be able to connect with the system effortlessly. Moreover, the ports should also be compatible with the latest input devices.

A sound stereo system should be able to support most devices. their functionality should be excellent so as to work with the speakers easily

Ease of set up and use

The whole connection of the system should be easy to set up and use. The speakers and the stereo system should be simple to understand and operate. The primary thing is that the old system should be able to work with most of the new sound devices.

The operational buttons should be simple to understand and control. They, in turn, work towards delivering the best quality of sound balance.


Can I add wireless speakers to my old stereo?

A cheap and easy way to connect your old stereo system or TV with Bluetooth speakers is by using a device called the TaoTronics Transmitter/Receiver. All you have to do first, before pairing anything else that will be connecting wirelessly such as laptops for instance, would then pair this transmitter into place on top of an audio input jack from either one source: left channel output (or right) depending upon whichever side was easier reachable at any given time; And finally join both together via corresponding 3.5mm mini stereo jacks which match up like so.

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How do wireless speakers work with old receiver?

Wireless speakers are the new craze. Just connect your receiver to a Bluetooth transmitter and play music through it wirelessly!
The best part about these wireless speakers? You can take them anywhere without worrying that they’ll get tangled up in all those wires or break off at an inconvenient time like when you need sound for something important (like if someone starts yelling).

Do you need a special receiver for wireless speakers?

It is crucial to understand that a wireless speaker setup requires more than just one component. The transmitter sends audio signals, and the receiver must also be used in order for your tunes or TV programs sound properly on their own without an amplifier- This means you’ll need two parts: One for receiving (the “receiver”) And another which acts as power source with speakers attached such as batteries!, Speakers themselves do not produce enough volume so they require help from some sort of external device like TVs etc.

Can you connect any speakers to a receiver?

The best way to connect your speakers is by utilizing a receiver’s pre-outs and Zone 2 outputs. You cannot use the speaker terminals on an amplifier because it will damage them; but if you’re looking for sound quality in addition, there are plenty of models out there that do offer this option.

Can you add wireless speakers to wired system?

When it comes to your audio, you can really go all out! Wireless speakers are an easy solution that will integrate seamlessly into any wired system. The sound quality might not be as good but by eliminating the need for cords and switches in different rooms – this could reduce wiring at home or on tour while still enjoying crystal clear highs without having anything buried within depths of a venue.
Families also benefit from integrating wireless technology because they don’t have tangled wires everywhere; instead everything stays neat-and tidy under one roof where there used to just be two sets before.

Final verdict

You have learned how to connect your wireless speakers to an old stereo system. The process, as shown, is self-explanatory. It has no complications. Once you have all your requirements sorted, you will be able to do the process without having a technician.

Having facts about the connection of stereo systems to wireless speakers, you will be able to make the best choices to have the system working. This will help you to connect to the best wall mount speakers and other types for a great music performance.