How to Connect a Bluetooth Speaker to your Phone

Are you a music lover? You want to listen to your phone playlist with your friends or family while still comfortably using your phone? A Bluetooth speaker is the way to go. It’s wireless, making them portable and easy to use, perfect fortravel,home and outdoors.

Are you having trouble to connect your Bluetooth speaker to your phone? This article highlights on how to connect a Bluetooth speaker to your phone and some of the common issues influencing the connection and how to solve them.

Bluetooth speakers are stylish, durable, light-weight, cheap and deliver high quality sound experience without any cables. They all come in different shapes, sizes and features.

Bluetooth speakers consume low power while some use rechargeable batteries to run, when charged the don’t need a power source. Most phones are capable of connecting to Bluetooth while most Bluetooth speakers can connect seamlessly to all phones automatically and play music instantly; no installation is required.

How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to your phone

It is very easy to connect a Bluetooth speaker to either an Android phone or an IOS phone. The steps may be quite similar for both devices but we will describe them separately for ease in carrying them out.

Connecting your phone to the Bluetooth speaker enables you to enjoy the music on your phone’s playlist while also making sure the phone is in use. The connection ensures you can use your phone while roaming around your home. This is because the Bluetooth technology enables connection for a distance.

How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to an Android phone

The following steps show how to connect to a Bluetooth speaker to your Android phone:

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth speaker-long-press the power button.
  2. Make sure it is discoverable for pairing – a sound, symbol or change of colour on the device will indicate- make sure your Bluetooth speaker is close to your phone.
  3. On the mobile phone – Go to settings, tap on the Bluetooth icon
  4. Turn on your Bluetooth toggle switch; you should see a small symbol on top of the phone’s screen.(A list of available devices will appear)
  5. Tap on the Bluetooth speaker from the list (the name of the Bluetooth speaker bears the brands name or just a number) it may take a while to pair but will indicate Connected in your phone and probably the speaker too.
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How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to an iPhone

As seen in the Android phone above, connecting a phone to the speaker is not complicated. The following are the steps that you can follow to connect your Bluetooth speaker to your iPhone.

  1. Turn on your Bluetooth speaker- make sure it’s ready to pair
  2. On the iPhone go to the settings app- select Bluetooth
  3. Tap on the toggle switch –it should turn green
  4. Select the Bluetooth speaker from the list to pair- it may take a few seconds when done the status will change to ‘’connected’’.

The Bluetooth speaker stays paired to your phone so long as they are both on until you unpair them. So next time you will turn on your Bluetooth speaker it will automatically detect the old connected device and connect.

Factors influencing the connection

All phones don’t have the same connectivity to the Bluetooth speaker. In contrast, some Bluetooth speakers have a wider frequency response making the Bluetooth range and performance vary depending onmany factors. The following factors influence the quality of the connection:

  • Distance

Just like other wireless signals Bluetooth speakers are not an exemption for the speaker to pair to your phone they have to be close to each other. Going far from the Bluetooth device may cause the music to stop. So forthe Bluetooth speaker to connect to your phone be around 30 feet apart or depending on the Bluetooth version.

  • Charge the battery

Bluetooth speakers have a USB charging port which is more convenient;they perform best when charged and when on low battery may turn off or may not play the music effectively. Consider the battery life when getting a Bluetooth speaker considering when you want to connect your phone without access to a power source.

  • Walls
    For quality performance, try and keep the phone and the Bluetooth speaker in the same room, moving from one room to another may affect the signal or even cause the music to stop. They need to be in the same line-of-sight of each other to connect and for stronger signals.
  • Volume
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You have successfully connected both devices, selected your playlist and can’t hear anything? Turn up the volume button from both your phone and the Bluetooth speaker. The music should be from your Bluetooth device.

  • People
    The performance of the Bluetooth speaker may be affected when your speaker is in your pocket. It is also affected when you are standing in between the Bluetooth device and the phone because the Bluetooth signals will be blocked. Hence it’s better to place the phone just close to the speaker.
  • Otherwirelesssignals and competing devices
    Having your Bluetooth speaker on while still having other Bluetooth devices on, or having devices that you had previously connected will make the Bluetooth device connect to the last connection hence having your phone competing to connect in the same wireless space. This will cause obstructions and make the connection difficult. To have a reliable connection,the other devices should be disabled; including previously connected phones then try to pair the devices again.

More Bluetooth speaker Features:


A microphone is a feature that assists you to answer your calls directly through the speaker without access to your phone, works like a speakerphone this way when connected you don’t have to go looking for your phone but answer directly from the speaker.

Auxiliary input

Some Bluetooth speakers have an auxiliary input and cable, which you simply connect one end of the cable to the Bluetooth speaker and the other end to your phone then turn on the AUX knob from the speaker. You can now enjoy your music.

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You can only use one at a time either connect it to the AUX cable or use Bluetooth to connect to your phone. AUX-In comes in handy; they assist you to save battery on your phone and speaker and sometimes for quality sound.

To control the music, when the devices are connected, you can use both your Bluetooth speaker or phone to go next, previous, play or pause although, when playing using the AUX cable you can only use your phone.


Many speakers have NFC, which easesin quick pairing with the phone. NFC makes it possible whenaround field communications on NFC enabled speakers to bypass the settings and just start playing music.

NFC simply allows the phone to connect to the Bluetooth speaker by just tapping the two together.

Multiple Bluetooth speaker connection

It’s also possible to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers to one mobile phone, all you need is to install the required application if they are not offered in your device and works pretty much on any Bluetooth speakers. This feature being the best solution to giving you better audio experience with Bluetooth speakers. However, you can only control using the first one.


Bluetooth speakers being portable means they will be needed in different places and sometimes even placed near water surfaces. Waterproof speakers are more efficient when going swimming on the beach or the pool.

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A Bluetooth speaker can allow you to connect to a number of devices a laptop, iPad or tablet. The process of connecting other devices to the Bluetooth speaker is the same as that of the phone.

Bluetooth speakers are an ideal investment if you like to listen to your favourite music while outdoors or indoors and if you are a lover of gadgets, they have perfect features and are easy to connect to a phone.