9 best computer speakers for music production in 2022

Do you wish to produce great music with your computer? Of course, you can’t depend on the inbuilt speakers; they are not equal to the task. However, you also have to select a capable set that will blast out your playlist. Below, we give you a compilation of the nine best computers speakers for music production.

Best computer speakers for music production

Creative Pebble Plus 2.1 USB-Powered

Creative Pebble Plus 2.1 USB-Powered: best computer speakers for music production

The pebble plus has compact satellites that offer great sound while saving some desk space. The three-piece is an improvement of the 2.0 USB model featuring a discrete external subwoofer that takes your music a notch higher. 

The package from creative labs has a four-inch cone and fires downwards. Although it is bus-powered, its capability will surprise you. It comes with a well designed, long-lasting enclosure with adequate porting.

The left and right speakers are globular and are at an elevation of 45o to assist in room-filling. The two-inch mid-range drivers have a good balance, excellent definition and power. Since it is entirely bus-powered, the pebble plus is an ideal low consumer option. 

You can increase the volume with a touch of the button due to the High Gain switch, which is an effective bass boost. The power output rises to 8watts RMS when you engage the boost.

You can use the 5V USB adapter to connect to power, although you will have to obtain on separately. The pebble plus set allows easy volume control through the front positioned dial.


  • Compact
  • Convenient controls


  • Cumbersome cables

Logitech Speaker System Z323

Logitech Speaker System Z323

The Z323 system is yet another three pieces 2.1 speakers set that we could not leave out in our review. The powerful subwoofer fires downwards, which makes it an excellent choice for well-round audio. 

The casings are components of a premium blend pulp that is sufficiently firm to give a hard-hitting low end. You can modify the bass mix to your preference with a bass output control. Therefore, it won’t subdue the definition in the mid and high-frequency zones. 

The curved fronts of the right and left enclosures feature freely set tweeters that in collaboration, offers surround audio. It is possible to connect two different devices using the auxiliary inputs without having to disconnect and reconnect the wires.

It has auxiliary inputs so you can connect two separate devices running your computer and gaming console without having to disconnect and reconnect cables. The system has an inbuilt headphone connection if you wish to shift to sole listening.


  • 2.1 system
  • Curved enclosures
  • Quality components
  • 360o degree sound
  • Independent sound control

Bose Companion Multimedia

Bose Companion Multimedia: best computer speakers for music production

It is another series of the Boss Companion. The top-notch right and left satellite set offer deep on their own without depending on the committed subwoofer. The engineering of the speaker drivers aims at providing a broad sound stage. The utilization of TrueSpace digital processing enhances the maximum functionality of the drivers.

The enclosures are at an optimum angle to send the sound in your preferred direction. The makes them even more suitable for your music production with your computer. Each of the enclosures has a port that cushions from any muddiness that may result from low-end termination of the response wave.

The speakers are convenient to set up and come with volume control and headphone jack. There is an auxiliary input for direct connection with your phone or tablet.

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  • Maximized enclosures
  • Improved DSP
  • Rich sound
  • Great standalone.

Harman Kardon Soundsticks

It is a modern release by Harmon Kardon. Each speaker has an appealing and elegant appearance. The see-through speakers allow you to see all the occurrences as you feel the air movement. If you are looking for a style in addition to a good speaker fro music production, Harman Kardon is a perfect choice.

The three-piece comes with a dedicated subwoofer for optimal efficiency and well-round sound. The subwoofer has an exceptional enclosure design. The whole system is a redesign of a piece created for the Museum of Modern Art. Making it a magnificent production among the best computer speakers for music production

The bass port is very active and has tubular innards that counter wave termination. The speaker has a diameter of six inches and has a vibrant sound response. The right and left SoundSticks to have four 1-inch complete range transducers which despite having a low wattage, fills your room perfectly to give you an all-round sound you wish. 

The speaker system is at an angle due to its position on mechanized bases. Such a design allows you to direct the sound wherever you want. The high quality and attractive cables are two metres long while the power cord measures 2.5 metres. Although they are relatively expensive, they are among the perfect choice for your music production.


  • Attractive design
  • A 2.1 systems
  • Efficient sound dynamics
  • High-quality wiring


  • No headphone jack

Edifier USA e25 Luna Eclipse

Edifier USA e25 Luna Eclipse: best computer speakers for music production

The set is compact and produces outstanding sound and audio quality from the small speakers. The shape is appealing, drawing its inspiration from the modern aesthetics. It gives them a superb character and also helps them to optimize their tiny footprint even more.

The oval-like speaker fronts and circular backs give them a suitable depth for music production. The set has wide cut out which provides room for integration of extra dual two and three-inch bass radiators. It gives them a super low-end audio reproduction compared to speakers with identical dimensions. 

The front features a three-inch bass driver and 19 mm tweeter combination that delivers a complete range of audio quality. It is possible to adjust the sound to the extent you prefer with the intuitive user controls that come with touch sensors. 

The speakers use AC power and come with 9.10-foot wiring. You can connect via Bluetooth or directly using an auxiliary input. Blue tooth is an ideal option when you want them close to the computer. The speakers operate at a maximum power of 75 watts RMS.

Losing the Bluetooth connection should not worry you as the speakers maintain a stable stream. It is among the best Bluetooth streams you will find in the market. Filtration to improve the audio and optimization of its transmission is excellent with the help of the Digital Room Correction technology and onboard processing.

It helps the computer speakers to offer quality output even when there are room aberrations. Besides, there is no distortion even at maximum outputs due to the advanced circuitry adjustments.


  • Top-notch design
  • Efficient DRC and DSP
  • Bluetooth and wired connection
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The speakers feature resilient enclosures with smooth-edged contours that acts as confinements for high-end components. The wooden cabinets have excellent calibration. The speakers may appear compact, but they are among the best when it comes to power. The hand-finished cabinets rest on an inclined base to maximize the dispersion and improve listening.

The custom-designed woofer is 2.75 inch and consists of aramid fibre material. It utilizes Kevlar to give a stable low-frequency reproduction.

The ported design of the enclosures maximizes the handling of output.  Two tweeters come with a state of the art silk-dome shape. They have a diameter of 0.75 inches and have the capacity for high production. This is unique and one of the best computer speakers for music production.

You can use them beyond average computer requirements due to inbuilt analog amplifier that works together with a 24bit DAC electrical system. The left speaker is full of input and output controls at the back, which increases their versatility and broadens their practical uses. The system has a neat layout and features an onboard volume control.


  • long-lasting wooden cabinets
  • High-quality drivers for excellent output
  • Versatility
  • Premium audio

Bose Companion 5 Multimedia

Bose Companion 5 Multimedia: best computer speakers for music production

The series five-speaker system from Bose is a little more premium. The powerful three-piece system benefits from the complex circuit system and finer processing to offer exceptional sound quality.

The well-constructed speakers come with elegant stands for elevation into a maximum position and save space on the desk. It gives them a smaller footprint and has a magnetic shield so that they do not interfere with the computer screen.

Its large subwoofer offers a better bass handling. It integrates a port that maintains an alteration free output.

The speakers respond accurately as a unified system due to signal processing.

They have efficient delegation and dynamic reproduction. The speakers implement the compression technology for the best audio clarity and high-quality definition.

The sound pod controller has a sound control, one-touch quick mute fast mute functionality, auxiliary connection and headphone jack. The auxiliary connection allows you to play from a secondary input device.


  • premium tech processing
  • Cushioned satellites on stands
  • High capacity subwoofer
  • Superb sound quality
  • Easily accessible sound pod

Klipsch ProMedia

Klipsch ProMedia

The pro media set has a high capacity subwoofer to offer you the best sound quality. It is a wired hybrid 2.1 system and has THX certification. Therefore, it has gone through rough quality and performance tests before earning a prestigious endorsement. The company Tractrix horn design emerges through the two complete range satellites on both the left and right side.

The horn optimizes digital technologies including MP3, downloads and CDs. The Tractrix design releases the sound waves very quickly from around to square-shaped escape pathway. It is perfect because it is one of the best computer speakers for music production. Therefore, it accelerates the process which maintains the tweeters at optimal efficiency and also spread the audio in a better distribution. 

Alongside the tweeters are mid-range woofers that offer an excellent delegation and covers a perfect response range.  As the 35-watt satellite speakers give a full stereo sound, the 130-watt subwoofer smashes your music to a remarkable 31Hz. 

The hybrid amplifier (subwoofer) has a sturdy design incorporating a vital port for better handling of the bass. The frequency response range is between 31HZ-20 kHz. The set is a great sounding studio and has an inbuilt headphone connection and ample size cable. They are thus one of the best pairs if you are looking to switch to your headphones.

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  • 2.1 wired system
  • Great audio quality
  • Impressive bass
  • THX certification


·         Lack of some low ends

KEF EGG Versatile

KEF EGG Versatile: best computer speakers for music production

It is a compact pair that comes with an oval-shaped enclosure. The speakers are only 11 inches high but will still give a mighty sound due to their complex engineering and high-quality components.

The speakers have a refined signal processing for an intricately familiar response which gives them an outstanding definition. They come with a KEF Unit-Q driver which is very capable and provides a full response. A two-way bass reflex system eliminates the risks of distortion.

The speakers are ideal for Bluetooth connections and have Apt-X tech support to maintain streamlined and faultless flow. There is an auxiliary and a mini-USB connection if you wish to connect directly. 


  • top-grade engineering
  • Top-notch speaker collection
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Superb sound and frequency range


  • Expensive

Buyers guide for the best computer speakers for music production.

When looking for a computer speaker for music production, sound quality will be crucial. However, you should consider some other factors as well for you to get all-around audio. The points below will help you in making an ideal choice.

Sound quality

You are likely to focus on sound quality. Cheap and less complicated systems will produce a decent sound quality. However, the soundscape may lack a subtle distinction. The volume is also not that loud at times. High priced and more elaborate sound systems usually have deeper bass, significant treble and more vibrant vocals. Although the goal is not to select computer speakers with the three sound facets, there is need for a balance. The ultimate goal is to buy the best computer speakers for music production that fits your needs.


Most of the times, expensive computer speaker produces better sound quality. However, you need to check reviews if possible before committing your finances. Otherwise, you will be buying style over substance.

Subwoofer and tweeter

A tweeter is crucial for high pitch audio, while the woofer is essential for low notes.  A speaker that allows you to control the two levels is a good idea for music production.

Additional features

More expensive computer speakers tend to have additional features—for example, separate controls for bass and treble, RGB illumination and wireless functionality. While the elements are not strictly essential, they can make your music production a lot easier.

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You will find a vast assortment of computer speakers. However, not all will suit your preferences and music production needs. If you have a taste for bass, you will probably go for one with a 2.1 system. But if you are on a tight budget, you will be looking for the best but cheap. While there are some cheap bus-powered sets out there, most of them are not suitable for music production compared to mains-powered set.

We have committed ourselves in preparing a guide that will assist you in choosing the best computer speaker to produce the music you wish.