7 Best Yamaha Silent Violins in 2022

Are you interested in having a silent violin with specifically the Yamaha brand?

You are at home with this article. A silent violin is designed to work without the traditional resonating chamber. Therefore, it makes an ideal choice for anyone who wishes to play the violin without disturbing other people with its sound.

Silent violins also feature with different inputs and outputs that are instrumental to their performance. You can use a headphone to listen as you play.

Yamaha brand is known for producing extra-ordinary music instruments. They have the best quality and performance that everyone admires. Let us have a look at Yamaha’s silent violins as you choose one that suits you.

Yamaha silent violins

Yamaha Model SV-130SBL Silent violin

Yamaha Model SV-130SBL Silent violin

Are you looking for a violin that will serve all categories of violinists without worries? Try this silent violin model. It comes with a variety of features that makes its playability excellent.

The violin comes with earphones that allow you to play without disturbing other people. It has a low volume, but once projected further; you will feel a deep and excellent resonance. As you play using the earphone too, you will hear a great resonance that will make it appear as if you are in a hall.

Moreover, the violin is made with sturdy materials that are instrumental to its performance. It has a maple neck, a spruce body, and an ebony fingerboard and pegs. You will love the role these materials play in making the violin more resonant and durable.

Several accessories come with the violin, including a case, earphones, shoulder rest, rosin, bow, and 2AA batteries. You will, therefore, enjoy simplicity as you play the violin. A unique shoulder rest is also designed to serve the violin.

You will enjoy playing the violin because of the comfortability in handing and playing the violin.


  • Best sound quality
  • Easy to play
  • Strong and durable
  • Very attractive

Yamaha YSV104 electric silent violin

Yamaha YSV104 Electric Violin Red

The model YSV104 is a high performing and powerful violin that boasts of an awesome resonation. It makes use of the powered Yamaha SRT system. The system has been used on guitars and has always proved to be an excellent performer.

More about this model is that its body does not have a resonating chamber. However, you will love the natural response and body resonance. You will feel an excellent and lovely play offered by the instrument.

You will have a special love for the instrument because of how it makes your playing simple. It features a bridge, a chinrest, a neck, and a tailpiece, which all impact the comfortability of your play.

A shoulder rest and a standard bridge get easily attached to the violin making its performance more enhanced and the playing more simplified.

The inputs and output of the violin make the performance more enhanced. Being a highly compatible instrument, you will have connections through the AUX jack and th headphone jack. An AUX port helps you to play via other connected sources.

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  • Excellent performance
  • Comfortable to use
  • Highly compatible
  • Easy to use and connect

Yamaha SV-250 Silent electric violin

Yamaha SV-250 Silent electric violin

Yamaha SV-250 is a high performing solid body silent violin with a flamed maple body that allows it to resonate freely. It has an attractive look that makes the instrument attractive and awesome to use.

The material made of the violin includes a maple body and ebony fingerboard that offer high durability and durable material makes. Having a solid wood body, the violin has a better resonance and a better performance.

The sound produced by the violin is acoustic with a better resonance. The hollow body and the dual pickup ensure that all the details you play in the violin get perfectly captured and projected.

Moreover, the violin supports several methods of input and output. They include XLR output, headphone output, line input, and a band selector. You will love the streamlined control box that ensures that all your accessories are at your disposal for easy management.

Finally, the violin has excellent weight and beautiful dimensions that will ensure that you quickly switch to a traditional violin. The lightweight also allows for easy playability.


  • High-quality resonance
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Highly compatible

Yamaha SV-200 silent violin

Yamaha SV-200 silent violin

This model of Yamaha is the best in terms of performance. It comes with classic features that are instrumental to high performance. You will, therefore, enjoy the best quality of performance when either used for the stage performance of the practice.

More about the violin is the materials used to make the violin. It features a maple neck, an ebony fingerboard, and a spruce body. When combined, they will give rise to a high performing instrument with remarkable resonance.

Also featuring in this violin is an ebony chinrest, maple bridge, ebony pegs, and an ebony tailpiece. Such features make the violin ideal for both use and stage performance. It delivers excellent playability, tone, and an enhanced dry signal.

Furthermore, the violin has an excellent dynamic range that is emphasized by dual piezo pickups. Inputs and outputs make the violin easy to incorporate and pair with other devices.

The AUX jack allows you to connect to the amplifier of other devices that project the sound better. You will also be able to connect your headphone personal playability, especially when you are in a group, and you don’t want to cause a disturbance.


  • Quality resonance
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect playability
  • High performance


  • Pricey

Yamaha electric violin YEV104BL

Yamaha electric violin YEV104BL

The model YEV104BL is a high performing and reliable violin that boasts of excellent sound production. It is an all-access electric violin that comes at an affordable price and comfortability in playing.

The model is lightweight hence offering simplicity in carrying from one place to another. You will appreciate the fact that the violin’s appealing nature gets projected further to the performance of the violin.

The violin has an excellent sound and resonance. Further amplification of the sound results to a high performing instrument that will deliver excellent service. It is made of durable wood that ensures that it has a better resonance.

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Moreover, the violin boasts of great material make. Six different types of woods get combined in making the violin. The result of this combination of wood is a natural resonant sound, and it projected further when an amplifier is used.

You will finally love and appreciate the fact that the violin is simple to set up. You will simply plug the amplifier and begin or your play. The violin has no batteries and headphones.


  • High-quality sound output
  • Comfortable to play and operate
  • Easy to handle
  • Simple set up
  • Excellent resonance

Yamaha SVC50SK Silent violin cello

Yamaha SVC50SK Silent violin cello

If you are after compatibility when choosing your silent violin, this model seems to be a perfect choice. You will fall in love with its exceptional performance and compatibility, which makes it so easy to play and carry along the violin.

The violin boasts of slim and compact dimensions that make it very simple to carry and hold. When held on the chest, the violin will offer you a great moment of play while resonating in a better tone.

For a better intonation, the violin has an auxiliary control that enables you to control the volume and the output of the external connected sources. Therefore, you will have no need and worry about the controls involved in making the sound performance better.

Furthermore, the violin comes with various input s and outputs that make your connections excellent. It features a line in/out and the headphone jack that makes it very simple to have the connections effected.

You can connect a mini disc player, cassette deck, and many more to enjoy playing the violin with your favorite records. The performance of the violin is excellent, with remarkable soft resonance.


  • Excellent resonance
  • High compatibility
  • Very compact
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to hold and play

Yamaha electric violin YEV105BL

Yamaha electric violin YEV105BL

Featuring last in our list today is another high performing silent violin with a beautiful design that will leave you captivated and attracted to having one.

The model is an all-access electric violin that boasts of great sound and very affordable. You will also be amazed by its lightweight and comfortable playability. It also offers comfortability when playing the violin.

More about the violin is that it comes on a simple design. The sound produces by the violin is also crystal clear and robust. You will love how you simply play the violin then feel the deep and sweet resonance.

Just as its previous model in the series, the violin has a make of 6 different kinds of wood that make up a high performing element. As a result of such sturdy material make, the violin delivers a deep resonance.

When amplified, the violin delivers an entirely amplified sound that is very clear and distinctive. The overall performance is a naturally amplified and organic sound that will leave you amazed.

Finally, it does not have any headphones and batteries.  You, therefore, do not need any pre-amp for sound amplification. You will simply plug the violin into the amplifier and begin to play.

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  • High-quality sound
  • Easy playability
  • Comfortable to use
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Better amplification

Buyers guide for Yamaha silent violins.

Yamaha silent violins come on different shapes and sizes depending on the user’s specifications. The good thing with them is that they all boast of the best quality and excellent service. 

However, for a person who wants to buy a silent violin, several things need to be looked carefully upon. They are as follows.


Yamaha’s silent violins come with different prices. However, the prices are dependent on the performance and the features it possesses. It is a fact that everyone usually has a set budget that helps them know what violin they should consider buying.

When deciding on one Yamaha silent violin, consider sorting them in prices then get one that meets your budget. However, if they are several, consider getting one that has the best features.


As stated above, prices are dictated by features. When choosing a silent Yamaha violin, consider assessing their features carefully. This happens especially if you are looking for one that has the best performance.

A silent violin with the best features gives an outstanding performance. Therefore, you should consider choosing one that has the best features even if it may be pricey.


The size of the violin matters a lot, especially when it comes to various users. A child or a person with small hands, you will need to consider a small silent violin.

If you have large hands, you can also consider getting a violin that is large enough. However, the violin should be comfortable to hold and play.


The shape of your violin lot matters a lot when it comes to comfortability while playing the violin. The shape plays a significant role in ensuring that you easily carry your violin from one place to another. When buying a silent violin, you should ensure that it offers you easy playing time.

Sound production

Silent violins do not produce a huge sound. However, the quality of sound produced by the violin matters a lot. You should, therefore, ensure that the violin you buy has the best sound quality.


Every user has their specifications of the thing they look. In a violin, you also have issues to look at about the purpose of your purchase. Different models also come with different features that meet the specifications of various users.

You should, therefore, ensure that the violin entirely meets your specific needs and demands. It is vital to choose a violin that meets your needs perfectly. So that you may enjoy playing it as expected.

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Final verdict

Yamaha is an excellent brand when it comes to the production of the best sound products. Buying the brand gives you an ultimate service and a guarantee for long-term usage.

Yamaha’s silent violins prove to be the best brand of all silent violin products. The violins highlighted in these articles have the best quality. Getting one will guarantee the best sound quality and product quality.