6 Best Acoustic Guitars Under 300 Dollars in 2022

Are you looking for an affordable acoustic guitar? Worry not. Acoustic guitars are among the simplest you can always acquire. Coming on various sizes and designs, acoustic guitars also have specifications that make each group of users get one that meets their needs perfectly. You can get one of the Best Acoustic Guitars Under 300 Dollars from our given reviews.

We have compiled a list of the best guitars under the price of 300 dollars. They have been tested and proven to be of the best quality and excellent performance. Let us have a look as you choose one that will give you the best playability.

Best acoustic guitars under 300 dollars

Donner 36 Dreadnought Acoustic guitar

Donner 36 Dreadnought Acoustic guitar

Are you looking for a high performing acoustic guitar for all playing groups?

You are at home with this model. It is a full-sized-body guitar that is packed with features that gear towards the production of a vibrant sound that fits best for all genres of music. You, therefore, enjoy a crystal clear.

The top of the guitar is made of spruce and the back and sides made of mahogany. Therefore, you will love this combination because of the role it plays in ensuring that the sound provided by the guitar has a rich and bright tone.

It has a right-hand design that makes it comfortable to play. A total of 2 frets are used to play the guitar. Therefore, you will find it very simple to navigate through the fretboard and have your guitar excellently played. You will love the 17 frets found on the neck and the fingerboard of the guitar.

Coming with the guitar are an additional string, a gig bag, a guitar strap, and a bag that makes the portability of the violin excellent. You will also love the digital tuner’s presence and the polishing cloths that help in keeping the guitar clean and less exposed to physical damages.

Being a lightweight device, you will find it very comfortable to play. The C- shaped neck plays a significant role in ensuring that you will access the fretboard. A pickguard and makes the performance of the guitar more excellent.

Finally, the guitar is an excellent performer. Its tone and sound balance results in a high performing violin. The guitar is vibrant hence the best sound output when strings are appropriately fixed with remarkable resonance.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Comfortable to play
  • Excellent string response
  • Warm and vibrant sound

Pyle Beginner 36 classical acoustic guitar

Pyle Beginner 36” Classical Acoustic Guitar-3/4 Junior Size 6 String Linden Wood Guitar: Best Acoustic Guitars Under 300 Dollars

This model is a perfect choice for beginners because it comes with all the things you need to start your play. You will love this guitar because of its junior scale size that makes it comfortable and easy to play.

If you are a beginner, the guitar makes it very easy to practice with. You can also use it for stage performances or for your home use. The classical body makes it very easy for beginners and children to play the guitar.

Moreover, the guitar is hand-crafted hence the best quality. The body and the back have a gloss finish that makes it very beautiful. A Rosette Linden laminate finish adds up in making the guitar extra beautiful.

The guitar has an excellent chrome 3-in-line machine head and a dyed maple fretboard with a highly polished body back. You will, therefore, find the guitar very comfortable to carry along and play. Its lightweight nature makes the guitar easy to hold and play together.

Furthermore, the guitar has dimensions that make it a perfect choice for both children and adults with small hands to handle and play comfortably. This makes it qualify as one of the Best Acoustic Guitars Under 300 Dollars. As a traveler or a beginner, you will need a guitar that has a sturdy make that offers resistance to damages hence exceptional durability.

Finally, the guitar has a digital tuner and an accessory kit. You will, therefore, easily pick your accessories right at your disposal and make use of them. The traditional body style plays a crucial role in maintaining a comfortable and straightforward play.

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  • Excellent tonal balance
  • Comfortable to use
  • Perfect design and style
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and sturdy

WINNZ ¾ Acoustic Guitar

Beginner Guitar Acoustic Classical Guitar 3/4 Junior Size 36 inch

This model is a travel bundle with a metronome tuner and a bag for simple and comfortable handling. You will specifically love this guitar because of the design and the simplicity in its look that is further projected to the performance of the guitar.

More about the guitar is its attractiveness that is amplified by the quality and affordability. At an affordable cost, you will get the quality guitar with its tone quality further. The balance between the tone and the volume makes the model a perfect choice.

Furthermore, the guitar’s body has an ‘X’ bracing structure that ensures that the tone is both bright and warm.  You will love the acoustic properties and the response of the guitar and its extension. The hand-crafted nature of the guitar makes it an excellent instrument to have.

Moreover, the guitar features a high-density fingerboard with a sturdy wood that lasts for a longer time. The bridge is also sturdy, therefore offering further amplification to the strength and durability of the guitar.

The guitar is known for offering a smooth and comfortable play. The frets have a make of nickel silver, which is soft to handle and play.  You will love the role of the sealed gear machine that helps you to tune the guitar strings to a format that you will like.

You will also appreciate the fact that the guitar has an exquisite look. It involves a hand-rubbed finish, a retro style, a silk smoothened body, and the ABS binding.  You will, therefore, love the artwork included in making the guitar have an excellent design.

Finally, the guitar has a complete outfit. It includes a metronome tuner, gig bag, wall-mounted hanger, cleaning clothe, adjustable strap, and picks. A combination of the accessories makes the guitar a high functional instrument.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Comfortable to play
  • Perfect tone balance
  • Awesome look

Martin Smith 38-inch Acoustic guitar

Martin Smith 38-inch Acoustic guitar: Best Acoustic Guitars Under 300 Dollars

Martin Smith acoustic guitar is a model that makes an ideal choice for beginners. The package that comes with a guitar gets comprised of all the items you need to start your playing sessions. You will find the guitar tuner, extra strings, guitar strap, guitar plectrums, and a pitch pipe.

The guitar has 19 frets and construction of pure wood, therefore, offering both durability and the most significant sound output. More about the guitar is that it has its gear heads made of metal and an ergonomic design that is amplified by a stylish gloss finish.

Furthermore, the guitar has a clip-on tuner. It allows you to take a short time to tune the guitar strings to meet your desires. Therefore, you will have more time playing the guitar than setting it up now and then.

The sound produced by the guitar is perfectly balanced with richness in the tone. An excellent balance of the tone portrays itself, creating a brighter tone that will make a learner grasp the notes.

Moreover, the guitar also boasts of the best performance that is geared by the accessories. You will love the presence of the lightweight guitar bag, which offers high portability to the guitar. Spare strings offer you a long time and comfortable play whereby you can easily change the strings once one gets broken. This makes it one of the Best Acoustic Guitars Under 300 Dollars.

Featuring as accessories are straps, pitch pipe, and plectrums. These help in making the guitar a very comfortable instrument to play. They also help you to use your playing style conveniently. Setting the guitar up is a straightforward process. A manual is provided to give you a step to step guide on the setting of the guitar.


  • Awesome sound performance
  • Comfortable to play
  • Excellent tuners
  • Stylish design
  • Excellent accessories

Washburn RO10 steel-string travel acoustic guitar

Washburn RO10 steel-string travel acoustic guitar

Suppose you are looking for a guitar with natural looks and excellent performance. Try using this model. It is made of solid wood, which makes it’s sound performance and durability excellent.

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One thing you will love about this guitar is that it is lightweight with excellent performance. The material made of the violin includes a spruce top and a mahogany body. You will also love the presence of the rosewood fretboard and mahogany back and sides.

The sturdy guitars material make is instrumental in gearing towards and excellent performance and durability. It definitely ranks among the Best Acoustic Guitars Under 300 Dollars. You will have a special love with the tone produced by the guitar. An impressive resonance is provided by the guitar hence delivering the best to both beginners and experienced players.

Furthermore, the guitar the strings are made of steel, which is also durable and very strong. They relay an impressive resonance to the body, which then gets further amplifies. You will also love the presence of the adjustable bridge.

Finally, the guitar comes with a deluxe gig bag, high-quality Cordura case, a hard foam, and a molded interior. You will also love the overhead storage bins and the luggage straps. The 3 D rings help you adjust the straps and the clips to fit your exact body size hence simplicity in carrying.

You will find the guitar very comfortable to handle and play. The strings are very responsive and awesome to play with an excellent right orientation.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Comfortable to play
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Better resonance

Cordoba Mini II Bass MHE Acoustic electric bass guitar

Cordoba Mini II Bass MHE Acoustic electric bass guitar: Best Acoustic Guitars Under 300 Dollars

Are you planning to improve your play with great guitars? Invest in this model of a guitar. It is a high performing and durable acoustic-electric guitar with sturdy materials that play a vital role in improving the sound quality and durability.

The guitar is all built with mahogany woods and a composite fretboard. You will love the strings that have a make of phosphor bronze and a nylon core. Featuring also is a hardtail bridge that adds to the durability of the guitar.

The sound produced by the guitar is rich with a sweet blend and a robust tone. The mahogany wood makes a crucial in maintaining the sound quality of the violin. An excellent resonance is projected from the strings to the body, where it gets blended to a superior tone.

Moreover, the guitar has is lightweight hence highly portable. You will, therefore, enjoy the comfortability involved in playing the guitar. It also makes an ideal choice for children and people with small hands when playing the guitar.

You will finally love the pickup configuration that makes the guitar excellent in responding.  The scale length of 580mm makes the guitars tuning excellent. At an affordable price, you will get the guitar and straight away begin to enjoy playing. This makes it one of the Best Acoustic Guitars Under 300 Dollars.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Comfortable to use
  • Highly portable

Buyers guide for the best acoustic guitars under 300

When buying an acoustic guitar under 300 dollars, several factors arise, including the cost of the guitar. However, several underlying things need close attention when acquiring the best guitar. They are as follows:

Sound quality

A good guitar is measured by the quality of sound it produces. A good guitar has a remarkable resonance with its sound being very rich in the balance of the bass and the trebles. Sturdy materials are responsible for the best sound quality.

Material makeup

The materials used to make a guitar determines the quality of its sound and its durability. Therefore, you should consider getting a guitar that has the best equipment for both the wood and the strings. Among the best materials are spruce, mahogany, maple, and ebony.


The brand of a guitar determines the service it will deliver. Good brands guarantee quality service and a long term service. However, when assessing the brand, it is wise to look at every guitar’s features so that you get one that will offer the best service.

Many new brands offer high-quality products, and there are also famous brands with inferior products.

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Acoustic guitar under 300 FAQs

How do you choose the best acoustic guitar under 300?

Several features help you to arrive at a good acoustic guitar. You have to look for specific ting to get the features that you desire. Action strength is one of the things as it ensures that the sound quality is good.
The hardness has to do with the strings and how they are aligned. A good model will also ensure that the neck is a string and the body has proper wood. Looking for maple, spruce, and other hardwoods will land you to a good model quickly.
Inally you have to check on the comfort while using the guitar. You should have an easy time when playing. Children and beginners are the common users and must have an easy time doing the task.

What makes a good acoustic guitar for a beginner?

An excellent acoustic guitar or a beginner must always meet the needs of the beginner. It should have the right size of the body and be able to satisfy usability needs. Comfort is one of the needs that you need to ensure that you monitor.
The strings and the body must all have good quality. If you have got the best sound quality, the two must work in conjunction. The sustain gets properly projected when you have the proper and high-quality wood in use. Heavy strings will perform better than lightweight ones.

Is an acoustic guitar under 300 really good?

All acoustic guitars are good, depending on the users and the purpose of usage. The models that are under 300 are equally perfect options. You will need to check on a few things to ensure that you get ones that match the performance quality.
The material that makes them up should have good quality hence boosting their performance. You also need to ensure that everything is intact and the sound production has good quality. Comfortability while playing is also good as it makes the guitar you buy at a price of less than 300 suitable for use by the player. Most of the users are beginners.

Which is the best acoustic guitar under 300?

Several features make a guitar stand out within the price range of 300. You will have to look at various features to get the best models. The good thing is that several brands stand out with the guitars at the price range.
An ideal guitar should offer the exact service and provide incredible levels of playability. It should be durable, deliver quality sound, and have the best quality of wood. Fender, jasmine, Yamaha, and ediphone are examples of brands that will provide an outstanding service.
 Bright sound, authentic service, and playability are some of the factors that will enhance sound performance. They will also inspire the deliverance of the best sound quality.

What is the proper size of an acoustic guitar?

Acoustic guitars come in different sizes. Each size comes to meet a specific user group. A proper size, in this case, is dependent on the type of the user. A beginner who is a young person will go for a more petite model and offers playability.
We have a ¼ size, ½, ¾, and the full size. Each size is the best but will depend on the player using it. If you are traveling, then you have to try the ¼ or half-size guitar. You can also try other sizes for various plays, such as live performance and recording, to see one that meets your needs well. 
While checking on the size, you need to ensure that you have checked on the quality too. It is less critical to get the size that fits you well and does not perform.

Final verdict

Taking time to go through this guide and making an individual assessment of the guitars we have highlighted, will probably land you to the best guitar. Our picks are of good quality and performance. They have undergone testing and have been proved to be the best guitars under $300.