11 Best External Microphone for Android Phone in 2022

Android phones are fantastic devices that serve a variety of roles in making your life better. These roles are not limited to recording audios, videos, making calls, and many more. Therefore, one needs the Best External Microphone for Android Phone.

However, when it comes to things that require recording, the built-in microphone is not enough. You will probably need an external mic to work as a companion to the primary microphone.

Getting such a microphone is not so simple because of the various specifications that they come along with. Therefore, we have done in-depth research that has brought about the following microphones as perfect choices of android external microphones.

Let’s have a look as you pick one for your use.

Best external microphones for android phone

Rode VideoMic Me

Rode VideoMic Me: Best External Microphone for Android Phone

Rode VideoMic me is an excellent and high performing android microphone that offers a simple though a great solution to music life. It comes in a stunning design that makes it colorful and straightforward to be used by any person.

An interesting thing about this microphone is that it doesn’t use and cables. All you need to do is just to mount the port on your android phone and get moving. The installation process is also straightforward and less confusing.

Moreover, the microphone has a design that makes it usable in multi-directions. You can easily change its position to meet your needs. This model is perfect and can be ranked as one of the Best External Microphone for Android Phone. All you need to do is make simple adjustments to change the direction of the mic for easy usage.

Another beautiful thing about this microphone is that it has a high-quality cardioid condenser, which is instrumental in delivering the best audio quality. It can, therefore, get used over various devices without lowering the quality.

You will love how the microphone picks its sound that has maintained clarity. It literary blocks other unwanted noise and focuses on the most important details the recording hence maintaining high levels of clarity.

The material made of the microphone includes aluminum and a high-grade ceramic finishing. Such a look is instrumental in providing RF rejection, which is instrumental in maintaining sound quality.

Finally, the microphone operates on a range of 100Hz-20KHz. It serves as a perfect choice for use in outdoor activities. You can use it both in bad and good weather. You will enjoy the simplicity of use and excellent performance in picking and relaying the best sounds.


  • High-quality sound output
  • Ease of use
  • Di-directional capabilities
  • High-quality sound picking


  • Not perfect for distances

PowerDeWise Lavalier microphone

PowerDeWise Lavalier microphone

Are you looking for an easy to mount and a compatible microphone?

Make a try with this model of a microphone that has proved to be an excellent performer. You will specifically love using the microphone because of its excellent functionality a simplicity in having it connected to your devices such as android and iPhone.

Coming on a beautiful design, you will quickly and simply have the microphone connected. It is a plug and plays microphone that requires no drivers, and batteries yet record high-quality sounds.

More about the microphone is its ability to have it connected to various devices. Due to its high compatibility, you will have the microphone getting connected to your IPhone and other android devices without a hassle. It is one of the Best External Microphone for Android Phone

You will also love the noise-canceling technology that has got employed to make the microphone’s functionality excellent. You will need to connect and mount the microphone at a position closer to you than have the microphone running.

The microphone operates within a broader range hence providing an opportunity not to strain to have the best sound quality. If you are holding a conference meeting, people can comfortably participate within a range of 10 feet. 

The stylish and compact design of the microphone plays a significant role in ensuring that you enjoy the best sounds. You will easily make use of the microphone for outdoor activities. Environmental conditions associated with adverse weather affects the microphone less.

Finally, the microphone is budget-friendly. You will enjoy the features and excellent performance at a low price and ease of acquisition. There is no need for a manual to have the microphone operating due to its plug and use nature.


  • Excellent indoor and outdoor performance
  • Easy to mount and use
  • Great sound quality
  • Stylish and compact design

Audio-Technica ATR3350xiS Omni condenser microphone

Audio-Technica ATR3350xiS Omni condenser microphone: Best External Microphone for Android Phone

Are you looking for a microphone that has an omnidirectional and easy to control?

Try the Audio technical model that comes on a simplified design and a battery pack with excellent on and off options that make the functionality of the microphone excellent. You will specifically love this microphone due to its simplicity in connecting and use.

There features a high-quality condenser that makes the microphone ideal for use in video recording. One beautiful thing about the microphone is that it picks and delivers an authentic voice. Making it one of the Best External Microphone for Android Phone.

An omnidirectional pickup pattern is excellent in enhancing the capabilities of the microphone to pick the best sounds. It serves voice picking form all directions making, therefore, making the range of coverage more extensive.

Moreover, the microphone forms an ideal choice for serving several devices. It has a dual mono output plug that gets connected to the video camera or a recorder. You will also love the 1/8 inputs that give you a perfect chance to record in all directions.

You can easily have the microphone connected to most smartphones, tablets, computers, and other devices effortlessly. The microphone comes at an affordable price that makes it ideal for any person who wishes to improve the audios of their android phones.

Finally, the process of having a microphone fixed is simple. You only need to assemble all the peripherals, connect the microphone to your android phone, and begin to enjoy its use. It, therefore, forms not only a simple solution but also a remarkable and functional device.


  • Quality sound
  • Ideal for video recording and many more
  • Multi-directional
  • Easy to connect and use


  • Limited choices

ZaxSound professional Cardioid condenser microphone

ZaxSound professional Cardioid condenser microphone

If your interest is in performance and excellent designs, you do not have a reason to walk without having this microphone. Coming on stylish design and excellent compatibility, the microphone forms a great and straightforward performing gadget.

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Coming on budget-friendly terms, the microphone produces a clear digital and classic sound. You will, therefore, enjoy high-quality sound that gets picked in a multi-directional manner.

The microphone boasts of a cardioid pickup pattern that is instrumental in noise-canceling in all directions. You will, therefore, enjoy the most exceptional quality of sound. It is, therefore, ideal for recording videos for YouTube and other webcasting sites.

More about the microphone is its ability to pick the main speaker or components. You will, therefore, enjoy sounds that are clear and not affected by background noise. Apart from android devices, you can connect the mic to the iPhone, pc, iPad, and many more.

Do you hate getting closer to microphones when using them? Worry no more dor this model is excellent no model. You will simply use the microphone to have your activities done without straining and behaving like you want to kiss the microphone for you to make use of it.

It comes with a high sensitivity of 34b. You will, therefore, enjoy your recording or communication within a range of 12 inches.  The pickup ability of the microphone is excellent and more extended in coverage.

The simple connectivity process is what everyone looks at. Even when you are buying some elegant devices, the basic principle remains simple connectivity and high performance. All these are on this microphone.

You do not need a software or a driver to have the microphone connected and functioning. It is as simple as plug and play. Therefore, when you connect your devices such as androids and pc, the installation is automatically done, and you begin to use your microphone.

Furthermore, the microphone comes with three legs on a flexible tripod stand that can easily get adjusted to an angle of 180 degrees. It also has a cable of 3 feet that offers more comfortability when in use.


  • Elegant and beautiful design
  • Ease of connection and use
  • Perfect sound production
  • Excellent performance
  • High compatibility

Movo WMIC10 Wireless microphone

Movo WMIC10 Wireless microphone: Best External Microphone for Android Phone

If you have been looking for a wireless microphone all through this article, your solution is at this point. Movo WMIC10 is a high performing wireless microphone that boasts of great features that add to their performance.

First of all, you will love the 2.4GHz frequency range covering an extended range of 50 feet. Imagine operating on a range of 50 feet while still well connected without getting lags and delays in your recording or communication.

The microphone will, therefore, serve as an ideal choice for use in outdoor activities. When combined with its sister devices such as DSLR cameras, smartphones, and camcorders, you will always enjoy the best service.

Moreover, the microphone features a bodypack transmitter, a lapel clips, and a pop filter to maintain the clarity of the sound produced. When combined with the cameras, the features play a significant role in matching the sound produced with the images.

Apart from operating on AA batteries that need to be changed frequently, the microphone will still deliver its best at all circumstances. You will adjust the volume and monitor the inputs effortlessly.

Finally, the microphone has outstanding performance when it comes to recording. Even though it has free regulation of wireless devices, the quality of sound it relays after picking is fantastic.


  • High-quality sound
  • Excellent range of coverage
  • Adjustable volumes
  • Ease of use
  • Excellent frequency response range

Shure MV88

Shure MV88

Do you love microphones with digital condensers?

The ultimate choice is here. You will enjoy using this microphone over your android phone or apple because it is specially designed for them. It comes with a stunning design that will keep you attracted and lively as you use it.

The microphone comes with two free apps that help you to customize and set preferences. You will, therefore, enjoy the best sound that gets produced with regards to your settings. A built-in headphone plays an essential role in ensuring that you monitor the mic in real-time.

Moreover, the mic has compelling features that are instrumental in the production of the best sound quality. Therefore, you will enjoy crystal clear sounds, which are ideal for live streaming and audio recording.

The sound produced at last has no wind noise, and background noise gets limited to a higher degree.  A windscreen that can be removed at any time as per your wish forms part of the mic that boots its performance.

Talking of compatibility, the microphone is a great and compatible device. It easily pairs with your pc, smartphone, tablet, and iPod, therefore, delivering the best via all media. A large number of devices are compatible with the mic.

You will also enjoy great flexibility of the microphone, therefore, gaining full control. Therefore, you will be able to implement commands and measures aimed at facilitation toward the performance of the mic.


  • Highly compatible
  • Easy to control
  • Excellent sound picking and output
  • Clear sounds
  • Two operational apps


  • Limited support

MOVO PM10 Lavalier Microphone

MOVO PM10 Lavalier Microphone: Best External Microphone for Android Phone

Featuring closely is another MOVO PM10 microphone model that also boats of high quality of sound output and excellent performance. The microphone comes on a stunning design that makes your phone use high.

More about the microphone is its ability to produce crystal clear sound. The microphone plays a crucial role in amplifying the ability of your android phone to capture the best sounds and deliver the best quality.

It, therefore, performs a perfect upgrade of the sound captured and relayed by the microphone. When used over the iPhone, iPad, pc, and many other gadgets, the microphone delivers perfect performance.

Furthermore, the microphone is compact hence simple to carry along and travel with. you can, therefore, use for various outdoor activities without any worries. If you do content creation, you will enjoy the best service when using this microphone.

The microphone will serve an extended range and produce clear sounds without background noise. This gets greatly facilitated by the presence of features that make its functionality excellent. When used for interviews, all the parties turn out to be precise.

Finally, the microphone is simple to connect and use. It does not have any software or complicated processes that make its installation tiresome. All you will is to mount and begin to use the microphone. Thus qualifying it among the Best External Microphone for Android Phone.

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  • High-quality sound
  • Ease of use
  • Simple connections
  • Stylish design
  • Compact

Saramonic SmartMic

Saramonic SmartMic

Are you looking for a smart microphone built on quality?

The saramonic Flexible Condenser microphone is a high performing microphone that works excellently with smartphones, iPad, iPhone, and many more. It comes on a simple design that plays a significant role in boosting its functionality.

You will appreciate the fact that the microphone is flexible to the use of various devices for streaming. It is limited to android smartphones and touches, iPods, iPhone, and many more.

Moreover, the microphone boasts of excellent performance because of its high sensitivity. It also lowers the amount of background noise produced as opposed to other microphones. The quality of sound the microphone picks and relays is incredible.

It features a short gun design that is instrumental in minimization of the background noise. Therefore, you will enjoy your recording sessions without having to worry about the activities that are happening at the back or on your sides.

The frequency range of the microphone is 35Hz -18KHz, while its signal lies at 74db. You will, therefore, enjoy excellent records within the range at maintained stability of the frequency response. It, therefore, makes an ideal choice for videos and music records,

Furthermore, the compatibility of the microphoneis an excellent thing. It is light and small in shape hence easy to carry from one place to another. It is preferred by many users and considered the Best External Microphone for Android Phone. To connect it, you only need to plug and play.


  • Quality sound production
  • Minimized background noise
  • Ease of connectivity and use
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Ideal for videos

Rode smartLav+ omnidirectional microphone

Rode smartLav+ omnidirectional microphone: Best External Microphone for Android Phone

Featuring again is another Rode model with various simple features that make it less complicated to handle but still deliver the best performance.

The microphone is highly compatible and effortlessly pairs with most devices, including smartphones, iPad, iPhone, and many more. It is also compatible with various audio apps that easily connect to headsets and many more.

The unique thing about this microphone is its small size packed with various features that are instrumental in delivering the best sound quality.

It has an Omni-directional condenser that equally picks voices from the surrounding, therefore providing great versatility on mounting. You will, therefore, experience the excellent user interface and friendly operations.

Moreover, to minimize noise, the microphone comes with a foam pop shield whose role is to minimize wind noise and the hard sounds. Therefore, you will get apparent sound aftermath, which is well sieved to produce the best sounds.

When used for recording, the microphone offers a wide range of equalization the adds value to the sound it delivers. Apart from clarity, the microphone offers reliable editing functions intended to make the sound output better.

Finally, you will love the reinforced cable that ensures you can conveniently operate at your comfort. You, therefore, do not need to strain so that you reach the microphone at its convenience.  You will place your phone at the desired position then begin to do your work over the phone. It ranks among the Best External Microphone for Android Phone.


  • Nice design
  • Excellent cable length
  • Ease of connection and use
  • Wide range of equalization

MAONO Lavalier microphone AU-100R

MAONO Lavalier microphone AU-100R

Are you looking for a high performing microphone with a rechargeable battery?

You got sorted with this unique and high performing microphone.  With this microphone, you will be able to conduct your interviews, records, voice dictation, vlogging, and many more activities efficiently.

The microphone also efficiently works with other devices such as cameras, PC smartphones, ASMR, and many more. Using this microphone, you get not exposed to failure or weak sounds die to its excellent performance.

Even though few things tend to differentiate the product from others in the market, it has features instrumental in maintaining the quality of sound and the functionality of the microphone.

The rechargeable battery, which forms part of the unique features, keeps the microphone running for at least 90 hours. You will, therefore, not worry when taking the microphone for outdoor activities. An LED indicator shows the status of the battery until the power gets completely drained.

The microphone also boasts of a better configuration that makes it excellent for recording both videos and audios. You will enjoy the best flat, high and low frequencies with excellent sound outputs. making it among the Best External Microphone for Android Phone.

Being a multi-directional microphone, it picks the most prominent sounds leaving out the rest. You will, therefore, enjoy the best sound quality, which is less distorted and loud enough.

Furthermore, the microphone is highly durable. The wire used to make it offers excellent flexibility while the aluminum case offers strength. You, therefore, do not have a reason to worry when the microphone drops off.

Finally, the microphone offers various positions that make it very easy for you to use your android phone. You will conveniently record your audios, videos, and many more without a hassle. The performance of the microphone is excellent.


  • High-quality sound output
  • Better configuration
  • Excellent performance
  • Ease of mounting and use
  • Long-life battery

Balila wireless microphone system

Balila wireless microphone system: Best External Microphone for Android Phone

Featuring once more is another wireless microphone that will give you excellent service on your android phone and other devices.  It offers an excellent opportunity to do your content for live streaming, youtube, and many more.

One unique thing the makes the microphone scoop the market is multi-use. It has an advanced UHF technology that allows it to get used over various devices simultaneously. You will get connected to 50 channels, but it will pick one with the most excellent signal.

It is a highly compatible microphone with an aluminum integrated body which is instrumental in maintaining the signal stability and excellent connections to the microphone. You will, therefore, effectively podcast, and do your other stuff from your phone.

Featuring is also a wide range of operations covering up to 410 feet for open places and 196 feet for places with obstacles. Within the range, the signal is stable, and you will have the best audio that is not corrupted nor interfered by latency. This is one of the Best External Microphone for Android Phone.

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Moreover, the microphone comes with a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 1000Mah that keeps it powered for 12 hours of continuous working. Therefore, you will enjoyexcellent performance over a broader range and more extended periods both indoors and outdoors.

Furthermore, the microphone has real-time monitoring. It allows you to test the microphones over the monitor to determine whether the microphone’s performance is up to standards or not.

Finally, the microphone can get paired to a high-resolution display that ensures there is clarity in the sound quality.


  • Long-life battery
  • High-quality sound
  • Ease of use
  • High-resolution display

Buyers guide for the best external microphone for android phones.

Buying the best microphone that will perfectly serve your android phone, several factors that need consideration.  With the significant intention of capturing and delivering a distinct sound, you will need some specific things to be available as follows.


Apart from your stable connection to your android phone, you may need to use the mic over other devices. It, therefore, demands high compatibility. You should, therefore, consider having a highly compatible mic.

The process of connecting the microphone should also be simple. Most people prefer having a mic that will just be plugged in and get into use. You should also consider various methods of connection, such as Bluetooth.

Sound quality

The sound produced by the microphone it captures should be of high quality. There is no essence f having a microphone that picks and delivers weak sounds.

The inside capsule is the primary thing that is instrumental for better sound production. However, having a microphone with a condenser will probably make you enjoy a better sound. A preamplifier will add more to the preamp hence a better sound.

Range of coverage

Your microphone should cover an extended range. It should be able to pick voices to form various points within its range. Having a mic that will prioritize on the clarity of the sound Is perfect. If you hold conference meetings, you should think of getting a mic that will deliver the best.


To improve the sound output, microphones come with several accessories—such include, wires, cables, mounts, etc. When buying a mic, ensure that it has the features and accessories that will make you enjoy your desired sound.

However, the accessories should be significant because they should add value to the mic rather than make it a poor performer.

Size of the mic

The size of the mic should not exceed your phone. You should have a perfect match between the mic and the phone

External Microphone for Android FAQs

Which is the best external microphone for android?

We have several models that you can always use on android. However, there is a set of criteria that each microphone must constantly meet. The outcome is that you will have the android device picking the best sound quality and probably deliver an excellent outcome.
Some of the best mics are those you can fix on the shirt or those you fix on the gadget itself. Some people will also prefer to do the traditional way. They will get microphones that you can mount and speak as if you are having a conference. Such solutions work effectively and will deliver the best outcomes.

Can you use the mic on the phone?

Yes. You can use the microphone on an android phone. Various models work with the phone, but you will need to do some thorough research to get the models compatible with the phone.
The process of setting up and connecting the models is straightforward. First, you will need to identify the point to make the connections and then plug and play.
A compatible model will pick up and begin to work immediately as a non-compatible one will lead to disappointment. It is not only android devices that work with external microphones. Other models are lovable for delivery of the best quality.

Is an internal mic better than an external mic?

This is a debate that will make you have good times during the decision making process. First, you have to choose the best microphone as either external or internal. Then, various circumstances will make you choose one microphone or the other.
If you have a damaged internal microphone, you have to get an external one to fix the challenge. You also can choose to use the internal mic in areas where the external microphone is not working as you expect.
For instance, if you are travelling, you have to decide which microphone to use. Therefore, each microphone is good, depending on the circumstances.

What kind of microphone pairs quickly with android?

Several kinds of microphones will have different performances. Some will quickly pair up, while others will take some time before they begin to work.
One of the significant factors that you will need to look at closely is the compatibility with the android device. Some models will quickly pair, while others will take some time before they pair up. When making purchases, you have to go for the best microphones as they will pair up quickly. A good example is the Rode Videomic and the lavalier lapel microphone.

Which is the best microphone for a smartphone?

Smartphones can either be android or with any other software. We have models that have universal compatibility and are likely to deliver the best performance with your smartphone. Some brands are known because of their compatibility and the general outcome in terms of sound capturing.
Some of the brands that will allow you to get the best microphones to include the Rode videomic, shure, miracle sound, lavalier lapel microphone and many others.
You will notice that they use the USB cable for the connections and can easily do the conversions. So, the only thing you will do is check on the specifications regarding sound quality and compatibility.

Final Verdict

Getting an ideal external microphone for Android phones is now a simplified task. From our picks today, you can quickly get your perfect mic. All you need to do is to go through the guide and then choose the best mic that will meet your needs.

You can choose your Mic depending on your intended use. In this regard, you can use the sound quality, quality of the materials, reliability and other features to select the best external Mic for Android phones.