10 Best Electric Guitars for The Money for 2022

Are you looking for an excellent electric guitar favoring your budget? Get tuned to this article, which has brought together the best electric guitars for a budget.  Electric guitars come on various features that make them deliver the best music. They make playing easily with excellent resonance and high-quality note achievement. The reason why you need the Best Electric Guitars for The Money.

If you are a musician, the guitars will give you an easy time to play because of durability. Their strength will enable you to hear the notes correctly, with each note length achieved. Let us now have a look at the best guitars for the money.

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Best electric guitars for the money

Schecter omen Extreme-6

Schecter omen Extreme-6

Are you looking for a guitar that has been for a long time in the market? Excellent, get the Schecter Omen Extreme-6. The guitar comes on a sleek and beautiful design that makes it pleasant to have. You can easily carry it and play efficiently without getting tired because of its lightweight.

The six strings allow you to enjoy playing the guitar. However, the adjustable controls such as master volume, tone push/pull and the 3-way toggle switch will give you an easy time to operate the guitar.

However, you will have extra enjoyment with the string-thru bridge design that makes the guitar more sustain. As you play the guitar, you will be able to hear each note, with its duration attained at a higher degree.

Moreover, you will also enjoy the 24 extra-jumbo frets that will make you more comfortable and excellent speed. The double-cutaway body allows you to gain quick access to the maple neck.

You will have a fantastic playing moment with this guitar. It is made of sturdy material hence less exposed to damages. All in all, the guitar is worth the price.


  • High-quality brand guitar
  • Easy to operate
  • Adjustable settings
  • Excellent sustain

Squier by Fender Bullet Stratocaster beginner hard tail electric guitar

Squier by Fender Bullet Stratocaster beginner hard tail electric guitar: Best Electric Guitars for The Money

This guitar brand started as a pure string manufacturer before getting into manufacturing guitars. You can, therefore, be sure that the guitar has the best quality of strings. Squier by Fender Bullet Stratocaster offers both the best quality and durability.

The guitar has a beautiful design with a C-shaped neck profile that makes it very easy to play. You will also enjoy a lot of comforts as you play the guitar. It weighs 9.1 pounds hence more comfortable to handle and carry as you enjoy playing.

More about the guitar is the humbucking bridge pick-up. The feature gives you the best sound quality, with a deep and warm sound. You will also enjoy the best sound balance as you play.

The fender play will offer you online support to play the guitar and acquire the necessary playing skills for an easy play.

Furthermore, the tuning machines will allow you to adjust the settings of the guitar. You will, therefore, get solid tuning stability. The sound blend produced will be as per your needs and settings.

Finally, the guitar is quite affordable. The quality i not compromised. You will, therefore, enjoy the play for longer durations.


  • Quality strings
  • Comfortable to handle
  • Easy to set up controls
  • Quite affordable

Epiphone Les Paul Special II

Epiphone Les Paul Special II

Are you looking for a starter guitar that you will sing and growl a bit? Get this model of guitar. Weighing 10 pounds and classic vintage shape, you will easily carry the guitar and enjoy a very comfortable play. it is generally an easy guitar to handle that will fit in most positions

The body of the guitar has a make of mahogany. It is, therefore, not only durable but also has quality play. Having a beautiful design is not all about the guitar. The smooth 22-fret rosewood fingerboard will make you go for it.

Do you look for the specific details of music as you play the guitar? Worry no more. This guitar has a 700T/650R open-coil humbucking pick-up. You will, therefore, enjoy long note holding and the best sustain. An excellent feeling of every note as you play the guitar is evident.

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The simple design and the easily adjustable operation tools make it quite simple to change the guitar strings. Furthermore, the guitar has a grand scale of 24.75.


  • High quality and durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Comfortable to play
  • Best sustain

Fender Modern Player Telecaster

Fender Modern Player Telecaster: Best Electric Guitars for The Money

Fender Modern telecaster is a beautiful electric guitar weighing 12.95 pounds. If you are a new player in the field, the guitar is the ideal choice. It offers simplicity and the best quality of play that will make you attain the playing skills perfectly.

The guitar has a solid make that makes it sound great. It has a solid performance that makes music pleasant. You will also enjoy many several updated and modern features that make your play awesome. Operating the guitar is quite simple.

Furthermore, the guitar uniqueness gets identified by the mini-toggle coil-split and its alpine body. It also features a C- shaped neck of 9.5-inch radius and 22 jumbo frets. You will also enjoy singing the chrome dome control knobs to perform simple operations.

The five-way switching and the humbucking pick-up gives you an excellent opportunity to reach the highest and the lowest notes effectively. You will, therefore, play any kind of music using the guitar. The adjustable settings allow you to set the best preferences for the guitar.


  • Easy to handle and use
  • Adjustable controls
  • 5-way switching
  • Humbucking bridge pick-up

Ibanez Artcore AF55 electric guitar

Ibanez Artcore AF55 electric guitar: Best Electric Guitars for The Money

Do you love playing jazz music or blues? It is high time to get the Ibanez Artcore AF55 guitar. It offers simple alternations to set the music you enjoy using the toggle switch. This guitar has a natural wood look and a hollow body, which makes it quite attractive.

The guitar weighs 10.55 pounds making it quite comfortable to carry and play. It has a mahogany set neck bound with a rosewood fretboard that makes it durable and best sound producer.

You will enjoy the best signal and a well defined mid while playing the guitar. The ACH-ST humbucker found at the neck of the guitar helps in providing a sweet and quiet message. However, the case of the guitar gets sold separately.

More about the guitar is its hollow body.  It gives adequate surface area for resonance. You will quickly adjust the guitar settings to get the type of pluck you desire. The strings are stable and very responsive.  Bass produced by the guitar will make your demand for more.


  • Very responsive
  • Easy to handle
  • Adjustable settings
  • Hollow body

ESP LTD EC-256 electric guitar

ESP LTD EC-256 electric guitar

Are you looking for an affordable guitar with the best sounding? Get the ESP LTC EC-256 guitar. It comes on a beautiful design with a metallic gold finish that will make you love it. Despite the sturdy design, the guitar is a lightweight component weighing 8 pounds.

With a combination of a mahogany body and a single cut-away, you will enjoy every pluck you make. Furthermore, the roasted jatoba fingerboard will make your playing more comfortable and easy to play.

You will be able to play any kind of music using the guitar. It comes with a tone and volume controls that make the sound production meet your settings. The 3-way toggle switch allows you to set the guitar as per your preferences.

Moreover, to enhance the most fabulous sounding, the ESP came up with LH-150 passive pick-ups. The set neck with headstock binding gets just added to the guitar. It has six dominant strings.

These features make the guitar a significant component at a very affordable price. It makes a quite affordable way to get into the best sound and the best design of the guitar.


  • Strong and durable
  • Many advanced features
  • Easy controls
  • Excellent plucking
  • Humbugger guitar configuration

Gretsch G2622 Streamliner

Gretsch G2622 Streamliner: Best Electric Guitars for The Money

You are looking for a guitar that will offer you excellent pick-ups? Acquire this model. You will enjoy the great sound of modern music with more performance and style. The U neck finish with gloss fingerboard will make you love the guitar’s design.

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The guitar has a scale of 24.75 inches with three-ply tortoise pick-ups. It also a V stop tail tailpiece and excellent pick-up switching. You will, therefore, use the guitar at your own desired angle. It only weighs 0.16 ounces hence quite simple to carry along.

The three-neck controls allow you to adjust the 1st volume of neck pick-up, the 2nd volume of bridge pick-up and the tone and master controls. The adjustment knobs are very active with a beautiful nickel color. Making it one of the Best Electric Guitars for The Money.

In terms of performance, the guitar is an excellent performer. You will be able to feel every note of the pluck. The higher volumes get perfectly reached with stable sound quality. A laminated maple is a material used to make the guitar.


  • Beautiful design
  • Easy handling
  • Quality sound production
  • Excellent pick-ups

Jackson JS Series Dinky Arch Top JS22 DKA

Jackson JS Series Dinky Arch Top JS22 DKA

Are you looking for a massive tone killer with a tremolo sustain? Get this guitar at an affordable price. It is a substantial body guitar with an arched basswood body. The guitar has a comfortable size and a weight of 8.8 pounds that will give you an easy play.

The guitar has seven hard body strings that make it easy to play. With a durable satin finish, you will enjoy every note. The most exciting thing about playing this guitar is its ability to respond to the tremolo notes.

The guitars configuration is of two ceramic humbuckers.  You will, therefore, enjoy the loudest sound possible.  The bass produced when you pluck the guitar is incredible. Both low and high notes enjoy and excellent response.

You will be impressed by the performance of the guitar. It has an excellent sustain that holds even tremolo plays. If you are a learner, you will be able to learn quickly and efficiently. The guitar will play any kind of music comfortably. Its design gives an excellent surface area for sound production.


  • Easy to play
  • Quality sound
  • Powerful strings
  • Two humbucking pick-ups
  • Maple neck
  • Best bass

Fender FA-125 CE dreadnought bundle

Fender FA-125 CE dreadnought bundle

Are you in need of an active guitar with excellent accessories? Try the Fender FA-125 CE. This guitar has a modern classic design with high technological features that makes it outstanding among all the guitars.

The guitar has a killer sound with deep rich bass prominent at both lows and Mids. The tonal support is excellent. You will be able to see the levels at the control panel with beautiful adjusting knobs.

If you are a learner, the fender play will give an ultimate opportunity. The fender plays and the Fishman electronics have combined efforts in making such an excellent guitar. You will boast of the quality of the guitar and the strings in general.

The C-shaped neck gives you an easy time when playing the guitar. Moreover, it weighs 9.68 pounds hence easy to carry when playing. You will also feel the best tonal support from the Viking bridge.

The guitar comes at an affordable price with the best acoustics. If you are a learner, don’t miss to get this guitar. You will enjoy excellent support from the DVD and online information that will enable you to learn fast.


  • Easy to carry and use
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent acoustics
  • Perfectly designed

ESP LTD snakebyte signature series

ESP LTD snakebyte signature series

The snakebyte signature guitar has a beautiful design with metal make. As a result, the guitar produces the best resonance with a high-quality sustain. You will generally get any note you play. If you are learning to play guitars, you will get an excellent service from this guitar.

The guitar has a neck of 24.75 inches designed with mahogany. The guitar’s performance is, therefore, excellent. It has the right surface area that makes the sound production very lovely. You will enjoy carrying and playing without getting exhausted. It only weighs 12 pounds.

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Furthermore, the guitar has an EMG humbucker pick-up configuration. You will enjoy a high-quality sound output that will accompany your best music. it sounds like an excellent metal legend

You can easily adjust the controls to meet the low, medium and highs. The setting will favor your preferences hence a fantastic choice. The six strings of the guitar are dominant that they quickly give a positive response. Fixing them is also simple and straightforward. This makes it one of the Best Electric Guitars for The Money.

Finally, the guitar is not only affordable but also simple to operate on both hands. The guitar got designed for James Hetfield, who is one of the most respected guitarists. You will enjoy playing the guitar for long hours. being a long-life guitar, you will not need any replacement soon.


  • Durable
  • Ease of use
  • Beautiful finish
  • Lightweight

Buyers guide for best electric guitars for the money

When buying electric guitars, affordability is not the only thing you focus on. Several underlying factors also need to get considered.  The design, strength of strings and the sustain are a few things to be considered.

However, in today’s guide, we will look at the extra features that you need to be conversant with when looking for the best electric guitar for the money.

Body type

Guitars come with various body types. Each typehas its degree of strength. 

The solid-body guitar has a make of wood. They come in different versions, such as single pick-ups to several of the.  Solid-body guitars are less resonant but play a significant role in om molding the sound produced by each pluck.

Hollow body guitars have a full surface area. They, therefore, produce the best resonance and high-quality sound.

The semi-hollow body creates a link between the hollow and solid. Such a guitar will, therefore, offer the best sound balance. It has more resonance and increased sustain hence the best tone quality.


Pick-ups are the sound determinants in an electric guitar. The most common type is a single-coil pick-up.  It works towards producing the best sound full of clarity and big

Humbuckers are also pick-ups whose primary role is to lower humming. They are a combination of two coils with each facing the opposite direction. A guitar with humbuckers will produce a bigger sound.

The piezo pick-up is crystalline sensors that work on the guitar’s saddle. They give the sound an acoustic effect of mechanical vibration.

Active pick-ups

Some types of electric guitars will use pick-ups with batteries and a preamp. These produce a more precise sound as opposed to the rest. Active pick-ups are not frequent.

Guitar necks

Guitar necks give comfort to the player while in use. They come in either set necks or neck-through. Set necks are glued to the body while neck-through have a laminate glued to the body.

Set necks are hard to repair while neck-through is simple to fix. Neck-through has the best resonance.


Electric guitars have different prices. However, each price has its guitar. Most of them will have good quality.


When choosing a guitar, get one whose sound matches your needs. If you are a jazz player, get one has support jazz etc.

Tuning machines

The best guitar should be able to produce sound as per your preference.

The volume and tone should be easily adjustable.

The machines should be of quality designs to avoid getting rust and failure.

Number of frets

Different guitars come with varying numbers of frets. Some have 12 frets others have 24 and other 22. When buying, choose one that fits you.

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Final verdict

Guitars are the best thing any musician would love to have. Our picks today are excellent. You will have awesome moments when you buy them. No need to wait. Just have a look, decide and Get one today