7 Best Stentor Violin (2022 Expert Reviews)

Do you know that Stentor violins are among the best performing violins?

Well, you need one so that you prove the notion. Stentor violins boast of the best sound quality and comfortable playability when in use. They generally have an impressive resonance, and that makes them ideal for many users as either beginners, intermediate players, and professionals.

Everyone loves not only a high-quality violin but also of the best durability. Stentor brand offers the best material make and excellent durability.

We have compiled a list of the best Stentor violin you can buy to have an excellent play. Let us have a look; then, you choose one that meets your needs perfectly.

Best Stentor violins

Stentor 4-string violin 1500 4/4

If you are looking for the best performing violin that also boasts of the best quality, consider buying this model. The violin comes on the full size with the best finishing and varnish that makes it very attractive.

The violin has a material made of a fine-grained solid spruce top with its sides and back made of maple. You will also appreciate the presence of fittings and chinrest made of ebony. Red label strings and an alloy tailpiece all add up to a sturdy and durable violin.

Moreover, the violin is lightweight with a tailpiece with four string adjusters, which play a vital role in ensuring rigidity. Therefore, you will enjoy playing the violin comfortably as the resonance gets correctly projected to the body.

An inlaid purling and a polished brown lacquer finish make the violin look extra beautiful.  The performance of the violin is incredible. You will get a remarkable resonance with the best tone and volume balance.

Finally, you will love the role the accessories play in ensuring that you play your violin without worries. An octagonal wood horsehair bow (with an ebony frog), lightweight canvas, a blanket, shoulder rest pocket, and a padded backpack.

The violin has a handcraft with a carved maple neck.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Comfortable to play
  • Ease of use
  • High-quality material makes
  • Beautiful look
  • Durable

Stentor Standard 1018 1/16 violin

Stentor Standard 1018 1/16 violin

Are you a beginner looking for a Stentor violin to start?

This model makes a perfect choice. Coming with a hand-carved nature and already selected tonewoods, you will right away start playing your violin once you receive it. You will love this violin because of its excellent performance and the simplicity involved in playing the violin.

More about this violin is the fact that it has an integral adjuster fitted on the alloy tailpiece. Therefore, you will be able to adjust the violin strings so that they meet your specific needs. A remarkable thing with this model is that it has hardwood components which play a significant role in maintaining the quality of its tone.

The pegs and the fingerboard are made of hardwood hence providing an ideal tone for starters in violin playing. A wood bow and a traveling case make the violin outstand because of the simplicity involved in carrying it along and playing it.

Furthermore, the violin has an excellent performance with its play geared by the solid wood and its carved nature. You will love using this violin as a professional who is training music or a beginner who wants the best in violin playing.

Inlaid purling makes the violin an excellent choice because of the beauty it creates. You will find the initial processes of assembling simplified. The violin models come already adjusted and ready for use.


  • Awesome resonance
  • Better sound production
  • Already assembled
  • Lightweight
  • Durable

 Stentor 4-string violin 1500 ¾

 Stentor 4-string violin 1500 ¾

Featuring is another standard model of a violin whose significant difference is the size. It is made of durable wood, therefore, creating an impressive resonance. You will also love the duration the violin offers you excellent playability.

Moreover, the violin makes a perfect choice for professionals who want to enjoy Stentor violins’ use. It features the material made of a spruce top with a distinctive hand grain: the neck and the sides made of solid maple. A hardwood chinrest and ebony fittings add more to the durability and the simplicity of playing the violin.

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Featuring also is an alloy tailpiece with four string adjusters. These allow you to comfortably adjust the violin so that you have a comfortable play and one that meets your needs. You will also love the nylon loop on the tailpiece.

More about this violin is its capability to handle pressure from players. It has solid material that plays a crucial role in responding to its play with excellent resonance. The red label strings are super sensitive to make them very responsive.

Furthermore, the violin has an excellent set of accessories that help in making its play more enjoyable. It features a lightweight case with a blanket, exterior shoulder rest, and octagonal wood horsehair bow with an ebony frog.

Finally, you will love the comfortability the violin offers in playing because of its lightweight and the polished lacquer finish. The inlaid purling and the soft finish make the violin both beautiful and attractive to the eye.


  • Beautiful look
  • Comfortable to play
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Awesome accessories
  • Excellent tonal balance

Other four-string violin 1401BK

Other, 4-String Violin, Black, 4/4 (1401BK-4/4)

Featuring once more is another high performing and unique model that gets manufactured in the Stentor factory. The uniqueness of this instrument is purely on its dimensions and the material used to make it.

You will love the solid tonewoods that make up the violin. These are instrumental in offering an excellent response to the play and maintaining a functional resonance. You will also love how the violin gets designed for use for the longest time possible.

If you talk about the style of the violin, this model has an awesome one. It boasts of both the best quality style and the best performance when it comes to using. The carved woods get the sound from the bronze made strings that are easy to play and very durable.

The material made of the violin not only makes it durable but also offers simplicity in playing the violins. With its weight of 3.3 pounds, you will find it very comfortable to carry along and play.  It comes with pure nature and design that is quite attractive.

The violin’s dimensions include a height of 16 inches, 21 inches’ length, and 16 inches width. It is, therefore, just the right size for the best performance and use by anyone.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact and durable
  • Awesome resonance
  • Stunning design

Stentor 4-string Ukulele 1505 16

Stentor 4-string Ukulele 1505 16

Do you look for beauty and durability in violins?

This model will probably make an ideal choice.  With its sturdy material make and handcrafting, the violin makes a beautiful and stunning instrument. Its sound production and the balance sums up how beautiful the instrument is.

More about the violin is about its material make.  It gets comprised of a solid and grained spruce top with its sides and back made of maple. You will, therefore, use the violin for the longest time possible. The materials also make the violin to produce an impressive resonance.

Moreover, the violin has a sturdy chin rest, fittings, and tailpiece all made of ebony. On the tailpiece, you will find four string adjusters that help you to ensure the violin is balanced and ready for the task. It also has a loop.

Featuring with the violin is an octagonal bowl with wood horsehair, a padded back bag, a shoulder rest, a lightweight case with the instrument blanket, and an ebony frog that complements the bow. All these give rise to a high performing instrument.

The violins look is another beautiful feature you will fall in love with. It has a polished brown lacquer finish and inlaid purling that makes the violin look extra attractive. You will also love the simplicity offered while playing the violin.

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The violin is ideal for all groups of players.


  • Excellent wood quality
  • Comfortable to play
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Rich tonal balance
  • Excellent outfits

Other, 4-string violin 4/4 1400A2

Suppose you are a student looking for a reliable, excellent performing and consistent violin. You don’t need to continue browsing. This model is the right choice for you.  It boasts of a solid tone with a deep wood make that makes its tone and volume perfect.

High-quality materials get used to making the bridge, tailpiece, solid tonewoods, the pegs, and the fingerboard. You will, therefore, enjoy the durability of the violin and the kind of resonance it produces.

The tailpiece has integral adjusters, which give you a chance to adjust the settings of the violin strings. After setting the strings, you will enjoy an impressive resonance and perfect response when playing the violin.

You will also love the role the outfits play in enhancing the performance of the violin. The reliability of the lightweight case, wood bow, backpack bag, rosin, music pocket, and an external shoulder rest will leave you amazed by the violin.

Stentor has taken enough interest in this violin to come up with the perfectly fitted bridge and soundpost for the best performance and playability. The thickness of the sound that the violin produces is another excellent thing that the violin will offer.

For music teachers, professionals, or a student, this violin will make a perfect companion. Its features, playability, and performance will make the learning sessions straightforward.


  • Reliable and consistent
  • Perfect for learners
  • Best playability
  • Impressive tone thickness and balance
  • Durable and sturdy 

Stentor 4-string violin 1550 4/4

Stentor 4-string violin 1550 4/4

Featuring once more is another beautiful violin with handcrafted and fine-grained solid woods, making it an excellent instrument.You will love the design that gets employed to make the violin and the red-brown color with a rich shellax.

The violin has a sturdy material make that includes a fine-grained spruce top, maple back and sides, an alloy tailpiece, ebony fittings, and a hardwood chinrest. All these features add to the durability of the violin and the best sound production.

Moreover, the tailpiece has a loop and string adjusters that help you tune the violin to meet needs in terms of playing. As a result of the adjustment, the violin will produce a well-balanced and rich tone in both thickness and tone.

With the aid of the violin accessories, you will get a sound balance and performance impressive. They include a full mounted horse shoulder rest compartment, hair bow, deluxe rectangular case, a blanket, shoulder rest, and a lightweight hard case.

An inlaid purling and the lacquer finish make the violin beautifully. When combined with the design, you will have a remarkable violin that will offer you comfortability and simplicity in playing. Its lightweight will provide you with more simplified playing moments.


  • High-quality sound
  • Comfortable to play
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Beautiful design
  • Lightweight

Buyers guide for the best Stentor violin

Stentor violins are one of the brands that are of the best violins. This, however, does not mean that any violin will be fit for anyone. Several things will need a close eye to have you get the best violin. Let us have a brief discussion about them.


Stentor violins come with different sizes that are instrumental in fitting various kinds of users. There are sizes for children, people with small hands, and those with big paws. When buying a violin, you should ensure that you get one that will deliver the best performance to the specific use.


Stentor violins also come at different prices. These are subject to the number of features it may accommodate. Therefore, when buying a violin, you should look at the models that lie within your budget then assess to get one that will meet your needs.

Material make

All our Stentor violins have the same material make. However, there may be some variations. Therefore, you should look at the best and durable materials, for they deliver quality sound and usability for more extended periods.

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Ease of use

A good violin should be simple to use. The violin you buy should be the right size and also offer you comfortable play. You should also assess the strings and their strength for the best performance. This will give you easy time to play.

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Stentor Violins FAQs

What kind of a violin is a stentor?

The word stentor refers to a brand. It is one of the most popular brands with its origin in China. It is famous because it has many violin models and follows a common procedure in making its instruments.
What makes the stentor violins stand out is the craftsmanship that makes them up. All the instruments from the brand look alike and have good quality. The major difference comes in with the sizes because some are big and some are small.
It, therefore, means that each player will get one that matches their budget as they are not out of reach.

Which is the best stentor violin for a beginner?

Students groups are either for adults or young beginners. Young beginners will need the smaller violins for their learning sessions. On the other hand, the adults will need the large but perfect size for beginning their learning sessions.
You need to take note of the various sies and then match them with the kind of player. The most common sizes are ¼, ½, ¾ and the 4/4 full size. Each player will have the size that they are comfortable with.
For instance, the full size is for age 11 and above. The smallest is ¼ size and makes a good choice for ages 7 and below. Comfortability is the principle that you must try to adhere to. We have model 1, the smallest size, and model 2, the biggest.

How big is a stentor violin?

A stentor violin will have different sizes. There is one that will be the biggest and one that will be the smallest. Such sizes depend on the kind of people using the violins.
Understanding the various violin sizes will help us know which one is bigger and smaller. The smallest is the 1/16 model, and it measures 36cm. 1/10 measures 38cm, 1/8,42cm,1/4 46cm, ½ 51cm, ¾ 56cm and 4/4 58cm.
The largest will have 58cm. It can serve adult beginners who also have large hands.

How good is a stentor violin for students?

A stentor violin has a high-quality material that boosts its quality. They come in various sizes that allow each student to learn comfortably. Combining the quality and the performance makes the violin good for students.
The material used in making the models has good quality. They have a durable make because of the handmaking process. Strings have good quality, and they work with the body hence ensuring that you enjoy the best sound quality.
Another thing about them is that there are models that make the best choices for beginners. These are good because they have a better sustain, and the quality of the tone is good.

What kind of wood makes a stentor violin?

There is a combination of several kinds of wood that make up the stentor violin. It is hand-carved, and the woods are used at various parts of the violin.  A solid tonewood makes up the material hence ensuring that the sound quality stands out too. The combination of woods includes the maple, which works on the backs, ribs, and neck. Its front part will have spruce, which also covers the body.

Final verdict

Stentor is a distinctive violin brand. It offers the best sound balance and performance. Using our guide today, you will be able to get the violin with excellent features. After a proper analysis, you should pick one of the violins for your use.