10 Best Acoustic Guitars Under 2000 Dollars for 2022

You are looking for an acoustic guitar, and your budget is 2000 dollars. Never mind. You are at home. With your budget of $2000 and below, you will get a great performing guitar with an excellent play with the best features. This article has the best acoustic guitars that have high ratings in the market. You will also note the positive reviews about the guitars from both the buyers and players who feel these guitars. This will help you get the Best Acoustic Guitars Under 2000 Dollars

You will appreciate the fact that the review has put a close consideration of the quality of the guitars and their performance that makes them stand out. Let us have a quick look at each guitar.

Best acoustic guitars under $2000

Takamine EF360S-TT acoustic guitars

Takamine EF360S-TT acoustic guitars

Are you looking for a durable acoustic guitar?

Well, the Takamine EF360S-TT is known for its hard case and the solid rosewood back and sides, which offers its high durability. You will also appreciate the fact that such material makes plays a role in the production of better sound output.

The guitar boasts of its non-cutaway dreadnaught style of the body, a mahogany neck, and a thermal spruce top. Weighing 18 pounds with a lovely design and the gloss natural finish, you will always admire using the guitar.

Talking of the guitar’s electronics we cannot ignore the TLD-2 driver preamp that works to deliver a powerful sound with a clearly defined high end. Also featuring is the Palathetic pickup that makes the performance of the guitar more enticing.

The guitar is straightforward to play with its six highly responsive guitar strings. You will love the ebony fingerboard that makes the playing better and of high quality. Moreover, the fretboard is of maple material that gives a guaranteed long-life.

Generally, the guitar is an excellent performer with a crystal bright sound output when playing high and low notes. You will love the smooth holding of the guitar and its long-life design. Hence the reason why it is considered among the Best Acoustic Guitars Under 2000 Dollars.


  • Durable
  • Easy to handle and play
  • Excellent performer
  • Quality sound

Breedlove Cascade C25 acoustic guitar

Breedlove Cascade C25 acoustic guitar: Best Acoustic Guitars Under 2000 Dollars

Do you love guitars with deep, resonant bass and ringing trebles?

Try it once more with the Breedlove Cascade C25. You will love this guitar because of its design and the deluxe case. Weighing 5.4 pounds, you will comfortably carry the guitar and enjoy playing it.

You will be amazed by the mahogany neck with a scale length of 25.25 inches. Also featuring is a rosewood fretboard and solid wood body material which offer rigidity to the guitar. The top is of cedar that amplifies the strength of the beauty of the guitar.

Moreover, the guitar is an excellent performer. The six strings will give you a resonant sound with rich bass and ringing treble notes. At its lowest and highest volumes, you will enjoy better amplification and sound clarity.

Furthermore, the system has an LR Baggs element active system that boosts the performance of the guitar. You will easily control the volume of the guitar. The pickups have a piezo configuration.

You will enjoy using this guitar because of its functionality and quality performance.


  • Easy to control
  • Durable
  • Excellent performer

Taylor 314CE acoustic guitar

Taylor 314CE acoustic guitar

Are you interested in a guitar that has balanced tone articulation rich in clarity?

Think of the Taylor 314CE, which boasts of a full solid wood without a laminate. You will enjoy the quick navigation as you play with excellent controlled volume. If all you need is a fantastic sound, you will get it here.

Weighing 4.4 pounds, you will effortlessly carry the guitar. The right-handed neck of African ebony will make it easier for you to play. Also featuring is the ebony fretboard that which brings all the features together for better sound production.

The body material is made of Sapele wood with a top wood of Sitka Spruce. Therefore, you will note the balance stiffness and elasticity of the sound produced because of the quality of the guitar material. Sound articulation is entirely effected, boosting the guitar’s performance.

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For better playability, you can mix the tonewoods to enjoy a better intonation. It is one of the unique instruments seen as one of the Best Acoustic Guitars Under 2000 Dollars. The thing you will love most about this guitar is its lifetime. You will use it for a more extended period because of its sturdy material make. A 3 knob control will offer you a perfect opportunity to adjust the volume and the tone.

The features will keep you learning something new always as you use the guitar. You will always love the guitar because of its sound performance.


  • Excellent sound producer
  • Ease of handling
  • Expression System 2 electronics
  • Perfect articulation

Martin D-16RGT acoustic guitar

Martin D-16RGT acoustic guitar: Best Acoustic Guitars Under 2000 Dollars

Martin 16 series D-16RGT is a beautiful guitar with a dreadnought body style and a solid Spanish cedar neck. The top of the guitar has solid spruce, and the sides have an Indian rosewood make that add up to the guitar’s rigidity.

You will love playing the guitar because of its neck. With a cedar make and a Richlite fretboard, you will enjoy an easy play. Navigation through the 20 frets on the 25.4 inches scale is fantastic and quick. The guitars lightweight of 22 pounds will make it easy for you to handle and play.

Furthermore, you will have a fantastic experience with the guitar because of the chrome enclosed tuners. You will be able to adjust the volume and the tone of the guitar to produce your desired output. The sturdy make has a significant contribution to sound quality.

The guitar stands out because of the sound quality and note clarity. Even though it lacks electronics, the design still makes it deliver as other guitars with electronics will do. Combining the features gives a valuable guitar at a very affordable price.

The Martin 16 series has several guitars with a different material design that offers very high performance.


  • Ease of use
  • Easy to control
  • Durable
  • Quite affordable


  • No electronics
  • May be bulky to carry

Larrivee OM-03E acoustic guitar

Larrivee OM-03E acoustic guitar

Are you looking for a guitar that maintains a crystal clear end?

The Larrivee OM-03E will deliver a crystalline high end with a balanced dynamic low end. It is a heavy guitar weighing 44.3 pounds with a make of heavy and durable materials that add up directly to the best sound production.

You will love the satin neck and body finish with a maple binding for both the neck and the body. The neck is a mahogany wood with a scale of 25.5 inches that accommodates an African Ebony Fretboard. On the fretboard, you will find a dotted inlay that complements the beauty of the guitars.

Furthermore, the guitar boasts of a piezo pickup configuration. The African ebony bridge adds more to the durability of the guitar. Featuring also is ping tuners that allow you to adjust the volume and the tone of the guitar to give your own desired sound blend. This ranks it among the Best Acoustic Guitars Under 2000 Dollars.

For enhanced performance, there features the LR Baggs stage pro Element System of electronics. You will enjoy an excellent performance when you make use of the frequency range selector. It will offer a direct impact to the sound produced.

The playability of the guitar is effortless and smooth. You will have quick and impressive navigation with a robust strike response.


  • Easy playability
  • Balanced sound production
  • Clarity at the lows and highs
  • Durable


  • Can be bulky to handle

Rainsong Hybrid Series H-WS1000N2

Rainsong Hybrid Series H-WS1000N2: Best Acoustic Guitars Under 2000 Dollars

Are you looking for one guitar that is less affected by weather changes? The Rainsong H-WS1000N2 is the guitar you need. It comes on a cutaway body with glass, carbon, and fiber resistant to weather changes.

The U neck and the guitars 19.2 pounds’ lightweight offers an easy holding and playing moment. A composite fretboard embedded on the graphite neck comes with 21 frets that make it quite easy to navigate. Featuring on the neck is an adjustable truss rod that complements the uniqueness of the guitar.

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More about the guitar is the piezo pickup configuration and the Fishman prefix electronics that add to the performance of the guitar. You will have an excellent opportunity to adjust the volume and the tone of the guitar for your preferred blend.

The guitars sound production is excellent with a brace-free soundboard and tuned layering that offers balanced volume. You will love the sound balance that is maintained at both lows and highs.

The guitar stands out with its body design that combines both large and small guitars. It features a large and deep chamber that gives adequate space for the projection of a deep. You will also find a narrow waist that works on the treble and note definition.


  • Weatherproof
  • Easy to handle and use
  • Good bass and treble
  • Durable
  • Beautiful design

Blueridge BR-160 acoustic guitar

Blueridge BR-160 acoustic guitar

Are you looking for a guitar with a better tone?

Blueridge BR-160 is an excellent choice. It comes on a dreadnaught style and a slim mahogany neck with a scale of 25.5 inches. You will also appreciate the solid rosewood that covers the back and the sides of the guitar.

The 4-pound weight with the combination of the slim neck makes the guitar comfortable to handle and operate. You will also appreciate the smooth rosewood fingerboard that offers swift navigation and playability.

To add more to the guitar’s beauty is the headstock inlays, Dalmatian tortoise pickguard, and the mother-of-pearl neck. Each Blueridge also features a padded logo with sturdy material design.

A combination of the features and the sturdy design bring an outcome of an excellent sound producer. The guitar has a unique amplification of notes due to the slim neck. You will strike the accurate records with a better sustain. If you are a learner, you will enjoy using this model. Perfect one among the Best Acoustic Guitars Under 2000 Dollars.


  • Easy to handle
  • Fast to play
  • Attractive design
  • Durable

Taylor 312CE acoustic guitar

Taylor 312CE acoustic guitar: Best Acoustic Guitars Under 2000 Dollars

Here comes another Taylor model 312CE with a grand concert body. Its top is of Solid Sitka while the sides and back are of solid Sapele. You will love how the guitar performance in note articulation just like the 314 series.

The guitar has a hardshell case and a black binding with a satin finish that makes it look quite attractive. It weighs 20.5 pounds, therefore a heavyweight guitar ideal for sustain and bass production.

The fretboard is made of rosewood material, which works with the mahogany neck of 24.88 scales for better sound production. It comes with a combination pickup configuration, which all play a role in maintaining sound quality.

The combination of the technological features and the craftsmanship brings about a high performing guitar. You will love the simplicity of the guitar and quick response to the notes. Finally, the strings are rigid hence better resonance. It is one of the Best Acoustic Guitars Under 2000 Dollars.


  • Durable
  • Ease of handling and use
  • Excellent performer


  • bulky

LarriveeL-03R acoustic guitar

LarriveeL-03R acoustic guitar

Featuring again is another Larrivee model L-03R with a mahogany neck and an ebony fretboard. It offers an excellent tone with an impressive balance. You will love the beautiful design and natural rosewood.

It weighs 6.61 pounds that make it quite comfortable to play. The top material is made of spruce, which offers durability to the guitar. You will swiftly navigate on the fretboard with a lot of simplicity.

In terms of sound production, this guitar is a performer. The combination of the features and the design offers a rich tone with deep bass and treble.  However, the guitar does not have any electronics.


  • Ease of use
  • Better sound production
  • Excellent tone


  • No electronics

Martin D-15M acoustic guitar

Martin D-15M acoustic guitar: Best Acoustic Guitars Under 2000 Dollars

If you have been looking for one guitar below $1000 with punching tones, it’s never too late to get the Martin D-15M. The guitar has a top, neck, and back made of mahogany material that offers rigidity.

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The dreadnought guitar has 14 frets that offer an excellent tone. You will love the neck size to amplify the notes and easy navigation as you play the guitar. Weighing 22 pounds, you will find it quite comfortable to play the guitar. This is a very efficient guitar and among the Best Acoustic Guitars Under 2000 Dollars.

The guitar has a single-coil pickup configuration that adds to the sound production. featuring also are a single-ring rosette, rosewood head plate, tapper headstock, belly single bridge and tuning machines that make it quite simple to adjust settings and enjoy better sounds

When the features are combined and the body design, you get a powerful guitar component that will deliver the best sound. As you play the lower notes, you will feel the punching notes. As you go higher, the notes get clearer, making them sound better.


  • Excellent performance
  • Effective controls
  • Clarity of sound
  • Ease of navigation


  • No electronics

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Buyers guide for acoustic guitars below $ 2000

When buying acoustic guitars, several things need to be considered apart from the cost. The budget of 2000 dollars is not much, but with the following considerations, you will land at the best guitar that will probably meet your needs.

Body style

As seen in the guitar reviews, the guitar’s style matters a lot in matters to do with comfortability and sound production. A guitar with a sturdy make offers durability and better sound performance.

A massive and rigid guitar offers an excellent sustain. The sound produced is also well blended. Guitars shape at the neck determines the treble sound while at the body, you will know the bass quality.


Acoustic guitars play various roles. The presence of a cutaway determines how quickly you will reach the frets. Getting your hands easily to the frets offers you quick navigation hence a smooth play. You should consider buying a guitar with a fret.

Neck width and length

The body of the guitar determines the neck width and length of the guitar. However, it does not have much impact on the sound production. It determines comfortability as you play the guitar.

Acoustic guitars have a neck composed of 12 or 14 frets. The larger the number of frets, the more comfortable you play the guitar. You should also consider the size of your hand. If it is small, go for one that is slim and not long.

The body

The body of a guitar is composed of the soundboard supported by the top, sides, and the hollow chamber. It plays a role in sound production and how comfortably you will play the guitar.

A hollow-body will offer you the best sound output because of the adequate space for pushing the air. A smaller body provides you a comfortable play instead of a big guitar that will be stressful to play.

Material make

The material used to make the guitar plays a significant role in determining the guitar’s durability and rigidity. A rigid guitar will probably produce better sound because of proper sound channeling.

The material used to make the neck and the body will also determine the length of the sustain, and probably it’s quality. Inferior materials produce an inferior sound as opposed to more durable material. Finally, the material used also determines its durability.

Purpose of the guitar

When buying a guitar, it probably has specific music it will play. You should, therefore, assess your needs before deciding on the guitar you will buy. It should perfectly meet your needs

Final verdict

We have taken a kin interest in learning about the best acoustic guitars below$2000. You can now pick any guitar from the list.  They have been tested by professional guitar players and have high ratings in the markets. You will also be able to choose any guitar with the guide provided.