11 Best Classical Guitar Makers in 2022

Are you looking for a good brand of a classical guitar? Worry not; you will get one here. Classical guitars come with various specifications and features depending on their manufacturers. Each maker takes some given time and follows specific steps and materials to make a guitar with good quality. Therefore to get one of the Best Classical Guitar Makers, you may need a keen look at several components.

Guitar brands are differentiated by the number of things they can do and the extra features that make them different. You will also find a specific style used to make each guitar that makes it recognized. Let’s have a look at some classical guitar makers and their properties.

Best Classical Guitar Makers

Best classical guitar makers

Yamaha classical guitars

Yamaha is widely known for producing high-quality electric products such as woofers, organs, and many more. In this context, we shall have a look at the classical guitars for Yamaha.

Most Spanish guitars have their origin traced back to Luthiers Workshop, but Yamaha has its roots from a watchmaker who could build guitars. The first organ was built in 1887 by Torakusu Yamaha.

Apart from pianos and organs, classical guitars have boosted the company’s reputation to a greater extent. You will enjoy using the guitars as a professional or a learner.

The brand produces high-quality classical guitars with nylon strings, rosewood fingerboard and bridge, spruce top, and fascinating shapes.

Some of the guitars of Yamaha brand include;

  • Yamaha C-40
  • Yamaha CG122
  • Yamaha CG102
  • Yamaha CGS
  • Yamaha NCX1
  • Yamaha CG-TA

Almansa guitar

The Almansa is a charming Spanish-made guitar with its founders existing since 1989. It combines both traditional and modern methods to bring beautiful and sturdy design. You will enjoy both high and low prices in the market. It is ranked among the Best Classical Guitar Makers.

Their stylish design includes a notched heel that joins the neck to the heel. The material used is rigid hence more durability and stability.  As a result, the neck is more robust and more stable.

You will love the styles at which the guitars come on. Their sounds are better and more amplified. Below are a few classical guitar models under this brand.

  • Almansa 401
  • Almansa 402
  • Almansa 413 flamenco
  • Almansa 434 spruce
  • Almansa 435 Spruce

Antonio Aparicio classical guitars

Antonio Aparicio is Spanish-made classical guitars constructed using both traditional and modern technologies. The common thing with all the guitars’ models is the use of quality tonewood and close grain tops.

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There are also solid black sides and laminated back and sides that offer the durability of the guitar. However, each model has its design that plays a significant role in maintaining sound quality. You will enjoy the best service as a student or a professional plater.

You will be able to buy guitars with different strings at an affordable cost. The accessibility of these guitars is also excellent. The personalized designs give you a wide range of choices hence a better and enhanced selection.

Here are a few models of the Antonio Aparicio Classical guitars considered among the Best Classical Guitar Makers

  • Antonio Aparicio AA
  • Antonio Aparicio AA-20
  • Antonio Aparicio AA-70
  • Antonio Aparicio AA-80
  • Antonio Aparicio AA-180

Honher classical guitars

The Honher classical guitars are a significant part of Spanish guitars well designed to be used by both students and professionals. Even though the industry has other big names, Honher has at least 12 models of the best quality competing with well-established brands.

It is not very clear of where these guitars get manufactured from between the middle east and Germany. For instance, the HC06 was invented in Europe. It has high-quality woods and nylon guitars strings.

Several features such as tuners and the bridge ensure that there are a perfect sound balance and production. You will enjoy the high-quality products of this brand.

Some classical guitars include

  • Honher HAG250P classical guitar
  • Honher HG-14 classical guitar
  • Honher steel/nylon classical guitar
  • Honher MC06 Classical guitar
  • Honher MC04 Classical guitar
  • Honher HC06 Classical guitar

Jose Ramirez classical guitars

This guitar brand was created founded by an apprentice Jose Ramirez back in 1970. Afterward, the skill was handed over from generation to generation.  Currently, the guitars are in their latest forms with a combination of modern and traditional technologies.

The manufacturing of the guitar involves a chain of processes done by different people. Therefore, you will get a guitar not designed by a single person but by a group that delivers the best quality. The most exciting thing is that the guitar will keep improving in terms of technology.

The use of high-quality materials makes every single guitar get its price tag, and the quality of service likely to be provided. Below are the classical guitars associated with Ramirez.

  • Ramirez Cut one classical guitar
  • Ramirez Estudio 2 classical guitar
  • Ramirez Cut 1 Midi classical guitar
  • Ramirez Estudio 3 classical guitar
  • Ramirez Estudio Flamenco
  • Ramirez SPR Classical guitar
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Fender classical guitars

The Fender classical guitars are famous more than you can imagine. You will get the best nylon classical guitars. Their quality is perfect and not compromised in any way. Designing of the guitar is excellent, and you will love holding and playing the guitars.

The guitars make an excellent choice for beginners. You will love the sturdy nature of the materials used to make the guitars. Both the body and the neck are designed to resonate better. The strings used are of the best nylon quality that offers strength and better sustain.

Some classical guitars models for Fender are:

  • Fender ESC110
  • Fender F-115
  • Fender CN60S
  • Fender ES-105
  • Fender ESC80
  • Fender FC-40

Vicente Carrillo classical guitars

The Vicente Carrillo classical guitar is a Spanish brand originating from the Alarcon family. Blas Carrillo Alarcon was the first person to make guitars in Casasimarro, and later, he passed his skill to Vicente Carrillo between 1881 and 1962.

The guitar has been through one generation to another with the same skill but new technologies. You will enjoy the best quality from the brands because of the quality materials used to make the guitar.

The following are models of the Vicente Carrillo classical guitars.

  • Vicente Carrillo Primera especial
  • The Vicente Carrillo Gabriella 2
  • Vicente Carrillo herencial
  • Vicente Carrillo India Estudio

Hofner classical guitars

Hofner classical guitars root to Karl Hofner, who started as a violin maker then got into making guitars. The company produces high-quality products at a very affordable price. You will love the guitars’ designs and their shapes.

The wood used to make the Hofner guitars are durable and weather resistant. Mahogany, cedar tops, rosewood backs are some of the sturdy wood that the guitar is designed with. You will love the nylon strings that offer high durability and better vibration.

If you are a learner, the guitars are ideal due to better sustain. The small size of the guitars makes them easy to hold and operate. You will also love the neck due to its rigid design.

Some few models of the Hofner are highlighted below:

  • Carmencita classical guitar
  • Classic HF and HZ series
  • HLE Series
  • GreenLine series
  • Master classical guitars

Antonio Sanchez classical guitars

Antonio Sanchez is a big company able to produce so many guitars at a time but maintains its traditional manufacturing approach to guitars. It boasts of highly qualified staff who provide quality guitars from quality materials.

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The Spanish-made brand has won awards for exports in 1989 and craftsmanship awards in 1990 and 1996. You will love using these guitars because of their outstanding performance. Sound production and durability of the guitars are perfect.

Here are some Antonio Sanchez models

  • Antonio Sanchez model 1005
  • Antonio Sanchez model 1008
  • Antonio Sanchez model 1010
  • Antonio Sanchez model 1015
  • Antonio Sanchez model 1020
  • Antonio Sanchez model 1300

Guild classical guitars

Guild was first launched as a classical guitar maker in 1961 with a base from Germany and Spanish construction. A relaunch was made in 2007, which led to the manufacturing of some excellent guitars.

The classical guild guitars use a durable wood that combines both American and Indian wood to make its guitars. It, therefore, becomes confusing to trace their make as either Indian or American

The two classical models GAD1 & GAD2, have mahogany and Indian rosewood for back and sides. You will admire the mahogany neck and an ebony fingerboard for both of them. They both boast of 650mm scale and 52mm nut width.

The general guild is excellent performing guitars with excellent sound output. Below are some models of classical guild guitars.

  • Guild GAD1
  • Guild GAD2
  • Flamenco model.

 Ignacio M Rozas Classical guitars

The Ignacio M Rosas is a Spanish-made brand manufactured by a single person in a unique workshop. Ignacio apprenticed the art of guitar making with Jose Ramirez and worked between 1959-1969. He initially apprenticed in cabinet making before guitar making.

The Ignacio guitars came to existence in 1987. You will love the quality materials the guitars are made with and the craftsmanship involved.  With the vast experience and technical know-how, the guitars emerge entirely in sustain and resonance.

Currently, Ignacio shares a workshop with Mariano Tezanos and Teodoro Perez, who were both Remirez students. He continues to make handmade flamenco and classical guitars. The quality, however, is remarkable.

His models are as follows

  • Ingacio M Rozas model 11
  • The Ingacio M Rozas model 1A
  • Ingacio M Rozas model 4
  • Ingacio M Rozas model 2A

Final Verdict

Classical guitars have different features that contribute to their performance. The primary thing when it comes to matters of guitar design, the material makeup, and quality are all dependent on the maker.

The makers highlighted in the article manufacture high quality and reliable guitars. Getting one model from them will update your guitar playing experience.