10 Best Classical Guitars for the Money in 2022

Do you love classical music and I need a guitar? Well, a classical guitar will give you excellent experience in playing classical music. A classical guitar employs various tonewoods to produce the best sound quality. You will appreciate the fact that classical guitars come in multiple shapes that give them a name definition. Hence the need to acquire one of the best classical guitars for the money.

The classical guitar strings are made of polymers with fine wires strings, which are essential in bass production. Let us have a look at the best classical guitars of the day.

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Best classical guitars

Cordoba guitars C9 parlor classical guitar

Cordoba guitars C9 parlor classical guitar: Best Classical Guitars for The Money

Are you looking for a small guitar that will offer you a comfortable play?

You do not have a reason to ignore the Cordoba C9. It is a small, lightweight guitar of size 7/8 weighing 10 pounds. You may be tempted to mistake its size with poor performance. However, solid wood design plays a significant role in ensuring there is a sweet tone production.

The soundboard has a cedar top and a mahogany side and back that offers high rigidity. You will appreciate the bracing pattern that provides the center of the soundboard a broader space to respond to the strings and produce an ideal sound.

The guitar is constructed to form one single unit whereby the top of the guitar is connected to the neck then the sides. Such a design makes the speaker function as a single unit hence the production of a better-unified sound.

The fingerboard and the bridge are made of rosewood that offers excellent rigidity. As you play the guitar, you will, therefore, feel each note individually. Amplifying this sound production is the nylon strings that are quite responsive to a better sustain.

Furthermore, the guitar has features such as the mother-of-pearl rosette and a gloss finish that add to the guitar’s beauty. The performance of the guitar will drive you crazy.


  • Easy to handle and use
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Deep bass resonance
  • Lightweight
  • Rigid and durable


  • No pickups

Yamaha NCX1200R classical guitar

Yamaha NCX1200R classical guitar

Are you looking for a guitar that offers more than a classical guitar?

Yamaha NCX1200R is both a classical and an acoustic guitar that offers you more playing options. The guitar has a natural finish with a mahogany neck and a Sitka Spruce top. You will also appreciate the ebony fingerboard.

The body material of the guitar is made of Solid-wood. You will also find the fretboard has ebony make that together with the neck give the guitar the best sound quality. Featuring also is the A.R.T pickup system that makes the performance better.

Classical music needs guitars that offer high playability. This guitar model comes with a narrow neck and a thinner body that makes it quite simple. You will also like the role of the cutaway in improving playability.

Riding on the Yamaha brand, which is known for the best and quality sound products, the NCX1200R has no compromised quality. The guitar itself is of the best quality, and the sound it produces is of excellent quality.

Besides classical music, you will also be able to play so many kinds of other music, such as jazz. Its performance is quite impressive.


  • Easy playability
  • R.T Electronics
  • Spruce top
  • Excellent sound production

Ibanez 6 string classical guitar GA3

Ibanez 6 string classical guitar GA3: Best Classical Guitars for The Money

If you are looking for an affordable guitar with excellent sound, don’t hesitate to try this Ibanez model. The guitar has features that would be found on the expensive guitars at its affordable price. It is well constructed with high playability and a very comfortable string.

The guitar features a mahogany neck with a 19 fret rosewood fingerboard. On the sides, you will find mahogany cover, and the top is made of spruce. You will enjoy the non-cutaway design. The GA3 guitar model is designed for bass production.

The bridge also comes with a classical shape of rosewood. You will be more attracted by the glossy finish that makes it look elegant. Without forgetting the strings, you will love the steel-strings that are getting replaced day by day with the highly effective nylon strings.

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It weighs 6.8 pounds, which promotes its high playability. The six strings will give you the ultimate enjoyment as you play. You will also enjoy the excellent sound output and the deep bass produced.

However, there are no electronics and pickups, but still, the guitar is excellent.


  • Easy to play
  • An excellent choice for beginners
  • Perfect bass


  • No pickups and electronics

Kremona Solea Artist Series Nylon string guitar

Kremona Solea Artist Series Nylon string guitar

The Kremona Solea series is known for its strong bass and sweet treble. It comes with excellent features such as gloss finish and a solid top. You will be surprised by how the design of the guitar molds the bass and cleans the treble.

The neck is of Honduras Cedar with an ebony fingerboard that makes it easy to play. Adding to the aesthetics of the guitar is the beautiful rosette and wood binding. You will also find dual headstock overlays along the bridge.

To enhance playability, the guitar weighs 10 pounds and a neck length of 52mm with a scale length of 650mm. You will, therefore, easily handle the guitar and play it correctly. You will enjoy a profound bass that is projected excellently by the hollow soundboard.

The guitar bridge system is adjustable. You can, therefore, easily change the strings or tighten them for better sound production. Boasting of the sturdy design is not enough if the guitar does not boast of the precious balance of treble and bass.


  • Easy to handle and use
  • Quality sound output
  • Durable and sturdy


  • No pickups

Cordoba C3M Classical guitar

Cordoba C3M Classical guitar: Best Classical Guitars for The Money

Cordoba C3M is one guitar that combines both traditional and modern developments. It is a prevalent model of the Iberia series with a lightweight body of 4.95 pounds. You will enjoy its best sustain and resonance rooted in the natural matte.

The guitar boasts a nato neck with a rosewood fretboard and 12 keyboard keys. Solid cedar is used to make the top while the hardtail bridge is made of rosewood. You will easily navigate while playing the guitar without missing a single note.

If you are a learner, this guitar will offer you a great learning experience. The sustain will help you to identify each note individually. For a better vibration and resonance, the strings have nylon make that is lighter.

The soundboard is more resonant hence making the guitar louder and more responsive to the strings vibration. It also has a broader surface area that offers adequate space for the vibration of the strings.

Moreover, a two-way truss road allows you to adjust relief in the neck of the guitar. You will love the neck width and a scale of 350mm. If you love traveling and outdoor activities, this guitar is an ideal choice for you.


  • Excellent sound
  • Easy playability
  • Well designed
  • Elegant look


  • Not ideal for experts

Yamaha C40 Classical guitar

Every time we tackle products of Yamaha, the number one thing that crosses our minds is quality. This model not only boasts of quality but also advanced features. You will love the beautiful design and the bundle that comes with it.

The guitar has a make of sturdy materials such as the spruce top, mahogany back and sides, and the rosewood fingerboard. You will use the guitar for the longest time possible. It also weighs 7.78 pounds, which makes it portable and highly playable.

You will enjoy a deep and balanced tone projected by the nylon strings. The sturdy body receives and amplifies the vibration further. Having a hollow body, the guitar gives adequate space for better sound production and blending.

Moreover, the guitar stands out with its bundle of tools that help you start using it immediately. First of all, it is a big bag that enables you to carry the guitar from one place to another. A clip-on tuner is also included that helps in tune management of the guitar.

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Strings and a string winder are also included to add more strings and adjust the existing strings. A cloth is included so that you maintain the cleanliness of the guitar. If you are a learner, then you don’t need to worry. A DVD is included to help you pick tips from it. This qualifies it as one of the Best Classical Guitars for The Money.


  • Great bundle included
  • Compact
  • Easy to play and use
  • Perfect sound production


  • Needs more features

Alhambra 6 string classical guitar(2C-US)

Best Classical Guitars for The Money: Alhambra 6 string classical guitar

Alhambra 2C-US is a great sounding guitar that offers high volumes and clarity. You will enjoy the hands’ movement as you play the guitar and the response it provides. The tone change is excellent and operates over a broader range.

The guitar weighs 4.2 pounds with a beautiful neck that offers a high comfortability when in use.  You will love the maple binding and the guitars natural finish. Besides, the guitar has a mahogany neck and a rosewood fingerboard.

Moreover, the neck has a radius of 650mm and a scale length of 25.5 inches. You will, therefore, enjoy the quick accessibility of the frets as you navigate through the D’Addario strings. The strings are of nylon material, which offers excellent vibration. This makes it one of the Best Classical Guitars for The Money

Furthermore, on sound production, the guitar is an excellent performer. You will enjoy high volumes of great clarity and an extended range of tonal variations.  it will be so easy to conclude that the guitar is of excellent quality


  • Excellent quality
  • Ease of use
  • Quite durable
  • Portable


  • Bland finishing

La Patrie Guitar

La Patrie Guitar: Alhambra 6 string classical guitar

La Patrie classical guitar is one of the best guitars when it comes to playing fretboards. It is an excellent playing choice that offers adequate comfort and quick navigation while playing. you will probably love the radius of the guitar which adds more to comfortability

The finish of the guitar is lovely. Weighing 5.6 pounds, the weight is enough to work on the production of better sound output. You will appreciate the Tusq nut, which makes the intonation excellent.

The material used to make of the guitar is composed of a solid cedar top, rosewood fretboard, a mahogany neck, and rosewood bridge. All these combine to form one sturdy and durable guitar. The neck has a scale length of 25.66 inches.

Moreover, the performance of the guitar is perfect. The sound is excellent, with an unprecedented response to the pricking of the nylon strings. In general, the sound produced is resonant and well balanced. Both the mids and the highs are very clear.

One thing you will love about this guitar is the swift response of your play. It is an excellent guitar for the price.


  • Balanced sound output
  • Ease of use
  • Exciting finish
  • Sturdy and rigid


  • Darker sound at times

Antonio Giuliani CL-6 Classical guitar

Antonio Giulani CL-6: Alhambra 6 string classical guitar

Antonio Giuliani CL-6 is a high-end classical guitar that comes with several unique features. Its physical looks include a cedar top, a rosewood fingerboard and back, and a mahogany neck. 

The guitar’s neck is soft with an adjustable truss rod. You will easily navigate through the guitar and reach the frets effortlessly. More enjoyment will come when you comfortably hold the guitar and play it while matching the best sound with the glossy look.

The uniqueness of the guitar comes with each fret producing a unique intonation and the punchy guitar sounds. You will have a rare opportunity that features in this guitar to adjust the truss rod and shift strings as per your wish.

If you are a student, you will also have a chance to enrich your guitar playing skills. You will be able to understand each note of the strings and also their duration. The guitars will make your lessons more simplified. Guitar teachers will also have a benefit if training their students.

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When it comes to sound production, you will feel the punchy notes. Clarity is maintained at both high and low notes. This is why it falls under the Best Classical Guitars for The Money.


  • Natural gloss finish
  • Comfortable play
  • Small perfect size
  • Extra string sets and a bag


  • Too big for children

 Stagg full-size classical cutaway acoustic-electric guitar

Atagg full-size classical cutway: Alhambra 6 string classical guitar

Stagg full-size classical guitar comes on a smaller size compared to the other many acoustic guitars.

The guitar combines both the classical features and acoustic features. You will enjoy the uniqueness of this guitar, especially if you are a beginner.

The guitar comes with a spruce top and a rosewood fingerboard. Featuring on the neck, back, and side is catalpa. A thinner body adds to the beauty of the guitar and a steel string-like shape. You will also enjoy a relaxed and comfortable play.

Being an electric guitar, you simply need to connect and start enjoying it.  The guitar functions in most places, including a camping site.You will enjoy the best music tone both on highs and lows.

The adaptation of the guitar to various styles is perfect. You will enjoy jazz and other classical music easily. Moreover, the guitar does not compromise the sound production even when you adjust the volume to maximum.


  • Four band preamp
  • Has a truss rod
  • Offers full tones
  • Easy to use and handle


  • Smaller-scale length

Buyers guide for the best classical guitars for the money

Classical guitars come on various features and specifications that meet their specific needs. They also allow you to play particular genres effectively. When choosing guitars, you will meet many guitars with various features. The decision you make on which is the best guitar to settle for may need several factors to be considered.

Here are the things you will look at to get the best classical guitar.


The playability of a guitar goes hand in hand with the size of the guitar. When buying a guitar, consider its size and ability to fit on your hand. A scale length of 26 and below is perfect.

The neck should also be thin to fit your hand. A large neck makes it difficult to navigate on the neck. You should, therefore, consider getting a guitar with a slim neck.

Materials used

The materials used to make a guitar play a significant role in creating a functional resonance. Quality materials also make the guitar durable.  when buying a guitar ensure that the top, the neck, and the body are made of sturdy material

The strings determine the gauge of the tone. Nylon strings make better classical guitars that steel strings.  A nylon string will make you enjoy a better sound.

Sound properties

The guitar becomes better when it has a better sound. A good guitar should have natural acoustic music. You should, however, test the guitar before buying it. When testing, note these three things.

  • High action guitars are loud
  • Low action guitars need less pressure
  • A mid-action guitar balances between the lows and highs

Select the sound of the guitar, depending on your needs and the type of music you will play.


Some guitars sound better while others are shaky. For intonation, you should look at the bridge and the headstock in case they are adjustable. Also, check on the frets and any dead spots.

The tuning pegs of your guitar should be stable and easy to adjust.

 The truss rod should be adjustable. However, some guitars may not have truss rods. Consider getting one with alternative features that will cover the role of the truss rods.

Final verdict

We now have proper knowledge of the best classical guitars. You can make a quick pick from the list or use the guide to choose your best classical guitar. The basic principle of having the best guitar is getting one that matches your needs.