10 Best Electric Guitars for Small Hands (2022 edition)

Are you in need of an electric guitar, but your hands are small? Or are you looking for an electric guitar that your child can play? It is very challenging for a person with small hands to play guitar and navigate the fretboard effortlessly. It also becomes tough for a child to play a big guitar. However, there is a solution to this challenge. Here you will find some of the Best Electric Guitars for Small Hands.

This article comes with a compilation of the best electric guitars for small hands. Let us have a look at each guitar individually.

Best electric guitars for small hands

Fender Kurt Cobain

Fender Kurt Cobain

Are you looking for a handy guitar with excellent performance?

The Fender Kurt Cobain is an excellent choice. It was made by Fender Mustang, who was a famous guitarist with a small hand. He designed a little guitar that would excellently match his hand for easy playability. Such a handy guitar allowed him to play for long hours without feeling pain.

The compact size, however, does not mean the guitar if of poor quality. It has a C shaped neck with 24 inches scale length.  You will love the maple neck, which plays an instrumental role in maintaining the quality of the sound produced.

Moreover, the rosewood fingerboard and the adjustable bridge work hand in hand to ensure that the sound delivered is excellent. In combination with the vintage tremolo, you will enjoy navigating through the fretboard with a perfect sound response.

The sound produced is excellent. You will have an adequate response as you make use of the guitar. Materials used to make the guitar are sturdy. As a result, the sound produced is bright with a deep resonance.

Balancing the volume and tone of the guitar is a simple task. The 3 stage control set up allows you to adjust the sound to your own desired output effectively. You will generally love the performance of the guitar.


  • Easy to handle and use
  • Excellent performance
  • Easy to play and operate


  • Slightly sophisticated

Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster

Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster

Is sound clarity your priority when it comes to playing guitars?

Squier Classic vibe guitar delivers precisely that. You will enjoy the best professional sound at a lower price. The guitar has explicitly a classical 50’s music that offers the best playability.

The guitars scale isn’t that short. However, you will love to play ad hold it because of its thin neck with a C shaped design. It has a radius of 9.5 inches that makes you play it easily. If you are a child or a person with small hands, you will comfortably play the guitar.

Moreover, the guitar has a traditional glossy design with an Olympic finish. It also features a maple neck and fingerboard with 21 jumbo frets. You will easily navigate through the frets because of the slim neck. The top and back material is of maple, while the body has solid wood. It is, therefore, a durable guitar.

You will enjoy the sound produced by the guitar because of the single-coil Strat pickup and the vintage synchronized tremolo. The general performance of the guitar is excellent with a balanced output. Moreover, the guitar provides an outstanding balance because of the control knobs that allow you to adjust the volume and the tone.

The sturdy design plays a significant role in maintaining the quality of sound. You will, therefore, enjoy a better resonance and a pronounced sustain.


  • Quality sound output
  • Ease of use
  • Nice design
  • Durable
  • Easy to adjust

Fender Mustang

Fender Mustang

Fender mustang is another guitar model from Fender that comes at a quite affordable price. Being a less expensive version, it still delivers the best quality, just like the other guitars.

The guitar comes with a C shaped neck whose scale length is 24 inches and a radius of 9.5 inches. It forms a compact unit that is easy to handle and play. If you have small hands, you will play the guitar with a lot of comforts. You will easily wrap your sides and play through the fretboard quickly without missing a note.

Moreover, the guitar comes with six-saddle strings and two coil pickups that you will play on and get the best sound. In terms of sound production, the guitar produces a deep resonance with an excellent sustain that will help you achieve each note length efficiently.

The metal build plays a reasonable role in ensuring that the sound is of the best quality. In combination with the hardtail bridge, you will be able to set the guitar to achieve the best resonance.

Furthermore, the guitar comes with 3-way mustang pickups that give you an opportunity to adjust the volume and the tone of the guitar. Therefore, you will get a well-balanced sound rich in bass and treble for those who enjoy it.

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  • Compact
  • Easy to handle and use
  • Perfect resonance
  • Good sound balance
  • Durable

Ibanez GRGM21MWNS Mikro ¾

Ibanez GRGM21MWNS Mikro ¾: Best Electric Guitars for Small Hands

Are you looking for an affordable guitar with the best quality in terms of design and sound?

Get the Ibanez GRGM21MWNS model. The guitar comes on a compact and handy design with solid playability.

The guitar combines the features of the big guitars making it an excellent performer. Coming on a compact design, you may easily mistake it for poor performance. You will, however, be amazed by how the guitar performs.

More about the guitar is about its size. It is a short scale guitar that stands at ¾ size. The neck is 22 inches long, with a slim volume that makes it quite simple to hold and operate. You will also like navigating through the 24 frets on the beautiful fretboard.

Furthermore, the body of the guitar is made of a sturdy material of mahogany. The neck is made of maple hence offering rigidity of the fretboard and the strings. Such features make the guitar stable, durable, and of the best quality of sound output.

What is more interesting about this guitar is the price. With the combination of all these features, the guitar still comes at a very affordable price. It is convenient for users to play jazz and other solid music effectively.


  • Affordable
  • Compact and simple to handle
  • The short and slim neck
  • Excellent performance

Epiphone Les Paul Special

Epiphone Les Paul Special VE

Are you looking for a lightweight guitar?

Epiphone Les Paul is a compact 11.3 pounds’ lightweight guitar with a small nature that is easy to handle and play, especially for children. The guitar is an excellent sound producer capable of performing all kinds of music.

The compact guitar comes on a small size with a scale length of 24.75 inches. Small hand players can play the guitar comfortably because of the slim D profile neck. You will be able to reach and perform the complex guitar chords with more simplicity without strain.

The guitar’s natural look involves a vintage wood finish, Okoume neck, rosewood fretboard, and a poplar body material. All these material features make the guitar an excellent performer.

Moreover, the guitar has open-coil 650R humbucker at its neck, making it more comfortable and sound round. 700T humbucker, located at the bridge, offers the solid guitar leads.

You can adjust the speed and tone of the guitar with its 3-way pickup. Therefore, you will enjoy music at any level with a perfect sound balance that will offer you a new fan.


  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable controls
  • Unique body design
  • Lightweight and durable

Daisy Rock Venus

Daisy Rock Venus: Best Electric Guitars for Small Hands

Do you love specialized components?

The Daisy Rock Venus is a lovely guitar explicitly designed for people with small hands. It was made because people with little hands were not well represented. As a result, the guitar was designed to meet its guitar entertainment needs.

The guitar has an ivory pearl finish with vine flower inlays that extend their beauty to the guitar’s neck.  A set-neck makes the guitar more durable with a pairing of the mahogany body. If you have small hands, the guitar gives you a chance to enjoy the freedom of play.

If you love traveling, you don’t need to worry about your guitar. The compact design and the slim body makes it quite simple to carry along. It is also a lightweight guitar that facilitates smooth movement when traveling. This qualifies it as one of the Best Electric Guitars for Small Hands.

You will enjoy the better sound with this guitar because of its sturdy make. The guitar has a better resonance and an incredible sustain. Having the humbucker pickups, and the fixed bridge makes the sound more solid sweet.

You will enjoy a better tone and sound balance from the guitar with the Grover tuners. The guitar is quite durable because of its mahogany neck, Pearloid top material, and nickel wound strings.


  • Durable
  • Perfect design and size
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent sound balance
  • Specialized for small-handed people

Stagg S300 ¾

Stagg S300 ¾

Are you a Fender lover in need of something better?

The Stagg comes at an affordable price with the sound of the Fender Stratocaster. With a ¾ scale length, you will effectively play the guitar, especially if you have small hands. It also weighs 5 pounds hence more comfortable to carry as you play.

The guitar comes with an Alder body material and a rosewood neck and fretboard. The tremolo guitar bridge makes the sound production perfect. You will, therefore, enjoy a better resonance and sustain.

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The guitar’s neck features a maple neck with 20 frets on the fretboard that makes it very simple to navigate through the guitar. You will also enjoy a 5-way switch that will offer you adjustability, better sound balance, and quality. Various tones and styles can also get played on this guitar.

You will enjoy the better and high-quality sound output from the guitar because of the sturdy materials. The S style tremolo also plays a vital role in boosting the functionality of the guitar.

The guitar is an excellent performer that will make you enjoy your sessions. You will not have any comfort issues while using the guitar due to its simple design and nature.


  • Better sound
  • Ease of handling and use
  • 5-way switch choice
  • Excellent balance

Epiphone SG Special VE electric guitar

Epiphone SG Special VE electric guitar: Best Electric Guitars for Small Hands

Are you looking for a guitar with an excellent design? This could be your perfect choice of all handy guitars. You will love the guitars design and the many features that make it stand out among the best guitars.

The guitar comes with a scale length of 24.75 inches and a D profile neck. You will love the slim neck, which offers the best playability and handling simplicity. Moreover, the frets are packed closer to each other hence simple to access them for an active play.

Furthermore, the guitar has ceramic magnets and open-coil humbuckers that work on better sound production. You will enjoy a high sound output with a lot of clarity. The range response of the guitar is excellent. Making it one of the Best Electric Guitars for Small Hands.

A 3-way pickup selector makes the guitar produce an ideal and high-quality sound. The knobs give you an excellent chance to adjust the volumes and the tone. You will, therefore, enjoy the best sound quality with an impressive balance.


  • Ease of use
  • Excellent performance
  • Better sound
  • Stylish design

Fender Classic Player Jaguar special

Fender Classic Player Jaguar special

The Fender Classic Jaguar special is a beautiful travel guitar with high market ratings for quality sound production. It is highly portable with capabilities for secure storage and carrying while traveling. You will have an opportunity to choose from different colors.

The guitar has an improved neck angle that offers comfortability when using it. It provides a perfect bridge positioning and tremolo performance. You will enjoy using the guitar because of its 9.5 inches radius. The fingerboard makes it very easy to bend the notes.

Moreover, the guitar comes with a double humbucker that provides better sound tonnage. The tremolo plate is placed closer to the bridge hence an advanced performance. You will also find the medium jumbo frets well placed for easy playability.

The guitar boasts of its excellent sustain. The sound it produced is perfect, and the balance is outstanding. You will feel the vibration of all the notes you play with their right duration. You will enjoy a wide range of music styles.


  • Excellent sustain
  • Excellent sound balance
  • Ease of use
  • Good performance

 Jackson JS32 Dinky DKA Electric guitar

 Jackson JS32 Dinky DKA Electric guitar: Best Electric Guitars for Small Hands

Jackson JS32 is a handy guitar with a beautiful design and a cutaway body type. It comes with up to date features such as ceramic magnets and powerful hardware. You will love the guitar more because of its price.

The guitar has a solid wood top and a basswood finish that make it look glossy and attractive. It also features a bolt-on maple neck and a rosewood fretboard with 24 jumbo frets. The reinforcement of the neck is done with graphite and has a radius of 12-16 inches.

Moreover, the guitar features ceramic magnet pickups that make it’s sound production excellent. You will love the double-locking tremolo bridge and the tuners that make audio production and balance more advanced. This makes it one of the Best Electric Guitars for Small Hands.

You will enjoy the guitar’s playability due to the slim neck and the positioning of the fretboard. Scanning through the frets when playing the guitar is a simple task. The combination of the features makes the guitar an excellent performer with a remarkable sustain.

You will be able to play any kind of music. For a person with small hands, the guitar makes it quite simple to hold and play. The 3-way blade switching makes it very simple to customize the sound to fit your needs.


  • Ease of use
  • Advanced features
  • Excellent performance
  • Quality sound output
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Lightweight

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Buyers guide for best electric guitars for small hands.

When buying electric guitars for people with small hands, many factors need to be considered. The guitars have, of course, to be light and compact to make their usability easy.

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When buying your guitar for small hands, take kin interest on the following points.

Scale length

It is a fact that when buying a small hands guitar, it should have a small scale length. However, the length of the neck matters a lot. It should be simple for you to navigate through the fretboard. It is wise to test the guitar before taking it for use.

Size of the guitar

It is challenging to play a heavy guitar if you have small hands. You should, therefore, consider having a little guitar that will perfectly match your hands. Holding the guitar should be comfortable.

Strength of the strings

Most people with small hands are usually children. Their fingers are not very strong to handle dominant strings. If you have small hands, you should consider having light strings. However, with continued experience, you can choose to get more rigid strings.

Neck size

The size of the neck determines the simplicity with which you can play the guitar. Large necks are challenging to play for people with small hands. An ideal neck for people with little hands is slim and short.

The frets are compact and easy to navigate through. You should, therefore, choose a slim neck with your own desired neck length for pure playability. Below is Youtube video on how to play a guitar if you have small hands.


Are electric guitars better for small hands?

Electric guitars are much more comfortable to hold than acoustic because the body is smaller. This means that guitar players who have small hands or don’t want a large instrument can find solace in an electric model, as it’s easier on your fingers. A ¾ sized guitar also makes for less bulky sizes when carrying around with you wherever life takes its toll.

What size guitar is best for small hands?

Acoustic guitars should have a string length that is suitable for their users. To make things easy, the best option would be 22″ to 24.6″. When strings are within this range and played correctly there’s no difficulty in getting started on guitar playing.

Is it harder to play guitar with small hands?

There’s never been a better time to learn how play the guitar. With today’s technology and resources, anyone can go from beginner status in just ten minutes!
If you’re thinking about taking up playing but have reservations because your hands are “too small,” don’t worry – it doesn’t matter what size they might seem right now; with practice everything becomes much more natural over time so all skill levels will eventually be attainable.

Are small guitars good?

There is no such thing as having ‘too small’ hands to play guitar. All people who want learn how can do so and there’s absolutely nothing that will stop them from making music, even if their size does not match up.

Is a Stratocaster good for small hands?

The Vintage Modified Stratocaster is a smaller, more comfortable guitar that features the same tone and volume as its larger counterparts. There’s also an option for different pickup sounds with 9.5 inch radius fretboard to make it easier on your hands when playing live or recording in studio settings where space isn’t at such an issue like some other instruments might be; 21 jumbo sized frets offer even greater comfort because they’re large enough so you can play them without preparation (but not too big!). With all these great benefits comes one drawback: Though it doesn’t take up much room compared to most guitars due simply how short their necks are – around 3 1/2 inches shorter than standard electric axe lengths–the strings still have trouble hovering.

Final verdict

Today’s article has made it very simple for a person with small hands to make sound decisions on their desired guitar. You can make a quick pick from any of the guitars. With the help of the guide, you should be able to get the best guitar effortlessly.

It is important to note that electric guitars are often better for people with small hands, as they have smaller fret boards. Acoustic guitar players should consider the size of their instrument when purchasing an electric or acoustic version to make sure it will fit comfortably into its place in order not be uncomfortable at any point while playing!

Smaller-than average sized musicians might find that a full size classical guitar is too cumbersome and difficult compared to other instruments such as basses which tend towards slightly larger dimensions than many standard gauge strings on guitars typically found today