10 Best Electric Guitars for Jazz (2022 edition)

Are you a guitarist looking for an electric guitar to play jazz music? You are at your destination with today’s article. You will learn some electric guitars that have an outstanding performance in the use of playing jazz music. Coming with various specifications, you will have an opportunity to know different types of guitars and their features. Here you will get to chose the Best Electric Guitars for Jazz.

We will also have a chance to learn about the factors that you will need to pay close attention to when buying your jazz electric guitar. Now, let’s look at the best guitars that you can use for jazz music playing.

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Best electric guitars for jazz

D’Angelico EXL-1 Electric guitar

D’Angelico EXL-1 Electric guitar

Are you looking for the best traditional jazz electric guitar?

Make a quick pick of the D’ Angelico EXL-1, a high-performing guitar with old school design. You will enjoy the performance of the speaker because of its features and stable nature.

The electric guitar comes on a D profile neck and a big cutaway body that makes playability and holding effortless. The sleek design makes it very beautiful hence complementing the performance of the guitar. A cream binding makes the guitar look extra cute.

You will admire the work of the hollow body in ensuring that the sound is well blended. More about the guitar is its rosewood fingerboard and the maple neck that make reaching the frets simpler.

The electric guitar also features a laminated spruce top and a maple covering the sides and top hence offering more rigidity.You will, therefore, enjoy the best sound production. Also featuring are custom mini-humbuckers designed for archtop tone.

Chrome hardware makes the electric guitar very unique in terms of performance and sound quality. Using the controls, you will be able to adjust the volume and the tone of the guitar.


  • Well designed
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Balanced sound output


  • Lower tonal array

Ibanez LGB30 electric guitar

Ibanez LGB30 electric guitar

Ibanez guitar products have the best sound quality in playing any musical style. LGB30 model has not been left out. It has a shiny and durable body. It, therefore, delivers excellent performance when used for playing jazz music.

The body of the electric guitar has a make of a spruce top, and on the sides, it has a maple make. The neck also features with the maple material and an ebony bound fingerboard. You will enjoy swiftness in playing the 21 frets. An art star fret edge makes the fingering more simplified.

Moreover, the guitar has a super 58 custom pickups. They deliver smooth and sweet tones. You will feel the vibration of the notes with the best sustain. More performance comes in combination with the bone nut, which delivers the best sound in lows and highs.

Furthermore, the guitar also features a wood adjustable metal bridge. You will enjoy using the neck and the bridge pickups that make the sound amplification and balance better. The pickups are susceptible hence quick in response.

You will enjoy the best sounds after the effective use of the controls. The tone is warmer, and the music is apparent.


  • Built on high quality
  • Perfect tones
  • Easy to use
  • Well blended sound output


  • Can be bulky

Epiphone ES-335 Dot electric guitar

Epiphone ES-335 Dot electric guitar: Best Electric Guitars for Jazz

Epiphone ES-335 Dot is a classical electric guitar with a mahogany laminate that makes it very beautiful. The guitar comes on a modern design that makes its playability more advanced. It shaped the sound and the tone hence delivering the best quality music.

The physical guitar design has a mahogany  C profile neck and rosewood fingerboard with 22 frets. Its scale is 24.75 inches that makes it simple to hold and play. It has a semi-hollow body that is instrumental in delivering the best sound quality.

Moreover, you will love the two pickups that form the guitar’s soundest element. Two humbuckers in one on the bridge and the other on the neck. You will, therefore, be able to adjust the volume and the tone quickly. A 3-way pickup selector also works on making the sound produced excellently.

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The Grover tuners make the sound balance perfect as you play your jazz music. The overall. You will feel the best resonance with an excellent sustain.  When used at the stage, you will give outstanding performance with this guitar.


  • Perfectly built
  • Easy to handle and use
  • Efficient functioning tones
  • Durable and rigid


  • The neck looks too traditional

Ibanez AK95 electric guitar

Ibanez AK95 electric guitar: Best Electric Guitars for Jazz

Ibanez AK95 is a very affordable and modern electric guitar with a remarkable performance. Coming with a pointed cutaway, you will use the guitar effortlessly. However, the body is smaller, making it easier to carry while playing.

The electric guitar has a flamed maple top and a maple neck. You will find 20 frets on the rosewood fretboard that make your playing smooth. The neck design has a crucial role in maintaining sound quality and production. A dark amber low gloss finish finalizes on the design finish.

Moreover, the guitar also features a super 58 humbuckers with flat wound strings that you will use to play a very bright tone and balance. A 3-way pickup gives you a remarkable opportunity to adjust the volume and the tone of the guitar hence an exceptional performance.

Finally, you will love the overall sound produced by the guitar. It has a sweet balance of both bass and treble. While at the stage or in any live jazz performance, you will leave your audience happy.


  • Great tones
  • An excellent finish
  • Better sustain
  • Exceptional resonance


  • The knobs look too traditional

Gretsch G6118T electric guitar

Gretsch G6118T electric guitar

Are you an established player looking for a superior sound?

Try the Gretsch G6118T electric guitar with a hollow body that is instrumental in producing the best sound. It comes with advanced features that make playability easy and the sound production better.

Weighing 18 pounds, the guitar may seem bulky, but it produces the best sustain and incredible resonance. It has an attractive finish that will make you impressed. The hard-shell case amplifies the rigidity of the guitar.

Moreover, the guitar has a 24.6 inches’ maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard and 22 frets. You will generally love playing this guitar because of the frets’ accessibility and the smooth flow of your hand as you play the guitar.

Furthermore, the electric guitar also features a humbucker pickup configuration, which is highly sensitive. The rosewood base and the Gotoh locking tuners play a vital part in maintaining the sound quality. 

You will be able to make a quick adjustment to the volume and tone hence a perfect output. Using the three-position toggle, you will quickly climb from the body to the top part of the neck without strain.

The swift movement allows you to hit both the highest and lowest notes effectively. You will play not only jazz music but also other styles effectively.


  • Locking tuners
  • Easy to handle and use
  • Quick response


  • May need a treble lift

Godin LGXT electric guitar

Godin LGXT electric guitar: Best Electric Guitars for Jazz

The Godin LGTX electric guitar has features that make it look like a crossbreed of Les Paul and Telecaster. It, however, has the unique features that uniquely identify it. The two humbuckers that resemble those of Les Paul get spitted like those of Telecaster.

However, the electric guitar comes on a stunning design of poplar wings and a maple top. You will also love the neck, which gets attached in a slight tilt. Such inclination forms an essential feature for sound productivity.

The neck has a mahogany make that offers it durability. With an Ebony fretboard, you will be able to locate the frets for easy playability quickly. Navigation through the fretboard is high activity.

Furthermore, the electric guitar also features custom III humbuckers. In combination with the 5-way toggle, you will adjust the volume and the tone quickly. You will then receive a sound output just designed for you.

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The guitar forms an acoustic sound unit with a 13-pin synth that facilitates the guitar use. You will enjoy using the guitar because of the tremolo bridge and the tuners essential in the adjustment of the volume and the tone.

Apart from jazz, you will also be able to play any kind of music effectively.


  • Ease of use
  • Perfect sound production
  • Perfect balancing tuners
  • Adjustable bridge
  • Advanced sound features

Loah LH-350 VS electric guitar

Loah LH-350 VS electric guitar

With a V-profile mahogany neck, the Loah LH-350VS guitar model is an excellent jazz performer. The guitar comes with specific beautiful and practical features that boost its performance.

Theelectric guitar has an archtop Cutaway that adds more to its uniqueness and comfortable playability. You will love the color and the general design of this guitar.  Adding more to the features are maple sides and back. However, the top of the guitar has a make made of spruce.

The mahogany neck extends its beauty to the Rosewood fretboard and the frets. You will, therefore, enjoy simple playability with lots of comforts. More about the guitar is its scale length of 24.75 inches that makes it an excellent unit to look at.

Moreover, the cutaway makes accessing the frets quite simple. The sound produced by the guitar is fantastic, with a beautiful blend of bass and treble. You will like the functionality of the Kent Armstrong Humbuckers that have an instrumental role in maintaining the sound quality of the guitar.

Finally, the electric guitar has excellent sound performance. You will enjoy a very cleat sound output from the guitar that will make you jazz music playing experience unique. However, the play is not only limited to jazz. You can even play other styles of music well.


  • Easy to hold and operate
  • Perfect sound quality
  • Unique advanced features
  • Excellent performance

 Washburn J600 electric guitar

 Washburn J600 electric guitar: Best Electric Guitars for Jazz

The Washburn J600 electric guitar forms the last guitar on the list for playing jazz music. It comes with a warm vintage looks that will be complemented by its tone. You will generally love this guitar because of its Venetian cutaway body.

You will, therefore, be able to play the guitar with more comfortability. The neck has a  make of maple, which is robust hence a more significant opportunity for the production of the best sound quality with sustain.

Adding up to the natural look of the electric guitar is a spruce top material covering the flame maple body material. The guitar has a rosewood fretboard that provides quick access to the frets for easy playability. You will not even miss a single note.

Finally, about sound production, you will probably love the adjustable bridge and the solid guitars.  You will, therefore, enjoy a loud sound with adequate clarity. The humbuckers get well configured to ensure that your needs get correctly met.


  • Easy to hold
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Beautiful design
  • Vintage matte finish

Guild Starfire II bass cherry electric guitar

Guild Starfire II bass cherry electric guitar

Guild Starfire II is a high performingelectric guitar with a hollow body that makes it very attractive. You will love its double maple top and the solid mahogany neck, which make it rigid.

The rosewood fingerboard holds 20 frets, and the neck has a radius of 24.75 inches hence simple to use. Materials used to make the guitar makes it more durable and an excellent sound producer. As the guitar is of high quality, the sound produced also has the best quality.

Moreover, the electric guitar features double pickups and double humbuckers. With the 3-way selector switch, you will adjust the settings on the volume and the tone. You will, therefore, experience the best sound balance.

The guild Tune-O- Matic bridge and the Grover tuners add up to make the functionality of the electric guitar much better. You will enjoy sound clarity and hot roasted jazz. If used for live performances, the guitar performs excellently.

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The hollow body may tend to make the power output limited. However, a fender style preamp takes the feeling off. You will, therefore, enjoy the best and loud sound output. More sustain gets created by the rigidity of both the body and the neck.


  • Super pickups
  • Comfortable to play
  • Excellent sound projection
  • Advanced performance features


  • Not perfect for heavy styles

Gretsch G2420 electric guitar

Gretsch G2420 electric guitar: Best Electric Guitars for Jazz

Closing our list of the best jazz electric guitars today is the hollow bodies Gretsch G2420. The guitar comes with a laminated maple body and a nato neck with a scale of 24.75 inches. You will also enjoy the laurel fingerboard with 22 frets.

The electric guitar boasts of a classic look and affordable price, which most jazz players can buy. You will find it easy to handle and play this guitar because of its simple nature and accessibility to the fretboard. You will, therefore, navigate through the frets quickly.

Moreover, the guitar has a very active pickups. The humbuckers have a very high power output. You will be amazed by the response to the strikes you make on the guitar. More clarity of the notes will be heard in the sound production.

The guitar has a better resonance and an excellent sustain. You will be able to play the chords at both highs and lows effectively without having to worry about adjusting the settings of the guitar.

Furthermore, the guitar has robust controls that make it easy to adjust the guitar’s volume and tone. Therefore, you will enjoy a sweeter sound blend with a perfect balance of the treble and the bass.

The electric guitar is not only designed to serve as a jazz guitar. It also gives a perfect service when used for other styles. However, you will be required to make adjustments in the controls so that the sound suits the styles.


  • Excellent performance
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Easy to control
  • Perfect sound balance
  • Great design
  • Classic sound


  • The humbuckers are too high

Buyers guide for the best electric guitar for jazz

Jazz music is fantastic with various specifications on the type of an electric guitar that will play it effectively.  However, there are a few specific things that will tell whether your guitar is suitable for jazz. Let’s have a quick perusal.

The body style

The body style of an electric guitar determines its playability. You need to consider getting a guitar that will offer you excellent service while playing. However, the body should be durable and handy to facilitate the secure handling and production of the best sound output.

Additional features

Coming with extra features will make your electric guitar more suitable for playing jazz music. Such additional features include extra pickups and electronics, which play a crucial role in maintaining sound quality.

The neck

The neck of the electric guitar should be easily accessed and have the frets played. Your frets should be simple to navigate through, and the sound response should be perfect. Moreover, the length and the shape of the neck should match your needs for easy holding and simple playability


Jazz electric guitars need tuners to have them operate effectively. Tuners help you to control the volume and the tone hence a productive use and well-balanced sound output. Moreover, getting tuners in each pickup is an excellent thing. The output will be better balanced.

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The verdict

Jazz electric guitars are great organs that complement better sound production. This article’s picks of the day are excellent and high performing. You will enjoy using the guitar if you make a quick pick from this list. They possess one characteristic of high ratings.