11 Best Violins for Professionals for 2022

Are you a professional violin player looking for a violin that will make your playing moments awesome? Then we should together work on the best violin for professionals to ensure that you get the best violin for you in terms of performance and durability.

We have a list compiled just for you, your work is just to look at your needs and choose one that will satisfy your needs fully. Violins come at various prices with various features that make each player enjoy their usage.

However, each class of violinists has its specifications from beginners, intermediate players, and professionals. This is to make sure every class of violinists use a violin that will serve them well and also encourage learning for beginners and intermediate players. You can check the best electric violins for beginners in case you don’t yet feel like a pro.

Being a professional Violin player, you may need to get the violin with the best violin strings for a professional. This is because the strings will make your performance better while also being durable.

We have focused our energies today on the professional violins. You will be able to pick an excellent violin as we assess the various aspects and features that they come with. Let’s have a look.

Best violins for professionals

D Z Strad Violin Model 800

D Z Strad Violin Model 800

Are you looking for the best professional violin that will give you full volume and an excellent resonance?

Get the D Z Strad Model 800 that comes with dominant strings, a bow, and an extreme case. The beauty of this violin will complement its performance. It has different and unique features that are the primaries to the excellent services it offers.

First of all, you will love the natural look of the violin that is brought about by its design. The violin model is made of Italian alps that make it both durable and with the best resonation. It is further enhanced with a beautiful varnish that makes the beauty of the violin complete.

When sturdy make and the light varnish gives the violin enough space to project its tone, you will enjoy a well-blended, balanced, and natural sound. The volume of the violin is also perfectly enhanced by the dominant strings and the resonant body.

Moreover, you will admire having this violin because of the extra features that it comes with. A premium bow, rosin, dominant strings, and the excellent quality of protective case will make the violin’s performance stand out among the rest.

As a professional violinist, you will probably look for one that will make your playing better. Any ordinary violin may not fulfill your needs. But this model will give you extra performance.

Even though the violin is pricey, we still give it a priority because of its performance and look. If you are an advanced violinist, then consider investing in it.


  • Durable and strong
  • Beautiful looking
  • Excellent performance
  • Advanced features
  • Perfect volume and sound blend


  • Costly

Sky 4/4 Full-Size NY100 Birds Eye Vintage Violin

Sky 4/4 Full-Size NY100 Birds Eye Vintage Violin

Are you in love with significant sensations when playing your violin? That is the kind of feeling you will exactly have while playing this violin. Coming on a full size, you will enjoy using this violin that is suitable for both intermediate and experienced violinists.

The violin has high-quality woods that have been dried for 30 years. The suitability of the conditions that have been used to dry the wood makes the tuning of the sound excellent, and the sound produced awesomely.

It is 100% handmade and hand oil varnished. Being professionally set up, you will immediately get into playing. It has a Brazilwood bow, with the best quality of rosin and a premium oblong violin case.

Furthermore, the fingerboard is made of ebony and the tailpiece of the maple. The finest bird’s eye maple wood brings an impressive look to the chinrest and the pegs. To complete the violin’s beauty, inlaid purfling on the body of the violin will make you attracted to have one.

The violin is made of solid and hardwood material that offers its exceptional durability. When the strings are played, you will feel a better resonance and sustain. Sound projection using the violin becomes more enhanced and better.

Each violinist who plays the will give a comment of the rich and powerful resonance, excellent sound projection, and high sensitivity. The sound produced is finely tuned, making it very easy to get each note you will play.

The rainproof exterior, German strings, and the material used may bring a mismatch with the price. At an affordable cost, you will enjoy the best sound quality and the excellent features that make the violin a significant element.


  • Durable
  • Best sound quality
  • Perfect for transition from intermediate to a professional player
  • Built-in fine tuner

Ming Jiang Zhu 909 Violin

Ming Jiang Zhu

As an experienced player, you may have played the fine Italian old violins. They are fantastic and have a beautiful sound blend, thus making it one of the best violins for professionals. Ming Jiang Zhu 909 is one model that will give you an experience of the old Italian violins.

The violin comes with an authenticity certificate that gives you a guarantee of service. Ming Jiang Zhu is a reputable brand from Luthiers that has proved to be high performing. It is tested and confirmed to be excellently performing.

More about the violin is the beautiful design and shape that makes it comfortable to play. It is made from the best quality of tonewood that makes it attractive and of the best sound quality. The resonance is incredible and very rich in sound balance.

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The top of the violin has a make of spruce while the neck, back, and other parts are made of maple. A hand-rubbed spirit varnish completes the beauty of the violin. You will, therefore, enjoy the greatness of the violin.

The material that makes the violin has a direct contribution to the quality of the sound it produces. You will, therefore, enjoy the best sound quality. A violinist who wishes to upgrade his play will enjoy using this violin.

Advanced players have had positive reviews about this violin because of the quality of play and the excellent experience that is felt every time you play the violin.


  • Best sound quality
  • Beautiful and attractive
  • Durable
  • Easy to play


  • No accessories

Cremona SV-1400 Maestro Soloist Violin

Cremona SV-1400 Maestro Soloist Violin: Best Violin for Professionals

If you are looking for clarity as you play your violin? This model makes a perfect choice for sound clarity and excellent projection. You will specifically admire love to have this violin because of its high-quality polish and simplicity when using it.

More about the violin is its ability to handle large volume and longtime play. It comes with a solid spruce top, maple neck, and sides. The neck is long, therefore, creating enough space for playing. Any attack you make on the violin gives an immediate response.

The hand-carved and perfectly graduated top makes it sound projection excellent and the quality perfect. Being a handy device, you will enjoy using the violin for a more extended period without getting exhausted.

Featuring on the violin is also the best quality of ebony fingerboard, a saddle, and a nut. A hill-shaped Cremona maple bridge, sacconi-style tailpiece, and Anton Breton VNS-150 perlon strings add to the beauty of the violin and the quality of the sound.

You will, therefore, enjoy the best quality of the sound produced with excellent volume and clarity. Therefore, enjoying music and your play will be an exceptional experience that you will always admire to have.

A Travelite TL-35 deluxe suspension case offers a lightweight and easy to carry violin. It also further provides more protection to the violin, making it durable. You won’t miss the unique heart of the LB-17 Brazilwood bow.

The outcome of your play as a result of the material that makes the violin is a sweet and well-balanced sound. It offers simplicity while playing and clarity of every note as you strike. Affordability of the violin is a perfect thing that gives you a reason to consider having a taste.


  • High-quality sound
  • Excellent sound projection
  • An excellent choice for a violinist in need of upgrading
  • Easy to handle and play


  • Can be pricy to some users

D’ Luca Violin PROJBV44

D’ Luca Violin PROJBV44

If you are looking for a perfect and affordable upgrade, this violin makes an excellent choice for you. The violin has a beautiful oil finish and a right-hand orientation that makes it very beautiful and easy to use.

You will be enjoying using this violin because of its full size and the material used. It has a make of maple back and sides while the headpiece is made of ebony fingerboard pegs and chin rest.

More about the violin is SKB hard case and the horsehair that is complemented by a silver winding. Featuring is also silver strings and tuners that add up to the durability and the best sound quality and volume projection.

Moreover, there are four tuners on the tailpiece that help in tuning to the sound you admire to hear. You will enjoy the best sound quality and simplicity while playing the violin. The strings have a remarkable response with the ability to identify each note you play. This one unique model and the Best Violin for Professionals.

When playing the violin, you will enjoy a better resonance that is less affected by sound distortion. The sound produced is natural and vibrant. Note articulation is perfect.

For those violinists looking for quality and affordability, the violin makes an excellent choice. It is very affordable.


  • Affordable
  • Ease of use
  • Durable
  • Beautiful design
  • Adjustable tuners

D Z Strad 4 string electric violin outfit E201       

D Z Strad 4 string electric violin outfit E201:

The D Z Strad model E201 is an excellently made electric violin that features both beauty and dependability. It also stands out because of its affordability and simplicity. However, this does not mean that the violin has poor performance. 

You will enjoy both excellence in performance and reliability. Tuning the violin to produce your desires sound output has been simplified in this model because of the presence of the carbon fiber tailpiece that carries four fine tuners.

More about the violin is material design. It features an ebony fingerboard and pegs with a Brazilwood bow. For efficient use when playing and training for audio, there also features an in-ear headphone that gives you perfect listening experience.

Moreover, the violin has a sturdy material make that offers durability and the best sound resonation. Being a lightweight device, you will easily carry it to most places you wish to visit.

The combination of beautiful colors makes the violin both charming and attractive. Matching the color taste and performance makes the violin an excellent unit to have. It produces the best sound output with a rich balance.

You will enjoy the professional set up and the simplicity of use. Professionals playing this violin will give a positive comment about the sound produced and the response to your playing.


  • Best sound projection
  • Ease of use
  • Excellent material make and finish
  • Easy of tuning hence a perfect sound balance
  • Excellent color combination.

D Z Strad SV400

D Z Strad Violin Model 100 with case, shoulder rest, bow, and rosin (3/4 - Size)

Featuring is another DZ Strad Model. Such a trend means that D Z Strad has high ratings for the production of the best quality Violins. You will enjoy using this model of violin because of its excellent quality and the kind of sound it produces.

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Despite having an attractive look, the violin also has the best sound projection. Professional violinists will love the simplicity of the design used to make the violin and the comfortability of playing it.

Moreover, the violin boasts of perfect design and material make. The top is made of  Italian spruce while the back has a maple and the fingerboard ebony. Besides, the head is furnished using grain spruce that adds more beauty to the violin.

You will love the beauty in which the violin is embedded, especially on the back and the fingerboard. The Brazilwood bow, best professional violin strings, rosin, and the shoulder rest all play an active role in ensuring the simplicity of play and durability.

Furthermore, featuring on the violin are four built-in-tuners that are embedded in the Wittner-style composite tailpiece. The materials will all ensure that the sound produces by the violin is clear and of the best quality. This makes it one of the Best Violin for Professionals

When played, the violin produces a ringing sound that is rich and deep. You will comfortably play all the notes while maintaining an excellent resonance and perfect note articulation.

If you are a professional violinist looking for an affordable violin that will probably deliver the best outcome, this model is perfect. However, it also makes an excellent choice for beginners because of its quality that makes learning fast.


  • Excellent sound production
  • Perfect sound balance
  • Easy to play
  • Lightweight hence easy to handle
  • High quality and durable

Scott Cao 1743 cannon STV 1500

Scott Cao 1743 cannon STV 1500

Scott Cao 1743 is a bestselling violin model that has high ratings for an excellent performance. It was made by Del Gesu, who is an experienced violinist and violin maker. You will love the features that make the model stand out.

You will appreciate the fact that when this model is played with the others, you will be able to identify it because of its unique sound uniquely. It produces a bright sound that is well blended and rich in sweet resonance.

More about the violin is the spruce top and the left Italian design that offers simplicity in handling and playing. It is has a make of durable and high-quality materials that provide simplicity and portability.

As a professional, you will not only enjoy readiness in playing the violin when it comes but also the way it blends its sound. You will specifically enjoy using this model because of its excellent sound projection.

Furthermore, the violin has an excellent response. you will get each note and enjoy the perfect articulation.  The full soundbox and the curved neck all work towards the projection of the highest volumes.

If you are a professional violinist who wishes to upgrade and standout, this model will make you get there. Combining the quality play and a professional violinist will result in award-winning.


  • High-quality sound output
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Easy to handle and play.

Cremona SV-600 Premier Artist Violin Outfit full size

Cremona SV-600 Premier Artist Violin Outfit - 4/4 Siz: Best Violin for Professionals

An advanced student becomes a professional mainly when they use this Cremona model. The violin forms a perfect choice for professionals who want to stand out in the art of playing violins.

Cremona SV-600 has a beautiful design that brings a traditional look. You will especially love the performance of the violin when it is combined with the stunning design. The materials used to make the violin make it durable and the best sound producer.

Moreover, the violin has a highly flamed maple that boasts of the orange varnish finish that offers beauty. The hand-carved maple body and solid spruce make the sound production of the violin better.

The style of the violin includes a sturdy make with a low profile and lightweight. Therefore, you will carry the violin to various places without worries of damage or difficulty in handling. Handling and playing the violin is also made simple by the comfortable design and the lightweight.

The ebony fittings and the ebony fingerboard add more to the quality of the violin. Talking of quality involves the durability and the quality of sound produced. You will appreciate the US workshop standards that are used to design the violin.

A professional player will enjoy the best resonance that the violin produces. The strings are tighter, and the body is designed to deliver loud and high-quality sound. As the violin looks excellent, so is its performance.

The durability of the violin offers excellent reliability. You will, therefore, enjoy the best quality at affordable.


  • Ease of use
  • Excellent sound balance
  • Built for quality
  • Best sound projection

Cremona SV-500 Premier artist violin

Cremona SV-500 Premier artist violin

Cremona has high ratings for the production of high-quality violins. The violins are of great designs that offer simplicity of use and excellent response. Materials used to make the brand violins are of the best and the most exceptional quality hence offering the best sound and durability.

This model features a hygrometer and four bow holders that support the rigidity of the component. It is lightweight hence offering simplicity and comfortability when carrying it from one place to another and playing it.

Moreover, SV-500 is made of sturdy materials, including a maple body that is further applied to a red-brown varnish finish. To add more to the beauty and durability of the violin, you will love the ebony fingerboard’s presence.

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Furthermore, you will enjoy the Swiss-style ebony fittings and the composite tailpiece that is equipped with tuners. Therefore, you will enjoy easy tuning of the violin to produce your desired outcome in sound output.

The violin’s set-up has MENC standards of the Cremona workshop that are widely known for the production of the best quality. You will enjoy a perfect sound blend that is produced when you play the violin. It is one of the Best Violin for Professionals.

Professional players will not miss a word after playing this violin. At an affordable price, you will have one that will upgrade your play even for the professional violin players.


  • High-quality sound
  • Simplicity of use
  • Beautiful design and finish
  • Durable and strong

Mendini MV500

Mendini MV500:

Coming last on our list is Mendini MV500, which is an excellent performing violin for professionals that comes with adjustable and detachable parts. One thing that you will love about this violin is the fact that you will be able to tune and adjust it to meet your needs.

Facts about this model include the presence of the solid hand-carved maple neck, back, and sides. When combined with the solid spruce top, the outcome turns into a sturdy component that boasts high-quality sound and durability.

The ebony fingerboard and the detachable fine tuners bring a different perspective of the beauty in the violin. It is further amplified by the varnish finish and the inlaid purfling. You will, therefore, love how beautiful the unit is and how comfortable it is to hold.

Moreover, the violin also comes with a package of a chromatic tuner with metronome and Brazilwood bows. They are enriched with unbleached Mongolian horsehair that makes the body of the violin durable and weather resistant.

Furthermore, you will love another adjustable shoulder rest that combines the bridges and the extra set of violin strings to make you enjoy using the violin for longer. Therefore, you do not need to set aside maintenance funds because the process can be quickly done by yourself using the manual.

When it comes to performance, the violin is an excellent performer. The combination of the materials used to make the violin results in a beautiful element and an outstanding performer. Upgrading your playing experience is made easy with this violin.


  • High-quality sound
  • Adjustable parts
  • Solid material make
  • Easy to handle and use
  • Affordable

Choosing the best violin for professionals

Professionals must have most likely seen all sorts of violins. Therefore, choosing the best violin for a professional is a bit harder than for the best intermediate player violin or for violins for beginners. The factors that you consider must be able to make the violin of the best quality. Experienced violinists look for better quality that will probably make their playing better.

Here are things that need a close eye when getting the best violin for professionals.


The manufacturer of the violin matters a lot when it comes to getting the best quality. An experienced manufacturer will probably produce high-quality products that will probably make your life easier.

However, when looking for a reputable manufacturer with a renowned brand, we should also admit that there are also so many new manufacturers making high-quality products. the primary thing is, however, to get a good brand with high ratings

Visiting the user reviews will help you get an excellent brand.


The primary material that is used to make violins is wood. However, there are different kinds of wood that offer different strengths. If a violin is made of durable wood, it will probably make the best in terms of performance.

When the proper wood is used to make a violin, it typically has the best resonance. It will also have the best performance and will stay for a more extended period.

If you have made a keen observation, the violin picks that we have in this article are all made of maple, spruce, and ebony woods. They are the recommended types of wood that will offer durability and the best resonance.


Various prices are fixed on each violin depending on its quality and features. Each violinist also has their budget and their needs that the violin should meet.

A higher price means high quality and a lower price means a compromised condition.

However, some poor models have compromised quality but high prices. Some new models have lower prices but the best quality.

What you need to do is crosscheck the violins in the range of your budget and then assess their features to get the best one. You also need to take caution so that you don’t get an affordable violin with a compromised price.

Wrap up

When we talk of the best violin for a professional, we mean that the quality violinist must match the violin they use. The wrap up of the violin determines the kind of tone it will produce.

Therefore, you will be able to understand and match the quality of sound the violin produces with the type of wrap up. The better the wrap-up, the better the music presented and vice versa.

You should, therefore, look at the best quality wrap up for better sound projection and resonance.

Final verdict

We have brought you the best violin for professionals. All you need to do at this point is to go through the guide and pick your best model. You will appreciate the fact that all the violins provided are of the best quality with high ratings. The prices cut across so that each violinist may get their ideal product.