Best Home Theatre Subwoofers Under 500 dollars

When deciding to purchase a home theatre, the cost is one of the things put into consideration. However, the value of a woofer can result in getting the most inferior quality of home theatre subwoofers. All in all, with this article, getting the Best Home Theatre Subwoofers under 500 dollars has been made easy.

A subwoofer will improve the bass production by your home theatre. Who doesn’t love having a performance at home that will leave your family thoroughly entertained?

The subwoofers if carefully selected will serve you long into the future.

Having a clear choice and specifications of the kind of a subwoofer you want is the primary thing towards getting the best subwoofer.

Many excellent and affordable subwoofers will serve you satisfactorily. This article will show you the best, and the top-rated home theatre subwoofers that are of good quality and pocket friendly.

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The best Home Theatres Subwoofers under 500 Dollars

Polk Audio PWS10 Home Theatre Subwoofer

Polk Audio PSW10 Home Theatre Subwoofer

Are you a fan of movies and house parties? This subwoofer if for you.  Being a product of Polk audio, the subwoofer presents itself with outstanding sound performance. It delivers a clear sound that is free from distortion.

The technology used to make the subwoofer with features such as the audio balance technology, makes the woofer produce quality bass.

You can easily tune it to the kind of volume you want to have without tampering with the quality of the sounds.

For reduction of sound distortion, the woofer has a design of Klippel measurement technology which allows it to perform better even at its lowest.

With a make of powerful parts, the speakers are held in place, producing a less distorted sound.

Moreover, the subwoofer can get connected to other output and input devices that boost its performance. It has two RCA and two audio inputs and outputs. The woofer has an automatic on and off switching ability.

For the best prices, this woofer if of excellent quality that qualifies it to be the best subwoofer on an affordable price. It is definitely one of the Best Home Theatre Subwoofers under 500 dollars.

Klipsch R-120 Home Subwoofer

Klipsch R-120SW Home Subwoofer: Best Home Theatre Subwoofers

The R-120SW is a subwoofer of 400 watts made of digital technology to make usage easier. In terms of sound production, it is an incredible producer. The bass enhancement in it is a perfect one.

The woofer gets powered by IMG and copper wires that makes its power sustainability great. The presence of an amplifier helps to ensure that it delivers adequate energy. The bass produced no matter the volume fills the room perfectly.

To produce the most apparent bass and sound in general, the speakers are firm yet light to produce smooth sound. The speakers of the woofer have lower frequency sound that when combined with the main speakers end up creating a perfectly balanced sound.

The quality of the speaker design is of high rated features such as the cabinet which is made stronger by MDF to produce immaculate and fulfilling sounds. For people who love watching movies, this is a perfect woofer for it has a real sound that makes you enjoy more.

Monoprice 9723 Subwoofer

Monoprice 12 Inch 150 Watt Home Subwoofer

Produces by the monoprice company, this woofer comes with 150-watt ability. With an AV receiver, you can quickly increase or decrease its output to enhance balance within all the speakers. The pre-amp of the subwoofer can be set at its maximum volume and still achieve a quality sound free from distortion.

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Many expensive subwoofers have a raw power that helps to boost its functionality. This subwoofer doesn’t have any raw power. However, it still performs at its best, producing high-quality output.

The bass in this subwoofer is excellent and fills the room producing a clean sound. The robust model, however, provides a better bass.

The reputation of the monoprice company is highly rated. It makes charming and quality devices. This device, even though it has a reasonably high price, is, of course, good quality and long-lasting service. 

Polk Audio PSW505 home theatre subwoofer

Polk Audio PSW505 home theatre subwoofer

Imagine if a woofer that produces a continuous 300 watts of sound power. The Polk Audio PSW505. It also produces a whole 460 watts of dynamic power. To promote the production of an impressive sound, the woofer has an adjustable cross over system.

This is a dual woofer that comes with units with a 7.1 sound system that can get used to run several rooms without any challenge of sparse sounds. Watching movies is a beautiful experience when using this subwoofer. It fills up the room without any distortions producing the most precise music ever. This makes it one of the Best Home Theatre Subwoofers

The price of this woofer is amicable. Putting in the considerations of its features,this woofer ranks amonf the best in terms of its price. However, the range of the subwoofer falls between 23 and 1690Hz proves to be limited. This single aspect gets overrun by the positive features leaving it still the best.

BIC America F12 subwoofer

BIC America F12 subwoofer

Manufactured by the BIC America company, the subwoofer serves best for movies, games, and house parties. It produces quality and clear bass. You can hear the guitar notes clearly and the bits in a perfect way.

With a size of 12 inches and an output of 115Db level, the woofer delivers an outstanding sound. The BIC ‘venturi’ clears inconveniences on the sound ports enhancing the best cool sound. It has a 456 amplifier which helps in powering the woofer increasing continuous sound production.

The woofer dimensions are 15Wx17H and a diameter of 18.25. Its frequency ranges between 25Hz and 200Hz. The Dolby Prologic and Dolby digital input get added to the woofer through the RCA output.  The woofer has an automatic on and off switching capabilities with a well adjustable volume.

The gold plates which are part of it, makes the terminals have a lovely magnetic shield. It has an affordable price that makes it qualify to be the best woofer

BIC Acoustech PL-200 II subwoofer

BIC Acoustech PL-200 II subwoofer: One of the best home theatre subwoofers

This subwoofer comes with a size of 12 is an advancement of the earlier subwoofers. It has front ports that help in boosting the clarity of the sound produces. It has a smooth bass that fills its environs without distortion of sound. With a sound production of 100 watts, the speakers produce the best quality of sound. It qualifies as one of the best Home Theatre Subwoofers

The woofer has an amplifier that powers it to produce sound for more extended periods. It serves best when used to watch movies, games and even house parties. Its ports have flares that help to do away with vibrations and port noise.

With the frequency of 21-200Hz the subwoofer, the woofer ports are gold plated to enhance its strength.  It has an automatic on and off switching. This subwoofer has both Dolby pro logic and Dolby digital inputs that play a significant role in improving sound quality and maintenance. It has a beautiful design that offers great flexibility for placement and better performance. The subwoofer is of an affordable price with a more excellent performance

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PIONEER SW10 home theatre

PIONEER SW10 home theatre: One of the best home theatre Subwoofers under 500 USD

With an output of 400watts, the pioneer subwoofer has an excellent bass that is capable of filling a vast room. The woofer is an improvement of SW1-10 designed to offer quality and long life. It is 10 inches with a full sound capability.

one can pair this subwoofer with Sp BS 22 speakers to produce more sound. With its internal amplifier of 200watts, you can control the bass without tampering with the quality of its sound.

With a weight of 30 pounds, the woofer cannot be moved around by the strength of its vibrations. This woofer is a bass machine which can serve several people in a room. The woofer is quite affordable. The pioneer company manufacures great great subwoofers.

Definitive Technology ProSub 800 subwoofer

Definitive Technology ProSub 800 subwoofer

With a frequency range between 20Hz and 150Hz, the ProSub 800 subwoofer has high-quality material to enhance the best performance. This woofer is designed by Epoxy glass mil-spec technology. 

It has a MOSFET advanced digital amplifier with an 8-inch driver and big resistors that boosts its long-run ability hence its outstanding performance.

The woofer has high-end power capacity to reduce overworking. It has a voice coil made of aluminium and insulated to handle the pressure of up to 750 watts. It is therefore one of the Best Home Theatre Subwoofers

The woofer has monocoque cabinets which resistant to its vibrations hence producing a clear sound. These all features add up to a satisfactory woofer that of course has a high price

Yamaha NS-SW050BL SubWoofer

Yamaha NS-SW050BL Subwoofer

Yamaha NS-SW050BL is an 8 inch and 100 watts powered subwoofer. It has a perfect sound volume with an output of 50watts. In its maximum, it produces a powerful and precise bass. It has a range frequency of 28Hz to 200Hz, which is very lovely for low-frequency coverage.

It has flare ports that help in noise reduction while at use. The subwoofer produces a lot of volume for small and medium-size houses. With these features, the subwoofer qualifies to be the best in its price. The Yamaha company has a good reputation with high ratings when it comes to electronic products.

SVS PB 12-NSD home subwoofer

SVS PB 12-NSD home subwoofer

This model is a bulky subwoofer with 400 watts’ continuous power and 800 watts’ peak power. With a digital management system for bass control, it produces outstanding bass. It has a sledge amplifier that helps to optimize it to fit the room specifications.

The subwoofer has an excellent performance. With the 12-inch driver, it can handle large amounts of power and pump out good undistorted sound. The woofer has a cabinet which is 21 by 17 by 22 in size, which promotes the woofers sound production.

It has a protective steel mesh grill and black wood finish that makes it look gorgeous

Cerwin-Vega XLS-12S front-firing subwoofer

Cerwin-Vega XLS-12S front-firing subwoofer: One of the best home theatre Subwoofer under 500 USD

Cerwin subwoofer has an output of 250 watts. With a weight of 48 pounds, it can supply sound for medium rooms to some large rooms. It has a frequency ranging between 28Hz and 150Hz with a powerful bass enhancement

Cerwin Vega XLS has a beautiful satin finishing made of MDF wood. The woofer has an amplifier that produces a loud bass even on high volumes with minimal sound distortion. It requires adequate space to accommodate it. the woofer has a low and affordable price making it one of Best Home Theatre Subwoofers

ELAC debut 2.0 sub 3030 subwoofer

ELAC debut 2.0 sub 3030 subwoofer

The ELAC subwoofer is smaller in size compared to the rest. It comes with an advanced digital technology associated with sound control operated using Bluetooth.

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one can operate the subwoofer via a mobile app (ELAC Subeq). With the app, you can manage several subwoofers all at once. By the use of a smartphone, you can optimize the room using the subwoofer using the eight parametric curves.

If you love watching movies, this subwoofer is right for you. It produces enough quality bass to fill your room. The woofer has a fixed driver, strong cabinet and an amplifier that work on sound quality. The amp has a design such that it detects what is in the input and produces just enough power to run it.

The subwoofer is simple to operate and delivers more than its price.

Klipsch Reference R-10SW subwoofer

Klipsch Reference R-10SW subwoofer: One of the best home theatre subwoofers

The Klipsch R-10SW subwoofer produces 150 watts of continuous power and 300 watts’ dynamic power.  The woofer has a frequency range of between 32Hz and 120Hz.

It has a digital amplifier used to control it. The woofer comes with copper spun front-firing cone that makes it produce the loudest sound possible.

Klipsch R-10 comes with both line inputs and LFE. The subwoofer is one of the highest-rated models with a very affordable price.

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Factors to consider when buying home theatre subwoofers

Purchasing subwoofers is a simple task.  For you to get the best woofers, the following points should guide you to arrive at the best one that meets your expectations.

Size of the subwoofer

The primary purpose of having a subwoofer is to have the best bass amplification. The size of the cone of the subwoofer plays a role in the loudness of the woofer. Small cones have limited space for sound production as opposed to large ones who have adequate air and space for sound production.

Sound quality

It is useless to buy a woofer that produces abysmal sounds. As you decide on purchasing a woofer, always consider getting one that delivers loud and undistorted music.

Power output

Power output relates to the amount of sound the subwoofer produces. The higher the power output, the higher the volume of the speaker. Good power output as well is key to quality sound.

For a smaller budget, you can pick the best Subwoofer for less than $200. These gadgets will ensure that you get a performance worth more than the price.

Do smaller subs hit harder?

Because of the lower-frequency limitations of the smaller speaker, higher-frequency instruments will seem to take priority. Sealed (acoustic suspension) subwoofer enclosures are perceived as being “tighter” than vented (bass reflex) enclosures for the same reason.

What gives a subwoofer more bass?

Placing your subwoofer within 8-12 inches of a wall, facing outward toward the rest of the room, is recommended for optimal quality sound. If you want even more output, consider placing your subwoofer in the corner of your room, as this positioning can significantly increase the overall sound due to its positioning.


Subwoofers are beautiful and exciting electronics to have. Having the best home theatre subwoofer gives you the comfort and satisfaction you admire to have.  

The article above has highlighted the best woofers with the best ratings in the market. Therefore this makes your decision making process easy for we have laid out all the qualities and factors to consider for each.