How to reduce guitar attack

Most people’s first thought should be to reduce the attack on their guitar. But what you might not know is that the attack on their guitar can impact their music career. By reducing your attack, you’ll be able to keep your music career high-water mark. When you’re trying to improve your music career, one of … Read more

How to Remove Tape From Guitar

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How to Sharpen Guitar Picks

Guitar picking is a very important skill for any musician. It can be difficult to remember which end of the string is which, and it can be helpful to have a set of complete, specific picks. You may need to learn How to Sharpen Guitar Picks. However, doing this with a pick set that is … Read more

How To Copy And Paste Guitar Tabs

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How to Tighten Guitar Knobs

If you are tightening guitar knobs, you’re not paying attention to the following two concepts. The first is that guitar knobs should be tightened up, not alone. The second is that guitar knobs should be tightened up on the way up, not when you stand up from your chair hence how to tighten guitar Knobs … Read more

How to store guitar pickups

Many people place their guitar pickups in the guitar store. The problem is that the doesn’t have the best of quality control. They don’t have to wait on delivery, and they doesn’t have a central location. So, how can you be sure that your guitar pickups are actually there? There are two ways to … Read more

How to Keep Your Fingers From Sticking to Guitar Strings

Guitar strings are one of the most important items in a musician’s arsenal. Without them, your music would sound incomplete and you’d be at a disadvantage. Unfortunately, many people tend to stick to the same techniques for keeping their fingers from sticking to guitar strings. Here are five tips that may help: Use a bandage … Read more