How to avoid guitar blisters

It doesn’t matter how accomplished you are or how much time you spend practicing: eventually, you’ll hit a wall. You’ll have to take a break from your instrument. Even the most dedicated players experience moments when they don’t want to practice. When you don’t know what to do, try one of these guitar tips: avoid … Read more

How to sell a guitar amp

Have you ever seen a used guitar amp advertised on Craigslist or elsewhere and wondered, “how to sell a guitar amp?” Because as a guitar player who owns an amp, that’s exactly how you’d feel if you saw one of your friends post an ad asking, “Hey, anybody want an old amp?” At that point, … Read more

How to paint a fender guitar

Let’s discuss how to paint a fender guitar. When you think of classic guitars, you probably think of Fender. This company has been around since the birth of jazz music, and its famous red Stratocaster has been the cornerstone of countless recordings and live performances. Even if you don’t know the word “Scoobysmackin’,” you’ve almost … Read more

How to record guitar on android phone

Recording guitar is a challenging task on any platform, but it becomes doubly difficult when you’re using an Android phone. It’s not that Android phones have a bad sound output or anything, it’s just that Android phones have emulated audio hardware instead of a SOUNDPROOF INPUT JACK like other platforms. You see, it’s quite simple … Read more

How to become a guitar virtuoso

Are you tired of practicing but still unable to play guitar fluently? Do you wish you had more guidance and support on the road to becoming a guitar virtuoso? Have you ever wondered how the world’s most acclaimed guitarists became the virtuosos they are? So, how to become a guitar virtuoso is discussed here. Virtuosity … Read more

How to repair a guitar case

When you first take your new guitar out of the box, it’s like a dream come true. You finally have your own instrument, and it’s a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. The problem is that you can’t leave it out, or it will get damaged. Your new guitar needs a case, and you need one fast. … Read more

How to Prevent Blisters on Fingers From Playing Guitar

If you play guitar, you’re probably aware that the strings on your guitar can leave your fingers rubbing against them for extended periods of time. If you play for a long time, this friction can cause blisters to form, making your fingers sore and uncomfortable. While it’s possible to prevent blisters from forming, keeping your … Read more

How to tune a guitar like a bass

Tuning a guitar is a lot more of an art than it is a science. You can’t just use a tuner and figure it out. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn the tricks of the trade. In this article, you’ll learn how to tune a guitar like a bass player. But first, what is … Read more

How to road wear a guitar

Being a musician is difficult. You spend hours and hours practicing, and even more hours playing shows. Sometimes, you’ll hit a streak of amazing shows and build up a fanbase. Other times, you might have to battle through a series of shows that are less than stellar. Regardless, playing shows is a part of being … Read more

How to record guitar video with backing track

Guitarists are always searching for new ways to improve their playing. Whether you want to become a better improviser or develop new pieces of music, having a video of your performance can be a big help. As a piece of your training routine, you can use it to analyze your techniques and make corrections. Or, … Read more