How to bring guitar to school

In order to bring your guitar to school, you first need to understand what it is and why people need it. After that, you need to provide enough support to make sure your guitar is there and that your guitar is taken away. Finally, you need to make sure everyone is familiar with the D’Addario … Read more

How to Lower Guitar Action without buzzing

Guitar action is an important factor in purchasing a guitar. It indicates to the market that the guitar is ready to be used in live performance. As a guitar player, you therefore need to learn How to Lower Guitar Action without buzzing. The higher the guitar action, the more comfortable the strings will be and … Read more

How to Make A Guitar Sound Like Bass

Have you ever tried to make a bass guitar sound like a bass guitar? It’s a huge challenge. Well, that’s because bass guitars don’t have a lot of notes and steps. You have to use a lot of air pressure and feedback to make the bass guitar sound like a Bass guitar! Well, at least … Read more

How to weigh your guitar

If you’re looking to know how to weigh your guitar, it can be difficult to determine the right amount. However, the use of a “safe weight” can help you get the most out of your instrument. This safe weight is determined by taking into account your body size and what type of guitar you have. … Read more

How to tape a guitar

When you’re playing your first show, you want to make sure that you have a great sound system. You don’t want to have a sound system that is too small, or that has a lot of noise. Hence you may need to learn how to tape a guitar. Big fans of guitar music, whether you’re … Read more

How to store guitar amps

When it comes to how to store guitar amps, one of the biggest problems is keeping them in the same spot for years on end. You’re likely to lose them, or have to move them multiple times until you find a place that’s free and doesn’t have any problems. But what do you do if … Read more