How to choose the best violin for a beginner?

violin for a beginner

A beginner is a very complicated person to choose a violin for. You can have a young person or an older one who wants to begin playing the violins. Some have huge hands, while some have small ones.  The choice, therefore, keeps varying depending on the type of user you are buying the violin for.

There are general features that make up the best violin for a beginner. Therefore, you will look at the general principles before narrowing them down to each user’s specific elements. Understanding the bits in the sections highlighted below will help you to achieve a quick breakthrough. Have a look.

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Types of violins for beginners

Various types of violins serve specific needs. However, you will need to understand the different types of violins to ensure you choose the best violin for adult beginners or children that will make learning easy. The different types of violins for beginners include

Electric violin

An electric violin does not have a soundbox. When using it, you must have some amplification for the sound to be heard. This type of instrument makes the best choice when you are doing presentations.

Even though we have some excellent electric violins for beginners, there are some reservations for beginners. An electric violin, therefore, may not be the best for learning.

Five-string violin

A 5 string violin is unique. The lower string carries the note C. You will have an easy time learning when using it. You will have fun moments when using this instrument to play the melody of the higher notes.

Silent violin

Most of the so-called silent violins are electric violins.  However, as the strings bounce, you will feel and hear the sound. It, therefore, behaves as if it is on mute. When using it, you will need an amplifier as it may not deliver as per your expected needs.

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Beginners can comfortably use such a device, but the service it will deliver may not be the best. You may not clearly understand each specific note. Therefore you need to know how to choose the best violin for a beginner.

Tips for choosing the best violin for beginners

Having understood the various types of violins, we need to know what amounts to a good violin. Below arethe criteria you can use to get the best violin.


The quality of a violin combines many aspects. Some of the factors that you will need to look at the materials used. The material choice should have reliable durability and strength. The body should be rigid enough to withstand pressure and project a better sound.

The strings should also be of excellent quality. You should feel a better vibration when playing the instruments. When using it, there is no single time it should cut hence delivering the best outcomes.

The size

The size of the violin matters a lot. A beginner can be a child and find the instrument to be too large to handle. It may also be too small for a person with a giant hand to hold. When you play the wrong size, you expose yourself to back and neck complications.

You will therefore need to look at the proper size for your convenience while playing. The violins come as either ¼, 1/2, ¾, or 4/4. Depending on the body size and the hand, you will need to get one that perfectly fits you.

Material choice

The material used in making the violin contributes to its long term use. It also determines the kind of sound it will produce. A proper choice will have a good resonance, while a lousy material choice may make even the process of note identification difficult.

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The best material is spruce at the top and maple at the sides and the back. String quality should also be outstanding and thus we recommend getting a violin with the best violin strings for beginners. It may, however, end up discouraging you with a bad sound and frequent repairs.

Tone produced

As a beginner, you will need a proper tone. You cannot brag that you have a good violin, and it has a nasty tone. Each violin comes with a different tone which is dependent on the type of strings. Good strings will resonate better and produce a better sound.

Another thing that makes the tone great is the resonating chamber. What happens is that the sound gets boosted at the chamber, making it more visible. The best chamber should have the best material quality.

Ease of use

The usability of the violin does not only depend on the presence of the bow and strings. The size and other features amount to how you can use it. Adjusting the various aspects of the violin should be a straightforward task.

The size and finish should also be very comfortable. Changing the strings or tightening them should be something you can do by yourself. Assembling the various parts of the violin should also be a cake.


The condition of the violin is strongly dependent on its originality. If used severally, then the state is likely to have deteriorated and will not serve you best. When doing the assessment, look if the violin has cracks or any form of damage.

A model that has undergone many hands is also likely to be loose. The best thing to do if you have to buy a second-hand model is to ensure that it has undergone some servicing. A well-serviced model will deliver the best outcome as it is used to doing its job.

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According to the most famous violinists, the violin’s age has a significant impact on its performance. They claim that an older violin sounds better than a new one. Such a thought could be real because most live performers prefer over 100 years old models.

As a beginner, it could be better if you try these older models. They prove to have a better sound and a more enhanced performance. New models would probably be undergoing some technical modifications hence the removal of the resonating chambers.

However, when choosing a violin for the beginner, you will need to get one that performs better than the age. If you have to choose an old model, let its performance be outstanding and guaranteed quality.


Beginners in playing the violin would need to have instruments that will promote their mission. One thing that you need a close watch on is getting models that have the best quality. Combining the features in the text will land you at one of the best instruments.

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