8 Best Violins for Beginners in 2022

If you are a beginner looking for a violin, you may be having a complicated task. It is because there are so many violins in the market that may not serve you. However, you will quickly get the best violin for beginners that will serve you with a clear focus and understanding.

Some features amount to a good violin for beginners. Ease of use and simplicity in management are the basic principles. However, you will also need to have a close look at the quality as it determines the period that you will use the model.

Learning how to play the violin makes you stand out whether you are a child or an adult. It is one of the sweetest musical instruments ever made. We know you may be looking for the best electric violin for a beginner or the best violin for adult beginners and that’s why we have done separate articles for them.

For the best playing time with a violin, you may get the best violin strings for beginners. These strings enable your learning process to be smoother. The strings are either part of a beginner’s violin or you can buy them separately.

In our attempt to make things easier for you, we have done the research. Our findings have the best Violin for Beginners.

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Best violin for beginners

Aileen “Premium Beginner” Series Violin

Aileen "Premium Beginner" Series Violin

Are you ready to play the violin? You have a chance to start immediately as it comes ready to play. It has a professional setup from the California workshops and is well inspected to allow you to begin the playing sessions. It has a size of 23.23 x 8.07 x 1.5″ with a 4/4 size ideal for adults.

The handcraft of the making is professional and of outstanding quality. You will therefore enjoy a melodious sound hence practical learning sessions. Having passed through the hands of experienced makers, you have an assurance that the service will be remarkable.

Material choice in the making process is also great. The top has a spruce material, while the back and the sides have maple. With original ebony fittings, you will be in a position to enjoy the best service ever.

A combination of accessories is a lovely idea. It comes in a perfect outfit that will specifically serve all beginners. It has a lightweight design and prelude strings with a comfortable fingerboard. You, therefore, have an assurance that playing the chromatic notes will be easy as there is a tuner.


  • Great quality
  • Simplicity of use
  • Ready for use with all accessories
  • User-friendly tuners
  • Simple to adjust the settings


  • It comes at a slightly higher price

Mendini Full Size 4/4 MV300 Solid Wood Violin

Mendini Full Size 4/4 MV300 Solid Wood Violin

The elegant design of this violin is the first impression that will attract every player. It has a Satin finish with a solid wood that guarantees durability. Spruce top and maple backs and sides make management more simplified. A fine tuner will make you enjoy the outcome as per your wish.

Being an excellent choice for all beginners as it has a size of 32 x 12 x 5″ with a full size. At an economical price, it comes with the necessities that you need to start playing immediately. Its kit comes specifically designed to serve the needs of every beginner.

The violin has a 4/4 size that makes it the best violin choice for beginners. It has a notebook and music notes that help you to master the playing art quickly. Having an adjustable design is an excellent thing as it will serve the best outcomes and results.

Simplicity when playing is another feature that makes it stand out. Each beginner will need something they can manage and play. This device’s accessories are ideal as they will serve the best without much hassle. Replacement is also a simple task.


  • It has an outstanding design
  • It comes at a friendly price
  • Simple to set and adjust
  • Convenient for daily use by beginners
  • Adequate size for adult beginners


  • Exposed to damage, especially by children

Eastar EVA-2 4/4 Violin Set Full Size

Eastar EVA-2

Eastar’s violin is a 4/4 sizeviolin that boasts of excellent quality. The feature that makes it best for beginners is the wood quality used. At the top, you will find spruce wood, while the sides and back have maple. An antique finish of varnish makes it look extra beautiful.

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The Muscovite fingerboard gets perfectly positioned hence making each beginner comfortable when handling it. The process of learning, therefore, gets convenient and swift. Accessing the specific points of the fingerboard is simple as they are playable.

Integrated fine tuners are ideal as they make tightening and loosening convenient. There is also an aluminum strain at the plate that also ensures there is guaranteed service.Combining all these factors makes it simple to play, and also its quality outstanding.

The making of the violin is purely by hand. You will feel good as all the surfaces are soft and relatively simple to handle. Managing the adjustments is another simple thing that each beginner finds convenient to achieve. Its pack of accessories makes everything convenient and straightforward.


  • It has an outstanding quality
  • Offers simplicity when in use
  • Delivers the best services ever
  • Simple to adjust
  • It has a big sound


  • The size is unfriendly for children

Aliyes Distinctive Violin Set

Aliyes Distinctive Violin Set

A violin that can serve several people is a good one. This model will make each beginner have an easy time to start. It has a unique design and 4/4 size that makes it usable and satisfactory to many people. This, therefore, gets inspired towards building a good student.

It has a beautiful and technological design. The patented coloring is ideal as it makes it look traditional. Locating and docking is also a convenient task as you can individualize it to serve your specific needs.

The clarity and purity of the tone is another thing that makes it sound great. You will therefore find it convenient for your learning sessions as it makes the process of learning swift. Getting familiar with the instrument is a dream that you will quickly achieve when using it.

Adjusting the weight is another thing you will enjoy doing.Once you have correctly adjusted the weight, you will have an easy time playing the violin. Therefore, the vibration and performance are the best when you have done proper balancing of all the aspects.


  • It has a lovely and straightforward design
  • Delivers an outstanding performance
  • Offers simplicity of use
  • Easy to handle and set up
  • Excellent sound quality


  • For ideal use, you will need to do some proper balancing

Eastar EVA-3 4/4 Full-Size Violin

Eastar EVA-3 4/4 Full-Size Violin

Eastar EVA is a significant and famous brand that boats the use of quality materials. This model has a 4/4.Size It has a maple back and maple on the back and sides. An antique varnish makes it look friendly and inspirational to each beginner. Handling it is very comfortable, especially for young beginners.

Handling the violin is excellent as you have an option to put it in your desired position. Therefore, the outcome isthe capability to learn within a short time and enjoy the best rewards. Fine tuners make it very simple for you to adjust a few settings making it easier to play.

Hand making of the violin makes it one of the best devices to use. Your hands will feel good, making the playability of the instrument more inspirational. Quality wood makes the tuning knob hence having a responsive quality, especially in sound production.

If you want to adjust the sound, the fine tuners make everything possible and convenient for you. It also comes with accessories that make the management process more convenient. You will appreciate the presence of the Mongolian horsehair, rosin, a shoulder rest, violin bridge, and an additional string.


  • It has an outstanding sound quality
  • Simple to use
  • Offers a comfortable handling position
  • Highly effective turning knob
  • Pocket friendly


  • No shoulder rest

Eastar 3/4 Violin Set Natural Varnish

Best Violin for Beginners

The design involved in making this ¾ size instrument is excellent. You will be sure that it will serve you for the longest time as it has the best quality. Part of the material used includes spruce panels and maple on the sides and back. An antique finish wraps everything up as it makes its quality look reliable.

Each learner will find this instrument the best for their learning sessions. Having the proper composition is ideal as it ensures that the sound it produces is big. Therefore, you will play each note without worrying about the sound clarity as it is the best.

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The violin boasts of hand-making.  Its finish is smooth hence making handling more convenient.  A high-quality wood tuning knob makes the process of adjusting the model more convenient. You will therefore be quite sure that you will enjoy outstanding service.

Finally, the accessories are lovely too. They make the process of playing and handling the model more convenient. Therefore, you will be pretty sure that at a low price of acquisition, your learning sessions will enjoy greatness.


  • Has a lovely finish and design
  • It is user friendly
  • Comes at a friendlier price
  • Quite accessible and usable accessories
  • Simple to adjust


  • No shoulder rest

Cecilio Violin for Beginners – Beginner Violin

Cecilio Violin for Beginners - Beginner Violin

This musical instrument makes a good choice for both kids and adults. Each beginner will enjoy using it because of its classic design and performance. It comes with a comprehensive kit that each player will begin its use without a hassle.

Having a beautiful make is the thing that makes it an ideal model. You will conveniently buy it as a gift to any beginner or person who needs to master the art. Its size is perfect for both young people and those with medium hands.

The making is excellent as it also has features that will make the times more productive. When moving from one place to another, you will have an easy time getting less exposed to damage. The quality of the material makes it the best,ensuring that you have the best sound quality and durability.

Adjusting the various features is something you will conveniently do. An essential factor that you will consider is if the sound you set gets produced as you need. The shoulder rest and other components are simple to adjust hence a more fantastic option.


  • Simple to adjust and use
  • Delivers a great sound
  • It is user friendly
  • It comes with accessories that will make it perform best


  • The price isn’t favorable

Mendini ByCecilio Solid Wood Violin

The brand of this model is lovely as it has an outstanding quality. It is elegant and boasts of excellent quality hence good at delivering for all beginners. At the top, you will find spruce wood and on the sides the maple wood.

It has a ¾ size that makes it possible for young users to manage. The dimensions of 32 x 5 x 12″ make its handling simple as it also has a lightweight design. This is why it is rated among the best Violin for Beginners.

Accessories that come with the model are great as they will ensure that you quickly start your sessions. 2 violin bridges, adjustable rosin, and shoulder rest tend to make the model easy to use. It also comes with shoulder straps that help you to handle it conveniently.

Setting the violin is another simple thing you will have great moments with. You will comfortably set a few things and begin to enjoy the moments. Having a lightweight design makes the handling process friendly.


  • It has a lovely performance and design
  • Simple to set up and manage
  • Great for all beginners
  • Comfortable to handle and set


  • Needs some great care when handling

Choosing the best violin for beginners

As a beginner, it is not every violin in the market that will serve you. it is, therefore, essential to follow a proper procedure to acquire one. How to choose a violin for beginners is very easy if you follow the following buyer’s guide.

The following key points will guide you.

Ease of use

Your violin should be very simple to use. The features that it comes along with must make the usability more simplified. Having a proper size that will match the size of your hands is the best thing ever.


The material composition is what makes the quality of the instrument outstanding. The choice of the wood should make it serve for a long and make you comfortable. If you have the best material, you can be sure that the sound will be great and the performance best.

The user

When buying a violin, the specific user has a lot to determine. If the user is small, the choice should also be small so that it serves them. The essential thing has an instrument that the user will find to be comfortable.

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Violins for Beginners FAQs

Which is the best electric violin for a beginner?

Some qualities make the best electric violin for a beginner. Any best electric guitar must be playable, produce a high-quality sound and support the development of the beginner.
When looking for the best violin, you must ensure that it has solid materials and pickups to enhance sound production. The strings must also be durable and strong to ensure that you get the best sound quality.

Is it good for a beginner to buy an electric violin?

Electric violins are not very bad for learners. It is in order for a beginner to buy an electric guitar. However, you will need to have good pickups and strings that will facilitate good sound production.
Amazingly, there are many models, with some coming at very friendly prices. You will have a chance to look at the best models and choose those that will serve you as you expect. Models such as Cecilio CEVN-1 are perfect examples of the electric violins that you will enjoy using.
What makes the electric violin best for beginners is that they are affordable and quick to acquire. Choosing one that has alloy strings is the best thing as it will deliver the best sound. You need to ensure that you get a model that you are comfortable with.

What do you need to know about electric violins?

You have a lot of things to learn about electric violins. The first thing is that they have a very low sound, and you will need an amplifier to hear them. They do not have a hollow body like the acoustic violins; hence need other accessories to function as you expect.
The beautiful thing you need to learn about them is that they have a nice sound, and you must make some good adjustments to get the best sound quality. However, they come at a friendly price, and you can get one at the lower end to the higher for you to make choices. Having a lightweight design is nice because it makes them less bulky for young beginners to handle.
You can use the electric violin using a big speaker or headphones. You need to work on the control keys, such as the volume and others.

What kind of sound does an electric violin make?

You need to keep in mind that electric violins are low-sound instruments. Another thing to know is that they are low-budget instruments but are solid and heavy. It means that you have to make some good adjustments so that the strings remain stable and vibrate as you expect.
The sound you get from an electric violin is sharp and a bit raw. Amplification and adjustments are what will improve the sound quality. They tend to sound a bit neutral, but you get the best sound quality after setting the sound production features.

Which is the best kind of violin to buy?

The best instruments you can buy with regards to violins are electric violins. They stand out and will deliver a genuine sound. What makes them unique is that they add something new to the general performance after working on the amplifier.
Those who love using acoustic guitars will also have good moments when they add the amplifier. They will get a better sound. What happens with acoustic guitars is that they have a hollow body with wood that makes the sound quality more enhanced.
You can choose to have an electric violin or the acoustic one depending on your budget and the kind of sound you want to have. There is an option to add any of the accessories to improve the sound production.

Final verdict

All beginners in playing violin have different needs. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you have an instrument that will serve the specific beginner comfortably. Our models of the day have one thing in common. They boast of excellent quality. You have to ensure that you make use of the guide and select the best model.

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