How to Buy a Guitar for a Beginner

How to Buy a Guitar for a Beginner

If you are a beginner in playing guitar or starting to play the guitar, you need to understand their needs. They do not use guitars that professionals and experienced guitarists use. You will appreciate that their guitars must meet a specific criterion.

The most interesting bit is that the needs keep changing as they master the art. If you have a guitar class, you will find it convenient to get several guitars to meet your trainee’s needs. We have gathered information that will make the process of buying easy for you. Have a look.

Types of guitars and their uses

The initial step when buying guitars is to understand their uses and needs. The following description is important as it will guide you best.

Beginner electric guitars

Electric guitars are known to use electric power to operate. Their major difference is that they are straightforward to use so long as they are in a power source. Something to love about them is that they have strings cast on a wood slab and need an amplifier to operate.

Amazingly, they are less complicated, making the learning sessions more effective. Handling is easy, and you will find them interesting to manage when playing. The major disadvantage to beginners is that the beginner electric guitars pose a challenge to manage the volume.

There are however some of the best electric guitar strings for beginners which make it easy to play your guitar. The strings make it easy for you to learn and play.

Beginner acoustic guitars

If you want to play country music, rock, or jazz, you will need an acoustic guitar. What makes them lovely instruments is that they have the top and back being flat. Steel strings make them durable and easier to use. You will, however, appreciate that they come in 12 types of strings and body shapes.

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Their major challenge is on young beginners as they have a large body. Having a wide neck poses a handling challenge.

Classical acoustic guitar

This is a model that combined features of a classical and acoustic guitar. You will find it convenient for day-to-day use. You will love their flat tops, nylon strings, and a smaller frame for easy handling.  For learning sessions, they are the loveliest models to use.

A disadvantage that comes with them is that they have a wide neck that makes handling more complicated. Fretting, especially for young people, becomes a challenging task.

Classical guitars

It is a fact that most beginners love playing classical music. You, therefore, will find classical guitars to be lovely models to use.

The classical guitar strings for beginners make them easy to handle. However, all classical guitars since they have nylon strings that are comfortable for beginners to use.

Something good about them is that they are quite responsive, making learning convenient. You will play at ease without getting hurt and making the best out of every session. Something bad with them is the large neck.

What should a beginner guitarist learn first?

As a beginner in playing guitars, there is something you need to master first. It is also the determinant as to which guitar you will need to buy. Understanding how to handle the guitar and pluck the strings is the first thing to master.

After you have gained the proper understanding of handling the guitar, you can now know playing. You will be in a position to understand the various sounds it produces. Growing from listening to sounds to actual playing becomes a very simple task for you.

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If you want to start handling the the best intermediate electric guitars or other guitars, you need to first learn the basics of playing a guitar.

So how do I buy a guitar for a beginner?

If you want to buy a guitar for beginners, there are several things that you will need to know. Some of the basics that you will consider include:


It is not surprising that you can buy a guitar that is not usable. Many brands make it quite difficult for beginners to handle and play. You, therefore, need to have a close eye on the usability of the model you buy in terms of the physical look.


Beginners have a challenge with strings. When they meet the tough strings, they may find it quite difficult to handle as they injure their fingers. They, therefore, need a guitar that has nylon strings hence comfortable with their hands.

Ease of adjustment

At the time, the strings may be too rigid to adjust. Under such circumstances, playing the guitar maybe a little bit challenging. However, if you have a model with an adjustable design, you will find it simple to do various operations.

The size

The size of the guitar is another thing that needs a close look. Depending on the beginner guitarist’s body size and the size of the hands, you will need a comfortable model. A good one should make a perfect size for the user, making it simple to handle.

Guitar brand

Most people tend to go for guitar brands. The bad news is that some brands make poor guitars once in a while. Some brands are also less popular but produce the highest quality. One thing to focus on is to buy the guitar, not the brand.

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You, therefore, need to do a proper assessment to get models that will deliver an outstanding performance regardless of their brands. This guide will show you how to buy a Guitar for a beginner


The quality of a guitar determines its performance and durability. You should therefore ensure that the guitar you buy has premium materials. The strings should boast of high quality and at the same time maintain comfort during use.

Level of the beginner

There are adult beginners and young beginners. You should assess their needs individually so that you know what each need. An ideal model should maintain high-quality service for the specific user.

The best guitar for a beginner

The best guitar for a beginner meets a set of criteria. It should maintain simplicity in use and also handling. One thing that you should find quite simple is the ease of adjustability. Sound production should as well maintain quality hence boosting the learning sessions. Getting one that boasts of high quality is lovely as it guarantees durability.


When out to the market to buy a guitar for a beginner, you will find it quite challenging to have a guide. Therefore, you should have a clear focus on the specific thing you want, as highlighted in the criteria. Having an understanding of guitars and what constitutes a good guitar is very helpful.

You can decide to build a home guitar studio for a beginner. Such a studio will enable you to learn faster and also to have a place to record your music. It can be a source of memories as you become an expert.