How to carry a guitar on your back

How to carry a guitar on your back

When you first get your guitar, it may feel like a cumbersome task to carry around and play. But with some practice, carrying your guitar in public can become second nature. This is because the act of carrying a guitar on your back does not only facilitate easy transportation – it also improves playing technique. This simple guide will teach you how to carry a guitar on your back without assistance from others. It covers three different ways of carrying a guitar on your back: the low-slung shoulder method, the backpack method, and the method that involves slinging one’s guitar across their chest or stomach. You’ll discover which style works best for you and how to use it properly – all with just 5 simple steps.

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What is the benefit of carrying a guitar on your back?

Carrying a guitar on your back is not only the most efficient way to transport your instrument – it also improves playing technique. This is because the act of carrying a guitar on your back does not only facilitate easy transportation, it also improves playing technique.

A low-slung shoulder method can be used when carrying a guitar in public places. If you’re going to be walking for long distances, having your guitar hanging lower on the shoulders will relieve some of the strain on your arms and neck muscles. The backpack style is best for short distances like around campus or to the bus stop. You can finally get that backpack off your back and use it as a protective case for your guitar! The third option is slinging one’s guitar across their chest or stomach. This style is best for people who have to carry their guitars up stairs and through narrow spaces, as it allows for more mobility than other styles of carrying a guitar.

How to carry a guitar on your back

The act of carrying a guitar on your back does not only facilitate easy transportation – it also improves playing technique.

1) Place the neck of the guitar on your head, with the headstock facing outward and over your forehead.

2) Hold the lower-most strap in one hand and wrap it around your arm, just below the elbow.

3) Move your arm so that the strap is resting on your forearm, then grab one end of the other strap with your free hand.

4) Wrap this strap around your arm in a loop and then tuck it under the first strap you laid down.

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5) Tighten both straps together so they are crossed over each other and form an X shape across your torso.

The Low-slung Shoulder Method

The low-slung shoulder method is the ideal way to carry a guitar on your back if you’re in need of a quick and easy fix. This method allows you to attach your guitar strap to one of the shoulders, while draping the neck and body of the guitar across the front. The strap should be attached on whichever shoulder provides more support for the weight of your instrument and the hand for which you play it – usually this means that you’ll attach it to your left shoulder. The strap should be tightened so that the guitar is securely fastened.

To increase stability, you can also place one hand at either end of your guitar’s neck and lean slightly forward, conveying as much pressure as possible on these two points. Doing so will make it easier for you to keep from dropping your instrument.

This carrying style is best suited for someone who does not intend to play their instrument for long periods of time or who wants an easy way to transport their instrument when they have their hands full with other items or children.

The low-slung shoulder method is one of the most common ways of carrying a guitar on your back. It’s a great beginner way to carry a guitar on your back. If you’re just starting out, this is the best way to get started with carrying your guitar on your back.

This technique is simple and easy to control – perfect for those first getting into playing the guitar!

The steps are as follows: Step 1: Hold the neck of the guitar and place it against your left shoulder.

Step 2: Place the bottom of the guitar on top of your right shoulder.

Step 3: Grasp the upper part of the guitar with both hands, as if you were hugging it. Ensure that you are holding your instrument securely and close to your body.

Step 4: Carry the instrument in front of you with both arms, keeping it close to your chest. Allow both straps to rest over one’s shoulders and arms, securing them tightly against your back and torso.

The Backpack Method

The backpack method is most appropriate for people who have trouble carrying instruments on their shoulders, such as those with back problems. It carries the guitar the same way a backpack would, with both straps over one shoulder and the instrument resting against your back.

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This type of carry requires two straps that are attached to the neck of the guitar. One strap goes over your head and across your chest, while the other connects to your back and loops around your waist. The straps then connect together at the guitar’s back.

Some people find this method uncomfortable, especially if they have a heavy guitar and/or are carrying a lot of other things in their backpack at the same time. When done incorrectly, carrying a heavy guitar on your back can lead to back pain and injury.

To avoid this pain, make sure you’re carrying a lighter instrument as well as wearing loose clothing so there is plenty of room for air circulation around your body.

This style of carrying a guitar is best for players who are looking for a secure hold and want to ensure that their instrument does not slip out of place. It also provides some protection from the elements, like rain or snow. The downside to this style is that it can be tiring to carry around all day due to how many muscles you need to use in order to carry it properly.

To carry your guitar using the backpack method:

Put one strap over your neck and then put the other over your opposite shoulder.

Place your left hand on top of the strap on your right shoulder.

Place your right hand behind the neck of your guitar.

Lean forward slightly when walking and maintain an upright posture at all times.

Make sure there is proper tension on both straps and they are not too loose or too tight

The Guitar Across Chest/Stomach Method

This is one of the simplest methods of carrying a guitar on your back. It involves slinging the guitar across your chest or stomach, and can be done by either hand. The guitar should be slung in front of you and should rest in the region between both shoulder blades. This way, you’ll have easy access to both ends of the guitar for playing.

The guitar across the chest or stomach method is a great way to carry your guitar when you are in a hurry and need to be mobile. This method is mostly considered for those who have mastered playing the guitar and don’t want to put their instrument down at any time.

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This method also alleviates back and shoulder strain, making it easier for you to maintain your guitar as you carry it around with you. To use this carrying technique, start by holding your guitar’s neck against one of your legs then sling the opposite end of the instrument over your shoulder or stomach. In order to balance the weight of the instrument, lean into one leg while carrying it on your back. It is important that you hold onto both ends of the neck and leave enough space between them so that the tension doesn’t damage your guitar’s neck.

How to carry a guitar on your back FAQS

How do I hold my guitar while I walk?

The most important thing to remember is not to lean over, as this will strain your back. You want to keep your spine straight and use your legs for balance.

What are the advantages of using a backpack?

Bags can carry more weight with less effort, making them ideal for long-distance travel or carrying a heavy instrument. They also allow you to have both hands free for other tasks, like gripping on the bus or climbing stairs.

How do I carry around my guitar in public without drawing attention?

One way to avoid drawing attention is by wearing loose clothing and keeping the guitar out of sight from passerby’s. Another option is to use a strap – both methods will keep the instrument snug against your body so that it doesn’t wobble as you walk.

Is this good for people who have back problems?

Yes! Carrying the guitar on your back will help strengthen your back and improve posture over time. It will also reduce the strain that is put on your lower body, which could be helpful for people with injuries or other physical limitations.


Carrying your guitar on your back is a great way to keep your hands free for other activities (like jamming with friends). It also keeps you from having to carry your guitar in front of you, which can cause neck and back pain.

Carrying your guitar on your back is a great way to make your life easier when you’re traveling, or carrying it around. Not only does it free up your hands, but it also lets you carry other things as well.

But how do you choose which method to use? The low-slung method is great if you want to carry a lot of stuff at the same time.