7 Best Guitars for a 5-Year-Old Kid in 2022

As children grow, playing and nurturing of talents becomes part of their journey. Between the age of 4-8, they begin to engage in playing instruments. A 5-year-old kid will have guitars, pianos, and drums as their favorite instruments depending on their role model.

When playing guitars, some seem to be heavy. Also, some have too strong strings that bring discomfort to the children.

Therefore, good guitars become mandatory for the development of their talents. One needs to acquire one of the Best Guitars for A 5-Year-Old Kid.

Most of the children have small hands. Therefore, as we were doing the reviews, we had to check the best electric guitars for small hands or non-electric ones containing the best beginner electric guitar strings or the exceptional classic guitar strings for a beginner to identify which guitars a 5-year-old child can play.

Today we bring you the best guitars that your child of age five can play. We have done thorough research and followed the necessary procedures to get our models.

Which is the best guitar for a 5-year-old?

Hohner 6 String Acoustic Guitar

Hohner 6 String Acoustic Guitar: Best Guitars for A 5-Year-Old Kid

This guitar has a lovely and compact design that makes it suitable for a small kid. In terms of playability, it is, therefore, an ideal choice. Holding it in your arms is excellent and quite reliable.

The quality of the guitar is excellent. One fantastic thing is that the strings are more vital hence less exposed to damage. The body is of a durable design hence offers excellent and reliable performance.

The best thing is that it has nylon strings. They serve you for a more extended period and are ideal at protecting your child’s fingers. Playing the guitar, therefore, becomes a fan, and your child enjoys comfort.

You will appreciate the natural color and the mahogany neck. They make the performance of the guitar excellent as you feel a high-quality sound. With the right orientation, you will, therefore, it very comfortable to play. 

For training, the guitar comes with a songbook. You will, therefore, have an easy time for your training sessions. The intonation of the guitar is accurate, and the sound is vibrant. A kid will, therefore, quickly master the art.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Comfortable design
  • Easy to use
  • Quality intonation
  • Durable design


  • For kids with small bodies, it may not be ideal

ADM Beginner Acoustic Classical Guitar

ADM Beginner Acoustic Classical Guitar: Best Guitars for A 5-Year-Old Kid

In terms of quality, this model boasts of being among the best. You will appreciate its color combination and placement of the strings. Laminated basswood is the material used in this model and is ideal because it adds to its durability.

Every child and beginner will love using this guitar because of the comfort it offers. You will also appreciate a maple and rosewood material that makes it beautiful. Something you will also enjoy is the fingerboard and the maple that offers comfort while playing.

The quality of sound produced by this model is excellent. It is touted as one among the Best Guitars for A 5-Year-Old Kid. You will feel the notes as you play them. Its sustain is lovely, and the tone clarity can go a longer distance. It has a fuller sound hence ideal for training purposes.

For all the beginners, the model makes a  great choice. Something that will amaze you is the ability to serve multiple tasks. The bundle comes with a starter kit that is ideal for use by all musicians. One thing that will never happen is for you to get bored with the model.

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When offered as a gift to children and beginners, it serves as a great inspiration.


  • It comes at a comfortable and lightweight design
  • Ideal for offering as a gift
  • Comfortable to use
  • Serves multiple roles and purposes
  • Quality sound output


  • It comes at a pricier end

Smartxchoices 30″ Kids Electric Guitar

Smartxchoices 30" Kids Electric Guitar

This guitar comes in a lovely design with a size that makes it possible to be used by a child of as small as three years. The colors are attractive with a wood grain finish that makes it look extra beautiful. Most striking is the appealing light effect that adds to the usability of the model.

A hardwood, rosewood body makes the performance of the guitar excellent. Thanks to the 22 frets that make navigation more effective. You will quickly and comfortably press the frets for a rich and full sound.

Adjusting the settings to get your preferred tune is lovely and very useful. You will only have to adjust the settings of the guitar before you begin to play. Playing simple and complex codes with the model is simple and very effective.

The model is comfortable to play with because you will comfortably place it on the arms. Having nylon strings makes each child comfortable when playing. Any aspiring beginner will find the model more manageable and more comfortable to play. For young ones, this is the Best Guitars for A 5-Year-Old Kid.

An amplifier makes the sound and performance more enhanced.


  • Easy and comfortable to play
  • Simple to set up
  • Lightweight design
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Easy to store and carry


  • Poor connection of the amp may cause fire

DAISY ROCK Pixie Purple Acoustic Guitar

DAISY ROCK Pixie Purple Acoustic Guitar: Best Guitars for A 5-Year-Old Kid

If you have a girl who is developing an interest in guitar playing, this model is best for her. It comes in a lightweight design, offering simplicity in carrying. The color codes are also useful as they offer a unique attraction to the girl.

Moreover, the guitar has a great sound. Playing it makes you feel good because of the tone quality, which makes the sound quality excellent. Its body is slim and ensures that you are most comfortable when playing your favorite notes.

Small hands will find the model colorful and more comfortable to play with. Even the small girls will find it easier and more comfortable to use. In case it falls off, you are assured of safety. Once it falls, it won’t hurt you, and it is also durable hence less damaged.

If you are looking for another choice but a very effective one, you will choose between the models. You will get the proper placement of the strings and the guitar holders. You are there for very sure that the model will deliver excellence and make it one of the Best Guitars for A 5-Year-Old Kid.


  • It has a lovely and comfortable design
  • Ideal or use by small hands and girls
  • Reliable as it delivers excellence
  • Easy to handle


  • May not be ideal for ages above 7

RuiyiF Kids Guitar for Girls Boys 6 Strings

RuiyiF Kids Guitar for Girls Boys 6 Strings: Best Guitars for A 5-Year-Old Kid

If you are looking for an affordable way to introduce your child to music, this model can make the best choice. You will love its toy design that also offers simplicity in practicing playing. The string has a steel material make up that makes it durable.

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Taking eye to eye playing sessions using this model is excellent. You will have a special session with your child, considering that the model is designed to perform for the child.  Motor coordination is also a straightforward task.

Giving this model as a gift to any child is a superb choice. It has a beautiful color that is attractive and inspirational to the child. This is considered one of the Best Guitars for A 5-Year-Old Kid. A fantastic thing about it is its placement of the frets. You will find it extra comfortable to use and manage.

The body of the guitar is smooth with a high-grade varnish. You can, therefore, be very sure that the outcomes will be lovely for your child. Using it as an educational toy for your child is a lovely thing.

Something to appreciate about the model is its durability. It is less exposed to damages as children play with it. In cases where there is damage to it, the model retains its performance.


  • It has a lovely color and design
  • Offers simplicity in use
  • Has a remarkable and reliable service
  • It comes at an affordable price
  • Powerful hence quite durable


  • The steel strings may not be very friendly

Liberty Imports Happy Tune 6 String Acoustic Guitar

Liberty Imports Happy Tune 6 String Acoustic Guita: Best Guitars for A 5-Year-Old Kid

You will get this guitar model at a very affordable price that will probably offer you a remarkable service. You will love the beautiful color that it comes along with. In terms of quality, it makes one of the best models.

Young players and guitar learners will find this guitar to be an attractive choice. The sound it produces is crystal clear, and the frets are easy to navigate. A slim design makes it very easy to handle and play your favorite cords.

It also features strings of steel that make it sustain better, and the sound quality more enhanced. Playing the strings is more comfortable and quite reliable. You will appreciate the fact that the placement of the strings is quite useful.

The material used in making the guitar is plastic. It is therefore lightweight, making it the best option for small children. Adjusting and tightening the strings is a straightforward process. When used for acquiring basics, it delivers excellence. Hence being preferred as one of the Best Guitars for A 5-Year-Old Kid

The dimensions are lovely because they facilitate playing by most young children and beginners. You are, therefore, very sure that the model will serve you and meet your expectation. The positioning and configuration of the guitar are lovely for offering simplicity in playing.

Safety while using the model is excellent. It has a design that fulfills the requirements of the children’s toy standards. You, therefore, have a guarantee that the guitar will deliver an excellent service.


  • Has a realistic and performing design
  • Reliable performance
  • Simple to use and adjust
  • Best quality standards
  • Strong and durable


  • The string may not offer much comfort

Yamaha CGS102A Half-Size Classical Guitar

Yamaha CGS102A Half-Size Classical Guitar: Best Guitars for A 5-Year-Old Kid

Yamaha is a brand that is widely known for its quality. This model also boasts of high quality and excellent performance. It comes in a half size and a natural color, which is ideal for an excellent performance.

The material composition of the guitar makes its performance more enhanced. One thing you will enjoy when using it is the strings used in its making. They are durable and offer great simplicity when playing the guitar.

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Navigating through its fretboard, is a beneficial and straightforward process. You will fall in love with the fretboard, which offers simplicity when playing. A slim design tends to make everything easier for day to day usage.

What makes this model best for use by children is its lightweight design. Spruce wood is used in making the top of the guitar. A combination of meranti and rosewood adds more to the durability of the model.

More things to appreciate is the use of classical technology. The performance of the guitar gets fantastic because of the powerful technology. You will find it a perfect fit for your sound needs as a beginner.

Children will love using the model because of the powerful method used in its making. The width and height are comfortable for children, and its aesthetics make it look much better. The neck design is excellent, and the string height is lovely. This is one of the Best Guitars for A 5-Year-Old Kid.


  • It has a lovely and comfortable design
  • Offers simplicity of use
  • Reliable performance for children
  • Provides for improved playability
  • Excellent sound and design


  • The strings may be too harsh for children

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Choosing the best guitar for a 5-year-old kid

The needs of a 5-year-old kid are different from those of an adult. You will find that simplicity in children is everything. Paying much focus on the design and size of the guitar will result in enhanced performance. Below are a few guiding principles you should look at as you choose the best guitar for a 5-year old kid.


A 5-year-old kid must have a tiny body. The guitar must therefore be small to meet their size. It will be more convenient to have a slim, short, and holdable model. The best guitar for a 5-year old kid will be easy to handle and play for your child.

The reviewed guitars above have an excellent size for your 5-year old kid. You are assured that they will learn quickly and enjoy playing the guitar along the way.

String strength

The strength of the string should be less rigid. Such a string will be ideal at ensuring that the guitar is playable to the child. A right string should not cause any harm to the child’s fingers.

We have the best classical guitar strings for beginners which are exceptional for children. You are sure that if you choose any of the guitars above, your children will be able to play them easily.


The model should offer excellent durability because of the quality it offers. The best one should always have a quality body with strong wood and also more vital strings. The playful games of the child should not, in any way, harm the guitar.

Ease of use

A child should find their guitar convenient and easy to use.  An ideal guitar for a child should have proper dimensions that will facilitate quick navigation and carrying. You may also look at simple guides on buying a guitar for a child.

Final verdict

One of the best experiences with children is allowing them to enjoy their talents. Guitar playing is a kind of entertainment for children. Having high-quality guitars is lovely because it offers a remarkable service. The models we have tackled are of excellent quality.

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