8 Best Guitars for Big Hands in 2022

I wish I had smaller hands or quick playing of my guitar. Every time I play the guitar, I feel uncomfortable, and my play isn’t efficient. You may be judging yourself in this manner and asking all sorts of questions about your fingers. Here is good news for you. Some guitars need your hands to play excellently. In short, we have a guitar that you will enjoy playing. These are the Best Guitars for Big Hands.

Playing the guitar is the most enjoyable experience ever. You feel the music flowing as you gently or roughly strum the strings. This is every beginners dream of playing well to the tune of music.

However, the experience has been unenjoyable for most people with big hands when you try and play the normal electric guitar. It is even harder to play the best guitar strings for beginners or intermediate players as compared to expert guitarists.

On the other hand, you may be having small hands. In this case, you can get the best guitar for small hands to ensure you enjoy your time playing the guitar.

Guitars come in various sizes to meet specific users. The placement of strings is also different so that they meet specific needs. Today’s article has the best guitars you can comfortably use I you have big hands.

Best guitar for big hands

Cordoba C3M Classical Guitar

Cordoba C3M Classical Guitar: Best Guitars for Big Hands

You will love using this guitar if you are a beginner. It has a lightweight design that makes it easier to handle. It offers a comfortable design that makes your playing sessions easier. A lovely thing is the presence of the nylon and steel guitar strings that for a beginner are user friendly.

This model has a full size hence more comfortable to play. Navigating through the fretboard is very easy, especially for a person whose hands a huge. The shape and the material choice is lovely as it enhances simplicity in use.

A traditional design makes the model look colorful. It has a fan bracing that is most preferred for classical guitars. The quality is also lovely as it ensures that you enjoy a more extended period of service. You will love the kind of sustain the model offers as it vibrates longer.

The features such as the fingerboard and others are also of excellent quality. A gold tuning, rosewood fingerboard, pearl buttons, and matte finish make it colorful. You can, therefore, be very sure that the performance of the guitar is outstanding.


  • More extended fretboard for enhanced performance
  • Comfort and ease of use
  • Loud and clear
  • Awesome vibration
  • Lovely tone


  • Traditional design hence no many features

Blueridge Guitars 6 String Acoustic Guitar

Blueridge Guitars 6 String Acoustic Guitar: Best Guitars for Big Hands

This model has quality because of the material used in its makeup. You will love the large size and comfort it offers, especially if your hands are big. Amazingly, it has a comfortable shape that is key to its excellent performance.

You will find solid spruce at the top of the guitar, ideal for the most precise articulation. At the back, you will find rosewood, which is ideal for strong cutting power. You will feel nice because of its ability to maintain stronger vibrations.

The stability at the neck gets boosted by the slim mahogany wood. You are therefore very sure that you will use the guitar for a long. Deep bass gets delivered every time you pluck the strings. However, the lightweight design makes everything easier and quite reliable.

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You will have fun with the playability of the model because of its power. Something that is most amazing is the slim neck that makes your access to the fretboard excellent. A padded design and a Blueridge logo help in making the performance of the model more enhanced.


  • It comes at a lightweight design
  • Offers comfort during use
  • Reliable performance
  • Offers great playability
  • Durable and sturdy


  • It does not have technological features for an enhanced performance

Donner DAG-1CE Electric Acoustic Guitar

Donner DAG-1CE Electric Acoustic Guitar

This model comes in a full size that makes it easier to play for people with large hands. Its giant size gets further extended to the sound it produces. You will therefore appreciate how the resonance it produces and the simplicity in playing.

A right-hand design makes it lovelier for its users to enjoy. Something to appreciate is the ability of the guitar to support the playing of various styles. You can, therefore, enjoy your favorite play when using this model.

A preamp is built-in the guitar and is ideal for facilitating better sound projection. You will appreciate the three bands that make everything easier for you. A sweet blend of the bass, treble, and mids makes everything possible and reliable for all the users. It is therefore the best electric guitar for midrange, low range and high range.

Tuning the model is a straightforward process. You will enjoy the quick process of adjustment. Combination of the mahogany, and spruce, makes the quality of the guitar dependable and long-lasting. It is also a great contributor towards maintaining a balanced resonance.


  • It has a lovely and reliable design
  • Offers comfort when playing
  • Right hand and robust design
  • Simple to play if your hands are huge
  • It has an in-built amp


  • It is slightly pricey

Left Handed Wood Guitar with Case and Accessories

Left Handed Wood Guitar with Case and Accessories

If you are a beginner with huge hands, this model makes an ideal choice. It is a lovely guitar to use, especially if you are beginning. You will appreciate the color combination that it comes on. When used by teens, boys, and girls, you will have extra fun.

The quality of sound produced is excellent. Special appreciation for the quality of material used in its making.  If you are learning to play the guitar, you will find it lovelier to use this model as it offers clarity and realistic sounds.

In terms of service, this model will leave you demanding more. Something you have to appreciate is the fact that it comes with a shoulder strap. It is therefore not exposed to falling hence less affected by damages. A long term service is, therefore, inevitable.

An attractive and glossy finish makes the guitar lovely to use. Something to be very sure of is, therefore, comfort during its use. Accessories such as spare strings, shoulder straps, and guitar picks make the model’s performance more enhanced.


  • It has a lovely color and design
  • Comfortable to use
  • It has a durable and attractive design
  • Ideal for all beginners with huge hands
  • Excellent and high-quality sound


  • May not work with real strings
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Martin Guitar Standard Series Acoustic Guitars

Martin Guitar Standard Series Acoustic Guitars: Best Guitars for Big Hands

This guitar model boasts of an elegant design that is key to its performance. The make is purely by hand hence an advanced performance. You can, therefore, be very sure that the sound it produces is professional.

This handmade guitar has a combination of high-quality materials that are key to enhanced performance. You will appreciate the ebony, rosewood, Sitka spruce, and mahogany, which tend to make the guitar’s performance more enhanced.

Imagine playing the guitar that provides you with various play styles. Thanks to the many-body designs that make it compatible with many styles. Using it for live performance and long-playing durations is therefore very possible. For long hours, it will support active play.

The playability of the guitar is more enhanced. Something you will much enjoy is the lightweight design. It facilitates quick and comfortable handling of the model while playing.

For a person with large hands, looking for the best acoustic guitar under $300 this model will deliver excellent performance.


  • Comfortable to use
  • It has a lovely design
  • Boasts of high-quality sound production
  • Excellent performance and design standards
  • Excellent playability


  • It is not ideal for beginners

Alvarez ABT60 Artist Series Guitar

Alvarez ABT60 Artist Series Guitar

Something that will attract you with this model is the natural color. You will also love its design as it offers excellent playability, which is key to the best performance. Its performance gets enhanced by the combination of wood quality and performance.

Moreover, the guitar boasts of the best wood combination. You are, therefore, very sure that the durability and quality of service are remarkable. Mahogany on the back, spruce on the top, and Sitka spruce at the body all work towards enhancing an excellent performance.

The sound produced by this guitar model is excellent. You will enjoy a high-quality resonance and perfect articulation of the played notes. Accessing the fretboard for simple playability is something you will always enjoy because it is one of the Best Guitars for Big Hands. For anyone whose hands are enormous, the guitar makes a reliable companion.

The combination of features makes the performance of the model excellent. Its strings are of great quality and resonate better. You will also find it quite convenient to adjust the strength of the strings. Its binding is also of excellent quality.


  • It has a lovely and reliable design
  • Simple to play and adjust
  • Reliable performance
  • Has tuners for an enhanced sound
  • High quality hence durable


  • Needs frequent replacement of the strings

Ibanez AEG 10 II Electric Acoustics Guitar

Ibanez AEG 10 II Electric Acoustics Guitar: Best Guitars for Big Hands

One thing that welcomes you to this model is its performance. You will especially love it because of its color and composition. Something that makes it a more comfortable model to use its size. It is therefore playable by most people despite their size of hands.

The finish is colorful hence a reliable and remarkable performance. Playing the guitar if your hand is vast is lovely because you will access all its parts. Navigation through the fretboard is quick and very reliable.

The resonance as you play is excellent. You will love the projection of the sound and the vibration that gets through the body. The material of the string is great, and the sustain is incredible and quite reliable. You will appreciate its simplicity when it comes to making adjustments. And you will find it to be one of the Best Guitars for Big Hands.

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Finally, you will love the material composition. It is ideal as it ensures that you can comfortably hold it because of its lightweight design. The quality of sound produced as a result of the composition is also lovely.


  • It has a comfortable design hence simple to play
  • Easy to handle
  • High-quality body
  • Easy to adjust the strings
  • Right-hand orientation


  • You will need to make frequent adjustments

Ibanez GRG 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar

Ibanez GRG 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar

You may be wondering if an electric guitar is not ideal for people with large hands. It is possible to enjoy a remarkable service with an electric guitar. This model is one that will give you excellent service.

The first thing you will admire about it is its size. It is enormous hence making it possible for people with large hands to enjoy its use comfortably. You will appreciate the ability of the model to deliver an excellent and reliable service.

Tuners of the model are strategically located hence ideal for facilitating an excellent performance. You will find it to be more comfortable to set up and manage. The pickups are lovely hence comfortable and quick to manage. This makes it one of the Best Guitars for Big Hands.

The guitar has the right orientation and a humbucker pickup configuration. You will love the nickel used in the making of the strings hence a guaranteed performance.  Materials of oak wood, maple, alder wood, and poplar are ideal because they help better sound projection.


  • It has a lovely and reliable design
  • Simple to set up using the tuners
  • Quality sound production because of the material used
  • Excellent durability
  • It has 24 frets and six pickups


  • May not perform out of power as the other models do

Choosing the best guitar for big hands

The procedure to select the best guitar for a person with small hands is easy. Adhering to the principles below will help your decision making to be fast.


If your hands are significant, then the size of the guitar should also be significant. You should, therefore, look for a guitar that has a bigger size. The thing you need to have a close watch on is the fretboard. Strings should be placed in such a way that they are simple to access.


The quality of the guitar should also be excellent. There is no essence to have a big guitar that is of low quality.  Therefore, you should target one that will help you enjoy great sounds and serve you for a long time.

Ease of use

Adjusting the guitar strings should be very easy. The whole management from handling, playing, and maintenance of the guitar should be straightforward. The best one should, therefore, have a lightweight design and simplicity in operation.

Final verdict

Getting a guitar for small hands is a straightforward task. All you have to focus on is getting one that has all the qualities of a good guitar. Using our guide, you will land at a guitar that will offer you remarkable moments.