How to connect a subwoofer to powered speakers

You’ve just purchased a new set of powered speakers and you don’t know how to connect a subwoofer to powered speakers. The only thing holding you back is the subwoofer. You plug it in, but your speakers produce no sound. What gives?

It turns out that connecting a subwoofer to your powered speakers requires more than just plugging it in. Read on to learn how to connect your subwoofer to your powered speakers like a pro!

How to connect a subwoofer to powered speakers

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What You Need to Know About Connecting Subwoofer to Powered Speakers

The first thing you need to know is what kind of amplifier your powered speakers are paired with. If they’re not paired with an amplifier, then you won’t be able to connect the subwoofer to them. If they are pairing with an amplifier, then you need to know how to configure your speaker settings.

You should also notice two cables coming out of the back of the speaker:

– One cable will have different colors (usually red and black)

– The other cable will only have one color – usually green or yellow

As we mentioned earlier, you want both cables connected in order for sound to come out of both speakers. There are three types: RCA, 1/4″ input jack, and XLR input jack. All three types require some sort of adapter in order for it work with your subwoofer’s connector (typically

Connecting a Subwoofer to a Powered Speaker

To connect your subwoofer to a powered speaker, you need to choose the correct amplifier for your speaker. This is because there are two types of amplifiers: passive and active. Passive speakers require an amplifier with built-in amplification, while active speakers need a power amplifier.

If your speaker has an input for a power amp, then this is a good indication that it’s powered and active. This is what you’ll want to get if you’re looking for optimal sound quality. It’s also important to know that many amplifiers come with their own subwoofer outputs. But if your amp doesn’t have one, don’t worry!

The final step in connecting your subwoofer to your powered speakers is setting up your speaker settings on the amp itself. For example, if the amp has volume control on the left side and bass control on the right side, then make sure they’re adjusted properly before playing any music or testing your new setup!

Possible Causes for No Sound from Speakers

It might seem like a no-brainer, but the first thing you should do if your speakers produce no sound is to make sure they’re actually on. Many people forget that some powered speakers have power switches and forget to turn off the switch when they’re done using it. If your speakers are indeed turned on, then the most likely culprit is a bad connection on the speaker cables.

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Speaker cables can detach from their plugs or wires can break inside of them. Without a proper connection, your speakers will not produce any outputted sound. You can identify this problem by disconnecting one end of the cable and seeing if your speaker produces sound without the other end connected to it. If it does not produce sound with just one side of the cable connected, try replacing your speaker wire or reinserting it into its plug before connecting both ends of the cable together

what are powered speakers ?

Powered speakers are speakers that have an amplifier and a woofer built-in. In order to use powered speakers, you do need to have a subwoofer as well, but it doesn’t have to be a separate one.

What to do if your amplifier is unpowered

If your amplifier is unpowered, you’ll need an outboard power amp to power the subwoofer. You can buy a separate power amp and connect it to your powered speakers via a speaker cable.

How to produce the best sound from subwoofers

A subwoofer is a speaker that focuses on low-frequency sound waves. A subwoofer is usually connected to the amplifier of a stereo system or home theater and can significantly improve the quality of sound for certain musical genres. When you connect your subwoofer to your powered speakers, you want to make sure that your powered speakers are set up properly.

The first step in connecting your subwoofer is to make sure that the volume on both devices are turned down before plugging them together. Next, plug in one end of a speaker cable into the subwoofer jack and the other into one of the speaker outputs on your amplifier. After doing this, make sure all cables are placed away from any heat sources as they could be damaged by extreme temperatures. Now turn up the volume on either device to an ideal listening level. If you want to adjust base on each device separately, then leave their volumes at the same level and do not turn them up too high otherwise you will blow out either device (which we don’t recommend). Now your speakers should be producing sound!

How to keep your speakers safe

You can’t just plug a subwoofer into any amplifier. If you need to do this, you will have to purchase an adapter that allows this connection. When connecting your subwoofer to your powered speakers, it’s important to keep the amp’s volume at moderate levels, as well as the speakers’.

If you set the amp too high and the speaker too low, then your speaker could be damaged. The same goes for setting the amp too low and the speaker too high. Avoiding these mistakes is simple if you take the time to learn about how different amps and speakers connect before you start setting up.

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The first step is understanding what type of amplifier you’re dealing with. If your powered speakers are not self-powered, then they will require an external amplifier in order to work properly. There are two types of amplifiers: those with a single input and those with multiple inputs. By identifying which type of amplifier your speakers require, it becomes easier to determine which connections need to be made.

Next, make sure that your new subwoofer has at least one set of RCA jacks on its back panel. This will allow you to connect it easily and safely by routing cables from left and right channels together through a single jack on each side of the subwoofer box itself (this prevents shorting). If your new subwoofer doesn’t have these jacks, then purchase an adapter that does!

The best quality powered speakers

When you’re connecting your subwoofer to your powered speakers, you need to consider the quality of your speakers. A subwoofer is an important part of any system because it is responsible for reproducing low sounds that are inaudible to humans. For example, if you’re listening to a song with a lot of bass, then the subwoofer will be the only one contributing to the sound.

The power amplifier inside your speaker is what determines the quality of your sound reproduction. Powered speakers can have amplifiers from 10 watts all the way up to 600 watts! The higher wattage means that more power is going into your sound and this produces a better quality sound overall. The other thing to consider when purchasing powered speakers is what type they are. There are active and passive powered speakers as well as full-range, bi-amplified, and tri-amplified speakers. All these terms refer to how powerful the amplifier inside is and how much power it gives off so be sure you know which kind of speaker you’re getting before buying!

How to keep subwoofers safe

The best way to keep your subwoofer safe is to make sure it isn’t right under your speaker once you plug it in. Make sure that you place it on the floor or on a stand, as this will prevent any damage to the equipment.

We also recommend investing in a surge protector for your subwoofer and amplifier. This will help protect any electronics from spikes and power surges, which can be common during storms. There are many inexpensive models available online and they’re worth the investment if you want to ensure your equipment stays safe.

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the best subwoofers to buy

The first step to connecting your subwoofer to your powered speakers is figuring out what type of amplifier your speakers are paired with. If you’ve got a receiver, then you can use it to connect the subwoofer as well. If you have a set of powered speakers, then you will need an amplifier. There are many different types of amplifiers that vary in power, but if you’re just starting out and want something easy to use, check out the ones linked below!


What are the two types of amplifiers?

There are two types of amplifiers: integrated and external. Integrated is when the amplifier is built into the speaker, and external is when it’s not. When you’re connecting a subwoofer to powered speakers, make sure that they both use the same type of amplifier.

Which speaker settings should I configure?

Most speakers come with automatic volume adjustment (AVR). This means that your speakers will adjust the volume automatically depending on how loud or soft the sound is. The problem with this setting is that it can cause distortion in your music because you’re not controlling how loud or soft the music gets. But we’ve got good news! You can easily turn this setting off by accessing your system properties and turning it to manual volume control (MVC). It’s simple!

What is the difference between a passive and active subwoofer?

Passive subwoofers are wired to an amplifier and they require a power source; while active subwoofers have an internal amplifier that processes the signal without needing external wiring. The downside of active subwoofers is that they usually cost more than their passive counterparts.

Why do I need a powered speaker?

Without it, you won’t be able to play your music as loudly or as clearly. Powered speakers often have built-in amplification, which means you don’t need to connect your speakers to an external amp. A set of powered speakers also includes a preamp, which transforms the audio signal into something the speaker can process.


Connecting the subwoofer to the powered speakers is not a difficult process. In this article, we have gone through some of the important things to be aware of when connecting a subwoofer to a powered speaker.

So now that you have read this article, you are more than equipped to connect your subwoofer to your powered speakers.