How to Open a Box of Altec Lansing Speakers

One of the most important things when purchasing speakers is to ensure they will fit in your home. It’s also crucial that you buy speakers that are worth their price tag and will last for years to come. Altec Lansing speakers are ideal for those who want high-quality sound, stylish design and a wide variety of options. One common problem with these speakers is that they come in large boxes which can be difficult to open. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you open your speaker box!

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How to Open a Box of Altec Lansing Speakers

What you will need

– A kitchen knife

– A cardboard box or other cutting tool to cut the box open

– The instructions for your specific speaker model.

Once you have all of these items gathered, it’s time to get started! First, lay out your instructions for the speakers on a flat surface. After that, you’ll want to cut the top of the box off with your knife. Be sure not to cut too low so that you’re not left with a mess of cardboard pieces. Next, remove every piece of packing material from inside the box. Lastly, remove each individual speaker and set them up!

Finding the right speakers for your needs

When it comes to choosing speakers for your home entertainment system, the options can be overwhelming. Do you want bookshelf speakers or a set of floor speakers? Would you rather have a wireless speaker or would you prefer one with an aux cord option? You may not know what type of speaker is best for you.

That’s why we offer so many different types of Altec Lansing speakers. We want to make sure that every customer walks away with the perfect set of speakers for their needs. That’s why we recommend coming into our store and talking to our staff to help determine which type of speaker is right for you!

Unboxing them and plugging in

The first step to using your Altec Lansing speakers is to unbox them. Unboxing these speakers may be different than you’re used to if you typically purchase speakers from a store, since they will be shipped to you. Once you open the box, locate the speaker or speakers and remove them from the packaging. The second step is connecting your new speakers to a power source and then plugging in all of the necessary cables (including any speaker wire). After everything has been hooked up, go ahead and turn on the power to start enjoying your new set of Altec Lansing Speakers!

Setting up and connecting to your device

With your new speakers in hand, it’s time to get them set up and ready for use. Connect the speaker wire from your computer or other device’s audio output to the “Line In” on the back of the left speaker. Next, connect the speaker wire from each speaker to the corresponding port on your left speaker labeled “Left Speaker” and “Right Speaker.” Match red wires with red ports and black wires with black ports.

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Now that you have connected all of the cables, plug in your speakers for power. If you are not sure which cord is meant for power, check out the back of each speaker near where you plugged in the audio cable. Some models may have a different color cord designated for power while others will be lacking this designation entirely.

Finally, make sure all of your speakers are turned on and working properly by playing a song or going through a playlist on your device. If you hear sound coming from both speakers, congratulations! You have successfully opened the box and set up your Altec Lansing speakers to use right away!

Basic speaker set-up

Altec Lansing speakers are versatile and can be used in a variety of different settings. Whether you need speakers for your desk, TV, or entire home audio system, Altec Lansing has the right speaker set up for you.

For example, if you want to know how to open the box of Altec Lansing speakers, we suggest starting with a basic speaker set-up. This is an excellent option if you want to use your speakers on your TV or computer but don’t have a surround sound system set up yet. The following link will walk you through some simple steps for setting up a basic speaker set-up with Altec Lansing products:

How to open the box

1. Begin by grabbing the box cutter and making a clean cut on the top of the box below the “Altec Lansing” logo.

2. Carefully open the flaps and find the top edges of the speakers.

3. Using your fingers, gently peel back one side of the speaker to expose a corner. 4. Do this for both sides of each speaker to free it from the box.

5. Once all four corners are exposed, grab one end and pull it out of the box with ease!

Open the top panel of the box

First, remove the plastic covering on the top panel of the box. This will be enough to remove the top panels of the box. The rest can be taken off with your hands.

Now, open up the side panels of the box and carefully set them aside.

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Once you have removed these panels, you should be able to see a white foam layer with small perforations. Press this down until it is flat and take care not to damage it.

Now that you have flattened out the foam layer, you should be able to remove it from inside of the box and place it into another location for safekeeping (perhaps under a bed or in a closet).

The next thing to do is take off any plastic wrap or stickers that are still left on the speaker. Do not peel off any stickers because they will leave residue on your speaker when removed! Finally, put away all components of your new speakers in their designated spots before using them for their intended purpose.

Open the front panel of the box

The first thing to do is to cut the top and side panels of the box so that you can open it. With the cardboard removed, you should now be able to slip your hands in and pull out the speaker inside.

Open the side panel of the box

Start by opening the side panel of the box. You should find two cardboard pieces that hold the speakers in place.

How to assemble your speakers

To assemble your speakers, you’ll need a Phillips screwdriver, a towel or blanket and some patience.

First, unpack the box and make sure all of the pieces are in there. This includes the speakers and any accessories. Look at the back of the speaker to see if it has an “L” or “R.” Then, set up your workspace outside of your house or apartment so that if it is windy, nothing will get damaged.

Next to your towel or blanket, place the screws in one pile and put them all in order with their corresponding part. Take out all of the parts from the box and lay them out on your towel or blanket so they don’t get lost. Keep in mind that you’ll need two brackets for every speaker for each side.

Once you have all of the parts laid out on your blanket, take out one bracket at a time and unscrew it by turning it left until it starts to come off (it may take a few tries). You can then pull off either one side or both sides together. After this, line up with holes on the bracket with those on top of each speaker frame (they should match up). Then place the unpainted side face down against whichever side of the frame needs it. Once that is done, attach using two screws- one on each end; be careful not to over tighten these as they may crack easily. Place that bracket aside once again and repeat until all four brackets are in place per

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how to keep speakers safe

Keeping your speakers safe is crucial in order to avoid any damage. In most cases, the manufacturer will place the speakers inside a special foam inside the box that helps protect them during shipping. Regardless of whether or not they use foam, make sure you keep your speaker’s original packaging if it’s included. This will help you store and transport your speakers without damaging them. In some cases, there might be a plastic cover on the speakers to ensure nothing happens when they’re being shipped. If this is the case, be sure to remove the plastic before plugging in your speakers so you don’t accidentally puncture any of the surrounding material!

What are altec lansing speakers box


Altec Lansing speakers are sold in a range of different box sizes. The best way to find out the size of your particular speaker’s box is to measure the box that it came in. If you’re not sure what size your speaker’s box is, look for the inside dimensions on the packaging. Once you know the dimensions of your speaker, it’ll be easier to find a good spot to open the package.


What are the dimensions of Altec Lansing speakers?

The dimensions of Altec Lansing speakers range from 6.7 to 11.8 inches in height. The width is 3.4 to 10.2 inches and the depth is 2.4 to 8.9 inches.

How should I store my speakers?

Altec Lansing offers a wide selection of storage options, including speaker stands, wall mounts, and other mounting hardware to ensure your speakers can be displayed while they’re not in use. For example, if you have a large stereo system that houses both home theater and sound bar speakers, you can mount them on the wall for easy access when your guests come over!

Where should I put my speaker stand?

Speaker stands can be used for any room of your house where you want to enjoy music or watch movies without disturbing others in close proximity (e.g., bedroom, kitchen). Speaker stands are typically placed on the floor with enough space around them so that one person can move freely past them while still hearing the music or movie clearly.


The Altec Lansing Speaker Box is the easiest way to get your hands on speakers. We offer a variety of speakers, ranging from desktop to surround sound, so you can find the right ones for your home, office or car.