Clone hero guitar setup

Clone hero guitar setup

One of the most exciting tasks is setting the guitar for playing. People who have proper knowledge about Clone hero guitar setup, take a few minutes to have the settings ready. Beginners take some time, but after mastering the skill, they begin to have fun moments.

Clone hero guitar is one of the interesting instruments you should try. However, setting it up can be challenging. This should not discourage you because we have prepared a comprehensive guide to make everything simple for you.

Clone hero is a game with a free rhythm that you will comfortably play using the 5 or 6 guitar controller. An alternative has a computer controller which allows the use of the standard computer buttons.  It will enable you to copy the song charts in a folder then continue playing the game as you have fun.

We have done a compilation of a comprehensive guide to help you in Clone hero guitar setup.

Pick the right guitar

It is compulsory to pick the right guitar if you want an outstanding performance. The main advantage is that it will meet your needs and help you achieve the objective of playing the guitar.

Several things make up the right guitar. Below are considerations that make up the best guitar. Guitars make the best options when it comes to playing the clone hero. Learning the playing sessions is also a simple and effortless task.


The best guitar must have a proper size. Measuring the guitar with the type of the user is one of the most impressive tasks. It makes you land at the ideal instrument that will make you enjoy simplicity when playing.

Simplicity of use

The primary reason why we have done this article is to make it easy to set up the guitar. However, you need to ensure that the instrument you buy is simple to use. Playing and making the simple adjustments should be an effortless task


The quality of the guitar determines its durability and the quality of sound it produces. Its strings should be of good quality that will make plucking a straightforward task. Accessories used in making the guitar should be of good quality as they will lower the cost of changing the instruments.


It is always good to check on the compatibility of the controllers. Good ones should offer simplicity and comfort when doing the operations. Understanding the parts to adjust every should take a short time after buying your guitar.

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Type of the guitar

Choice of the type also matters a lotas some models don’t work as expected. Models that have the Xbox connection have a challenge inthe setting, but we have a solution. Getting one with an adapter or twin USB is a good option because it creates a quick solution.


The best guitar for clone hero will have low latency. You will be able to implement the various control measures when using the model. When setting it up, you will have an easy time because the magnitude of adjustment will not be very high.

A model that you will conveniently control makes the best choice as it will also quickly pair with the controllers. When the latency is high, you will need to adjust the settings frequently. Therefore you need to master the art of Clone hero guitar setup.

Understanding the clone hero guitar

There are some basic things that we need to understand before getting to set the guitar. Some of these things include the components of the guitar and its arrangement.

The three major components that make a clone hero guitar include the solo, rhythm, and co-op tracks. Drums will also feature in future instruments hence making them more playable. It is an instrument that is still undergoing modifications to make it better.

The drums will be in four lanes, with the guitar hero drums having five lanes. Its future on microphones is also not very clear as there will be improvements to make the instruments more playable. Tracking vocals using this device is one of the simplest tasks.

Controllers of a clone hero guitar

Guitar hero: to connect a clone hero guitar, you need a windows 10 or Linux and Xbox 360 dongle. Without the Xbox drivers, you will experience challenges with using it as it may become completely impossible. The tricky part of it is that you may not hold the frets and strum the device.

Some of the widely known guitar controllers include the SG guitar, Xplorer, Kramer, Les Paul, Gerenicaster, 6 button guitar, and the rock guitar warriors.All guitar hero drums can make use of the guitar.

For rock band controllers, you will comfortably use the rock band Stratocaster, Beatles rock, pro guitar, rock, and 4 and precision band. All the drums work with this guitar. The controllers should be simple to manage and implement the various measures.

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There are other controllers that you need to avoid. 3rd party controllers are some of the examples that you need to avoid at all costs. Microphones, riff rocker, DS controller, DJ hero, DK bongos, and power GIG Guitar. RB3 Keyboards are also models that fail to work.

Setting a clone hero guitar

The process of setting up the model is as follows.

  •  Create the custom highways

In the beginning, you will need to create custom highways. You will need to choose one that is transparent for your use. To get the highways, you will get them online and then right-click and select download. 

Choosing the option that says download the fretboards,you will use in a clone hero will take you home faster. Custom highways are essential because they help in implementing the settings that will favor productivity.

  • Install the custom highways

After downloading, you will do an installation of the clone hero custom highway. The best and the most reliable highway is available here. You will right-click to save and then select them to do the installation process. 

You will see the notes floating on the surface of or as the background image. There are also other MODs available online that will make your work effortless. Choosing those that are compatible with the service is the best option ever.

  • Connect the guitar

 The process starts by connecting the guitar after the assessment that it is in good condition. You will connect using the guitar terminal or the wireless receiver. After connection, check if the guitar is recognized in the terminal as the uhid.

You may have to redo the connection process if it is not recognized. Proceed to the next step if the guitar connection is successful. You will also get a code that will indicate that the connection process and pairing is successful.

  • Map the buttons

This step is relevant as it guides the actual setup process. You will carefully map the keyboard buttons so that you can use them on the guitar. Using when mapping is the most effective way because it needs to facilitate communication with the device. Uhid devices must have an opportunity to communicate using the SDL magic

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After opening the key, you will find a lot of unbound keys. Once you press a button, you will see it producing some light as a sign that it is responding to your commands. You will press the first green button that lights up the first button for better understanding, which means you can now pair it with the key A in the clone hero.

  • Set the rate of lag

You now need to set the lag so that it does not respond too quickly or too slow. You can set the lag to take 1ms or the one that you prefer. Beginners will set a more extended period than the experienced players.

Players that have mastered the playing skills will set the lag to take a shorter time. To do the set, you will visit the settings option found in the public option. You will then pick the game poll option rate that then displays several options for you. 

  • Finish up the setup

Testing the model is the sure way of ensuring that you have successfully done the connection process. Wherever there is a challenge in the connection, you will have the guitar not performing as you expect. If you have a tutorial that will help you start playing the guitar, you will get a better outcome.

Startup process when playing clone hero

Launch the program– The program of the can be the FreePIE which is responsible for the effective running of the clone hero

Press the first and the second button at once– These are the buttons that connect a success. An LED light will show that you have successfully done the process.

Stop the script and rerun it– It allows the controllers to begin working most effectively. It is good to let the script stay a short moment before reconnecting. Starting will enable the accelerometer to start working afresh.

Launch the clone hero and play


Running the clone hero game as an administrator is the most effective troubleshooting method when you begin to experience challenges. The process of setting up using the technique we have highlighted is fast and very effective. If you experience challenges, you will have to restart the game as it becomes more efficient.