How to Fix a Clone Hero Guitar

How to fix a clone hero guitar

One of the most confusing moments is when you have connected the clone hero guitar, and then it refuses to work. Another one is when you have been using the guitar, and then it fails instantly. These make the worst moments when you don’t know how to fix clone hero guitar.

Most people think of technicians when they get to this point. The good news we have is that there are quick solutions you can do by yourself. Most of the challenges that make the clone hero guitar not function are usually with the connection. Troubleshooting is the most popular solution that most people will skip to.

We have done thorough research and came up with possible problems and their solutions. They are as highlighted below.

Common challenges and their solutions

Clone hero not detecting input

You can connect the clone hero to all the accessories but still find it not detecting the input. The result is that the connection becomes ineffective, and you completely do not get a response. At times you redo the connection but still find the challenge existing.

You can do to get a solution to do the reconnection process by observing the challenges you are likely to encounter. After connecting, you will restart all the devices so that they update the software. The chances are very high that from this point, the model will begin to work.

Another solution for this problem is changing the XB1 wireless adapter, turning the guitar controller, and making sure that it is connected. Using the downloaded file, you will use the button to ensure that the buttons can be used comfortably. You can then test if the whole system is working.

Some buttons not working

You may also get in a situation that the buttons may fail to work. They may completely fail to light up. When you try using another guitar model, you may notice that it is working.

Under such cases, you may have been using an outdated model. Therefore, you need to make some changes. Another possible challenge is that the VJoy is not working.

You will need to do a fresh installation of the VJoy. If you choose to do the reinstallation of the VJoy, you will have a got a quick and permanent solution. After the configuration process, the model should work without a hassle.

Note disappearing or producing the wrong value

Note disappearance and getting the wrong note are common, especially when your instrument is new. The leading cause of such a trend is the wrong placement of the notes concerning colors. You will not get good sustain and song backgrounds as you will continuously miss the accurate note.

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To correct the error, you will have to make changes in the way the buttons are placed. You have to be very sure of now placing each button to the proper placement on the note. Rebinding the color keys and strum barsis a simple process that you will comfortably follow.

Another possibility is that when you change games, the keys also change. You will notice that when you begin playing another game, the keys also change. It is, therefore,essential to ensure that you adjust the settings so that they meet the current game you want to play.

Keyboard not working

There are instances that the keyboard also refuses to work. You can map and remap the controls but still have them not functioning. You can do the process severally but still have the keyboard not functioning.

In such cases, you need to redo the connection again to have the model functioning again. You can also troubleshoot the keyboard by pressing the ESC key. Using the spacebar and the control key, you will have an opportunity to adjust the various settings. 

Disabling the discord overlay and enabling it again will make the keyboard continue functioning again. Choice of peripherals is also essential as they make it possible to manage the various functions. You can choose to use an alternative for the various parts if they do not function as you expect.

Finally, you can right-click the clone hero icon and then delete it. You will then have to install it afresh so that it starts afresh. When restarting, you should also take caution to ensure that you don’t tamper with the other computer parts.

Duplication of playlists

The playlists pose a challenge at times because of the duplication. You will have some tough time setting the various parameters so that the functioning is okay. Clarity of the playlist is something you will have great moments with.

In such cases, you will need to ensure that the playlist is clear and separated. When you have procedural playing of the playlist, you will have an easy and comfortable time. Positioning the number of songs you want to play in some specific order is ideal as it makes the playlist performance effective.

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Frequent scanning of the playlist is essential as it ensures that it is not contaminated. You will have the songs playing with a lot of clarity when they do not have any form of contamination. Fixed bugs are the ones that make the playlists duplicate. Removing them is a convenient task that will also make the performance more enhanced.

Optimization of personal pop pups

Personal popups are other things that tend to make the performance of the models unfavorable. They are very good at creating lags. You need to ensure that you have limited the personal things so that when clone hero begins to work, it delivers a consistent performance.

You can also limit using the same computer and peripherals for shared tasks. This means that the same activities will enjoy the service without having to share software. As a result, you will be pretty sure that the chances of having lags get reduce to a great degree.

Song or game not writing

This one is a common challenge that most people encounter when trying to play the clone hero. Sometimes you will try to key in commands, but they completely fail to function. There are instances that you will find chart files misnamed or the text displaying a different thing.

Such a challenge will need restarting of the model so that it delivers better performance. The outcome of restarting is that the various icons and functions will begin to work afresh. New icons and sources also tend to limit the performance hence making it unreliable.

You will finally have to look at the method you are using to encode the song. Some methods may completely fail to work, making your writing slightly tricky. Checking for compatibility is one of the best measures you can always take to have the model performing as you expect.

Bad video and sound quality

It is also possible to have a bad video and even sound quality. This has to do with the connection between the guitar and the output devices. A common challenge will be with the adapter or the connection cables between the model and the devices.

You need to ensure that you have the proper quality when choosing an adapter. It is also essential to ensure that the cables you use for connection have the right quality and will serve you as you expect. The outcome is that your needs will be perfectly met.

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It is also wise to ensure that you have chosen the best devices for displaying the video. The adapter and the TV or computer must support high resolution hence maintaining the quality of the output.

Issues with song upgrading

Song upgrading may also experience various challenges, such as a poor capture. Some files may therefore remain deleted and fail to function as you expect. Some parts of the song may exist, while some may go missing altogether. The outcome is that the process of playing will be pretty unreliable.

To encounter such a challenge, you need to ensure that you have the proper peripherals for enhanced performance. Something that you may not love is the software you need to do the upgrading. They may also be outdated hence making the work tiresome.

You need to ensure that you have all the requirements that help in keying in the information. You need to take caution to ensure that you have the proper song and process of feeding it.

Latency during playing

One major challenge people experience when playing is lags. The process of connecting and sending information becomes very challenging. You will, in such cases, need to have accurate facts about the devices you use. The Clone Hero adapters and the output devices you use should relay communication without experiencing any challenge. 

When playing the notes, you should have set the clone hero guitar in such a manner that it will respond as soon as possible.  Adjusting the settings of the whole system and the instrument is something you should frequently do so that you enjoy an outstanding performance.


Fixing a clone hero guitar is an effortless task so long as you have assessed the model’s challenge. Understanding the specific challenges that other people experience is something you will have great moments with.

It will guide you in assessing the typical things you will fix when you have a specific challenge. In addition, sometimes the problem is with the clone hero guitar setup. Therefore, it is important to know how to trouble shoot the main challenges and fix them.

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