How to Install Speakers in Lower Fairing

Bike speaker installation kits are available on the market to make your project easier. They come with the hardware for mounting and wiring the speakers, so all you have to do is install them in your bike. The installation process is not very hard and it doesn’t take much time either. You just need a few tools and some instruction from an installation kit manual. Here is an overview of a How to Install Speakers in Lower Fairing

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How to Install Speakers in Lower Fairing

The best Speaker Wire

To install speakers in your lower fairing, you will need speaker wire long enough to connect from the battery to your chosen location. It is wise to buy a few feet extra just in case. You will also need a drill, drill bit and screwdriver.

The first step is to drill two holes through the lower fairing. Measure the distance between the holes so that they are even with each other. Drill these holes as closely as possible to the center of the fairing but be sure not to drill through any wiring or air lines that may be running across its surface.

Once you’ve drilled your two holes, feed one end of your speaker wire into each hole and leave enough slack on both sides that you can secure them in place later on. The next step is to attach a bracket on each side of the fairing – these should be somewhere close by where you drilled your holes so that you can use them as handles when attaching your wires later on.

Next, run one side of your speaker wire from one bracket securely down over any wires or hoses then up into your chosen hole and out again before securing it at either end with a knot. Repeat this process for the other bracket and hole until you have both

Mounting Speakers

in Lower Fairing

Mounting speakers in your lower fairing is a relatively straightforward process and it requires no special tools. All you need to drill 2 holes and secure the speakers in place with the provided screws. Before drilling, consider where you want the sound to come from on your bike and make sure that it won’t be overly loud or annoying for other people who may be riding with you.

Fortunately, installation is easy because there are only two drill points for both sets of speakers. First, find the right spot for your speaker by tracing its outline with a pencil on either side of your lower fairing. Drilling through plastic can be difficult so don’t force the drill; if it feels like it’s going slow or not cutting through the plastic, stop and change settings. It might take some time to get used to drilling without breaking through but once you learn how much pressure is needed, go ahead and drill all four holes. Once finished drilling, insert each screw from one side until they reach the other side of their respective hole, leaving about 1/4-inch gap between them so that you can install your speaker wires later. Now clean up any excess plastic bits that were created during installation and voila! You have successfully mounted your speakers in upper fairing

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Speaker Mounting Brackets

You’ll need to attach the speaker mounting brackets to the lower fairing. You can use a drill or a screwdriver for this step. Place the screws on one side of the bracket and then use your fingers to press it into place. The holes are close together; you may need to drill them separately. Once you have the bracket in place, attach it with screws on both sides of the bracket and tighten them down securely.

Installing the Speaker Midship

The first step in the process is to drill a hole in the lower fairing. Start by measuring and marking your desired location on the fairing. Make sure you’ve positioned your drill so that it is level with the surface of the fairing.

Next, drill out a hole using a smaller drill bit than you will use for your actual speaker wire. This will ensure that there is enough room for wiring once you connect it to the speaker.

If you have an aftermarket lower fairing, then this may not be necessary since many are pre-drilled already.

Wire up the speakers

The speakers come with a wiring harness, so it’s not necessary to cut any wires. You just need to choose where you want the speakers and then wire them up.

Connect the speakers

to your bike

You start by removing the lower fairing from your motorcycle. The kit includes all the hardware necessary for you to mount and wire the speakers for installation. You will connect one end of a cable to a speaker and the other end to a radio antenna terminal. Now, connect a second cable to another speaker and again connect it to an antenna terminal. You can now mount the speakers in place using threaded inserts that come with your installation kit.

The above article is on how to install speakers in lower fairing. There are many advantages of installing speakers in your bike like being able to hear your music clearly while driving, which helps you stay more alert and aware of what’s going on around you because you won’t be distracted by your phone while driving. Bike speaker installation kits are available on the market which make this project easier when installing them in your bike as they come with all the hardware required for mounting and wiring them up with instructions provided by said kit.

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Speaker Wire

Speaker wire is the most important item for installation. You need to drill a hole through the fairing lower panel, which will be connected to your speakers. The wire will then need to be run from the fairing through the bike frame and down to the audio system in your bike’s storage compartment.

When you go shopping for speaker wire, make sure to buy enough for both sides of the bike. The total length of wire needed will depend on where you mount your fairings and how much slack you want in-between.

Mounting Speakers

in Lower Fairing

Mounting speakers in the lower fairing of your motorcycle requires some tools. You will need a drill with a 3/8 inch drill bit and a 1/4 inch spade drill bit.

Start by drilling a hole for the speaker wire. It should be about 1-inch from the bottom, left side, and just to one side of the centre line of the fairing. Next, using a 1/4 inch spade drill bit, drill two holes on either side of the speaker wire hole. These are done to prevent vibrations coming from wind or engine noise after you’ve installed speakers.

With that done, use your fingers or needle nose pliers to pull out any excess plastic near the speaker installation area so it doesn’t get caught in the speaker or affect how it sounds. With that done, insert your 3/8 inch drill bit into the top of your fairing and twist it counter-clockwise until it reaches its max depth; this is where you want to screw in your speakers. Turn off your power before installing speakers! Now screw in your speakers and plug them in to test them out!

How to keep speakers safe from damage

Mounting the speakers on the lower fairing of your bike is a good idea. But remember that they are not as protected there as they would be in the upper fairing. You will have to make sure they’re not at risk of getting damaged by any road debris or other obstacles.

It’s also important to protect them from too much vibration, so you can use foam panels or even bubble wrap to secure your speakers to the lower fairing and keep them safe from dirt and water.

If you have a question about speaker installation, post it below in the comments section!

the best way for wiring up your speakers

The two most popular methods for wiring up your speakers are parallel or series. Parallel wiring is when your positive and negative wires from the battery connect to the corresponding wires on the speaker, then connect both sets of wires to each other. The positive and negative power sources that come from the battery will always be wired in parallel with each other, so you’ll need to know what type of speaker you have before making your decision. If you have a series wiring configuration, take one wire from the positive terminal on your battery and attach it to only one of the speaker’s terminals. Then take another wire from your battery’s negative terminal and attach it to only one of the remaining terminals on your speakers.

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What tools are required for speaker installation?

A drill, drill bit, wire stripper, and zip ties.

Where do I drill the hole for the speaker wire?

You will need to measure out and mark the spot where you want to drill. Make sure you have enough clearance so that when you push the wires through they can move freely inside the fairing. Drill your hole using a smaller drill bit than that which is needed for the speaker wire in order to get a cleaner hole and make it easier to fit the wire through.

Where do I drill for the speaker wire?

Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the screws from the left and right side of the lower fairing. Once the screws are removed, you can drill for your speaker wire. Drill holes on either side of the fairing on the bottom half of either side. Once drilled, pull one end of your speaker wire through one hole and then out another. Pull both wires down and to remove any slack before re-inserting your screws.

How do I know where to place my speakers?

There are a few factors that will determine where you will want to place your speakers. You should be sure that you place them close enough to see how much sound they produce but not so close that they will pick up vibrations from the engine or exhaust system. It is also important to make sure that if you have speakers on both sides of your bike (one for each side), it is near equal distance between both speakers if you want them to be at equal volume levels.


You’ve got the music, now you need to get it out of your phone.

Installing speakers in your bike lower fairings is a great way to get your tunes on the go. There are a few steps and considerations though, so be sure to read on before you get started.