How Wide Should Front Surround Speakers Be?

Front surround speakers (sometimes called front speakers or front speakers and center speakers) are the speakers that you place in front of you to hear sound in Dolby Digital and DTS movies, games and music. How Wide Should Front Surround Speakers Be?

Most front surround speakers connect to your TV, AV receiver or home theater system using an HDMI cable. You can connect as many speakers as you want to the same source — and you can position the speakers as close or as far apart as you like.

Front surround speakers don’t have to be large, expensive or complicated. In fact, you can get great results with just two speakers.

If you’ve ever been unsure about how wide to space your front surround speakers, read on to find out more about how wide front surround speakers should be.

How Wide Should Front Surround Speakers Be?

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How Wide Should the Front Surround Speakers Be?

The front surround speakers can be anywhere from three feet to 12 feet apart, but typically range between six and nine feet. You should always measure the distance between your TV and where you want to place the speakers so that you know which size speakers you’ll need.

One of the most important things to consider when setting up your front speakers is how wide they should be apart. When measuring the distance, keep in mind that the sound waves travel at different speeds and so if one speaker is farther away than another, it will create a delay in sound. That delay could make it difficult for you to understand dialogue or hear effects clearly.

Another thing to think about when placing your front surround speakers (or any speaker) is how they’ll affect the acoustics of your room. Acoustic panels can reduce reflections from hard surfaces like floors or windows and help diffuse sounds more evenly throughout the room.

It’s also worth considering using acoustic material on walls or ceilings because different types of materials both absorb and reflect sound differently — this can affect how voices sound or how much bass there is in music, for example.

3- speaker surround system

The easiest way to set up a surround system is with a 3-speaker surround system. This will involve two speakers placed on the same side of your TV facing you and another speaker on the opposite side of your TV. The other speaker will be behind you, so it can bounce sounds off the wall to create an immersive feel.

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There are two ways to position the speakers in this scenario: either near or far apart. If you position them close together, they’ll be more powerful and clear than if they were positioned farther away from each other. In comparison, though, if you position them farther apart, then sound will reach you from different angles and make it easier for you to hear what’s going on in the movie or video game.

The key is finding a happy medium where the sound isn’t too quiet or too overpowering — that’s why some people prefer positioning their front speakers 9 feet apart from each other.

5- speaker surround system

Most people use a 5 speaker surround system, which includes two front speakers and one center speaker. You can place these speakers in the same location or spread them out to create a larger sound-stage.

How Wide Should the Front Surround Speakers Be? (With Pictures)

The distance between the speakers is one of the most important factors in sound quality. If the speakers are too close together, they will create a sense of echo or reverberation. This may be desirable for some movies but not for most music or games.

Front surround speakers should be placed about two feet from each other. If you’re using four front speakers, you should place them about four feet apart from each other.

Inexpensive and moderately priced front surround speakers usually do better when they’re spaced farther apart (about 20 inches or more). You can experiment with your own speakers to find out what works best for you — and make sure you put them on stands rather than on the floor to avoid unwanted vibrations that can affect the sound quality.

Why Is It Important to Know What Size Front Surround Speakers to Buy?

The size of your front surround speakers can greatly affect what you hear in movies and music. If you have one speaker, you will only hear sound coming from behind it. That’s why the height and width of your front surround speakers are important.

When it comes to front surround speakers, bigger isn’t always better. A common misconception is that a larger speaker is going to provide more quality sound in a room. But if you place a large speaker in the wrong spot or too close to a wall, it can cause major problems when watching movies or playing games with Dolby Digital or DTS soundtracks.

The key to getting the best performance out of your Dolby Digital and DTS movies, games and music is positioning your front surround speakers correctly. When positioning your front speakers for optimal performance, consider the following:

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-The distance between the floor and ceiling should be at least twice as high as the height of your front speaker system

-Your surround speakers should be placed away from walls if possible

-The height of each speaker should be about as wide as the distance between them

-Your center channel should be placed directly below or above your TV

How to Install Wide Front Surround Speakers

Installing wide front surround speakers is a lot like installing other speakers. The first thing you need to do is make sure that your room has enough space for the speakers and that the speakers will fit properly in the room.

After you’ve determined that there’s enough space, plug in the speakers, place them on stands or mount them on the walls at the proper height and distance from where you’ll be sitting. Most people prefer to position their front surround speakers about three feet above ear level when seated and six feet apart from each other.

If you have a DVD player or Blu-Ray player without HDMI, connect your DVD/Blu-Ray player to your TV using RCA cables and then connect the TV audio out ports (white) to the left speaker (red + yellow). And if you have an AV receiver that doesn’t handle Dolby Digital or DTS sound for DVDs, connect them through an optical digital cable (toslink).

Should surround speakers be same size as front?

If you are wondering how wide your front surround speakers should be, it’s important to know that they don’t have to be the same size as the front speakers. This is because surround sound doesn’t come from just one speaker.

When you listen to a movie or television show, there are two channels of audio: left and right. And when you listen to music, there are three channels of audio: left, right and center.

The idea is that the sounds coming from the sides in a movie or TV show will come out of your side speakers (also called rear speakers). The sounds coming from the back in a movie or TV show will come out of your rear speakers (also called rear surround speakers).

So, if you want better quality surround sound, consider getting some larger component speakers for your side and rear surround positions. If you do this, make sure that the front and back speakers for both Dolby Digital and DTS work together with corresponding amplifier power ratings.

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What is the best distance between my front speakers?

There isn’t a right answer to this question, but there are some guidelines. The speakers should be at a distance that allows you to clearly hear them. If they sound too muffled, they are too far away. If they sound harsh, they are too close. If you have trouble deciding on the best distance for your room, try moving them around until you find a good spot.

Do I need to use all five of my speakers (front left and right speakers, center speaker and surround speakers)?

No! You can connect as many speakers as you want to your system–you can even just use two front left and right speakers if you want. And you don’t have to put all of them in one place–feel free to spread them out wherever you think it sounds best!

How big should your surround speakers be?

It’s important to make sure that your front surround speakers are the same size. They should be the same height and width.
If you’re thinking about buying a set of front surround speakers, make sure you measure out the space where you want to place them. You want to make sure that the speakers have enough room to move around – and that they don’t get in the way of anything.


When it comes to sound, what you don’t know can hurt you. In the case of speakers, there is a lot of misinformation out there. To help you understand better what will work best for your system and your listening pleasure, we’ve broken down some of the most common questions we hear about speaker size and placement.

1. How Wide Should the Front Surround Speakers Be?

To achieve the best results in sound clarity and maximum volume, we recommend spacing your speakers in a triangle at a distance of 8-12 feet. This will give you the best surround sound experience possible.

2. 3- speaker surround system

We recommend a 3-speaker surround system over a 5-speaker system.

3. 5- speaker surround system

If you want to go with 5-speaker surround, we recommend 5 identical speakers in a perfect pentagon formation with each speaker being 8-12 feet apart from one another.

4. How Wide Should the Front Surround Speakers Be? (With Pictures)

Incase you want to see exactly how wide your surround speakers should be, check out our article on speaker size and placement for the best home theater experience