How to Wire 6×9 Speakers with No Amp

Speakers are an essential component of any home theater system, and there are several ways to hook them up. But what if you have six speakers and no amp you should know How to Wire 6×9 Speakers with No Amp.

No worries! This guide will help you wire your stereo speakers so you can enjoy high-quality audio with a minimalistic setup. It’s easier than you think.

How to Wire 6x9 Speakers with No Amp

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Connecting Speakers

Connect your speakers as follows:

1. Connect the positive terminal of each speaker to the corresponding negative terminal of the next adjacent one, alternating between left and right speaker.

2. Plug the RCA cables from your TV into the audio input on your amp or receiver.

3. Plug the other end of your RCA cables into the output of your amplifier or receiver.

4. Connect a pair of stereo RCA cables from your amp or receiver to each speaker for sound amplification purposes if desired. Repeat this step for all six speakers if necessary, otherwise skip this step entirely if you don’t have more than one pair of speakers in your system!

5. You can connect all cables together using a single RCA cable, as shown in the diagram below, if desired for ease of use/installation purposes.

What You’ll Need

Before you start the process of wiring your 6×9 speakers without an amp, there are a few things that you’ll need. You’ll need speaker wire to connect the car audio in and out ports, as well as any amplifiers you might be using. You’ll also want to purchase a wiring kit for your 6×9 speakers. The kit will come with everything you need to wire the speakers correctly, including the correct connectors.

The next thing you’ll want is a wire stripper tool, which is used to strip wires properly so that they can be inserted into the appropriate jacks on either side of the wiring kit or amplifier. You can find these at most hardware stores or online. Finally, you’ll need some electrical tape to wrap around any exposed wires after they’re connected together and then zip-ties for securing those connections firmly in place.

Once you have everything necessary for your installation, it’s time to get started!

Wiring the Speakers

The speakers are fitted with four wires that have to be connected to an amplifier. There will be two positive wires (one red and one black), a negative wire (usually black or blue) and the speaker wire which is usually orange. The red and black wires are the positive wires, while the blue or black wire is the negative one. It’s important that you connect these correctly as it can damage your amp.

The Left Side of Your Car Head Unit

The first step is to wire the left side of your car head unit. This is typically done by connecting a set of speaker wires from the back of your car stereo to the corresponding terminal on the factory wiring harness within your car’s interior.

The Right Side of Your Car Head Unit

The right side of your car stereo will have connections for the amplifier, which will power your speakers. The left side of the head unit is where you’ll plug in your 6x9s.

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Optional Terminal Buttons

First, it’s important to make sure your speaker wires are the right size. Most speakers will have a terminal button on one side of the wire. This button is designed to fit into a terminal in your car stereo. If you don’t have these buttons, you can just cut off the speaker end of the wire and attach a screw terminal.

Next, you’ll need to locate your car stereo. In some cases, you may need to remove your glove compartment or dashboard cover panel in order to get access to wiring. Once you’ve located your stereo, find the terminals that match up with the speaker wires and insert them into their corresponding slots. After this is done, turn on the stereo and test out your new sound system!

What are terminal buttons?

One important thing to note when you’re wiring 6×9 speakers is your terminal button. The terminal button is one of the wires coming from the speaker. You will need to identify which color wire is your positive and negative.

Where to wire your terminal buttons

The first step to wiring your 6×9 speakers without an amp is to locate the terminal buttons. These will be on the back of your car stereo. In order to wire 6×9 speakers without an amp, you’ll need a speaker wire with two different ends (one end will have three wires and one end will have four). Next, use the three-wire side of the speaker wire and plug it into any of the terminal slots that are labeled “FRONT.” If you want to connect both rear speakers, you will need another speaker wire with three wires. The other end of this cable has four terminals labeled “REAR.” Plug this in to any slot labeled as “Rear”.

Splitting the Signal to Two Amps

One of the most common ways to connect speakers is to use a 4-channel amplifier to power two sets of stereo speakers. This can be done by wiring one channel from the amp to each speaker, or wiring one channel of the amp in parallel to both sets of speakers.

A lot of people will split the signal path into two amps because it’s a simple way to make sure you have enough channels for all your speakers. To wire six speakers with no amplifier, run one speaker wire for each speaker to the terminals on your receiver and then plug in the other set (if you’re splitting the signal).

If you have an amp that has only two channels, you can also run one speaker wire from each channel on your amp in parallel to both sets of stereo speakers. This will allow you to get sound out of both sets while still having 6 channels available if needed.

Unwiring a Speaker

A speaker’s inputs and outputs are typically labeled. You’ll need to locate these labels on your stereo speakers. While there are a few ways to wire speakers together, the most common is an L-R connection. Connecting the left speaker to the right speaker will create this type of sound setup. First, find the input labeled “L” on one of your speakers, then match it with the output labeled “R” on the other speaker. Next, connect one end of a cable with RCA connectors to both L and R inputs on each speaker. Repeat this process with the remaining two cables and their respective inputs/outputs. You may need a set of small wire strippers if you have any difficulty stripping wires in tight spaces. Once all connections are made, plug in your speakers and crank up some tunes!

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What if I have 6 speakers, but no amplifier?

Speakers are an essential component of any home theater system, and there are several ways to hook them up. But what if you have six speakers and no amplifier?

Speakers need an amp to power them and deliver sound. Without amps, you can only listen to sound out of one speaker. If you want to enjoy music or other audio content in stereo, you need two speakers that are wired in parallel. These speakers will share the same signal as opposed to being hooked up in series where one speaker is playing the left audio channel and the other is playing the right audio channel. When wired together, both speakers will play the same thing at the same time.

You need to split the signal from one source into two.

You’ll need to split the signal from one source into two. To do this, you will need to purchase an audio splitter cable or a 3.5mm stereo cable. The stereo cable will have three connectors, one for each speaker and the other for the stereo system itself. Connect the cables in this order:

-Connect the black connector from the stereo system to one connector on the splitter cable or stereo cable

Also Connect a red connector from the splitter cable or stereo cable to each speaker (left speaker will be blue)

-Connect a white connector from the splitter cable or stereo cable to each speaker (right speaker will be green)

How do I wire 6×9 speakers without an amp?

6×9 speakers need to be wired in a specific way for them to work. They require a dual channel amp with a power supply. The power supply regulates the power and voltage from the battery or AC adapter.

The 6×9 speaker wire will have two wires, one red and one black. The red wire needs to connect to the terminal marked (+) on your amp, and the black wire needs to connect to the terminal marked (-) on your amp.

In this case, you would be connecting each speaker one by one by connecting the red wire of speaker 1 to the (+) terminal, then connecting speaker 2’s red wire to the (-) terminal on your amp. You would do this for all six speakers; so that when you turn on your stereo system all six speakers will be activated at once.

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Connecting Speakers to Your Receiver

The most common way to connect speakers is to use speaker wire. This is a small cylindrical wire that, when stripped of its rubber sheath, can be inserted into the back of the speaker and then plugged in to the receiver.

Connecting your speakers this way will give you sound coming from all six speakers. You can tell which speaker is playing by looking at your receiver’s display or listening for it. A good place to do this is in your living room or den so you can get a sense of where the sound is coming from.

Connecting Other Components to Your Receiver

The first thing you will want to do is connect your receiver to your TV. This can be done with a coaxial cable or HDMI cable. If you are using a coaxial, plug one end into the “video in” slot on the back of your receiver and the other end into the video input on the TV. If you are using an HDMI cord, plug one end into “video out” slot on your receiver and the other end into an open HDMI port on your TV.

Next, connect your speakers to your receiver. Make sure each speaker wire is labeled so that it corresponds with its respective channel coming from the back of the receiver. Connect each speaker wire to its corresponding channel on the back of the receiver by pushing them in until they click – then repeat for all six channels.


What if I have a mono amp?

If you have a mono amp, you can wire two speakers to one channel and they will combine. This requires more wire, but the result is worth it.

What if I want to put two speakers in a wall mount?

Simply mount your speaker with the wires coming out of the back of your wall and then plug them into an extension cord. Run the extension cord down through the wall to a power outlet or amplifier.

What if I have six speakers in total?

If you only need six speakers, then connect all of your speakers to an amplifier and enjoy high quality sound!


If you want to enjoy a home theater experience, but don’t have an amplifier or receiver, you can wire up some speakers. The only downside is you will only be able to connect one speaker to your TV.

But don’t worry, there is a way! You can wire up your 6×9 speakers without an amp. To do this, you will have to split the signal from one source into two. Connect the positive wire from the speaker to the positive terminal of the first amp. Then, connect the negative wire from the speaker to the negative terminal of the second of amp.

Then, you will have a direct connection between your TV and two speakers. All that’s left to do is connect other components to your receiver. And there you have it! You’ve wired up 6×9 speakers without an amp.