How to Stack Advent Speakers

When it comes to deciding on a new set of speakers, there are a lot of factors to consider. In this article, we’ll break down what you should know about Advent speakers and how to stack them.

If you’re not sure which Advent speaker is the right fit for your needs, take a look at our comparison table below. We’ve included a variety of different models to suit a range of lifestyles and budgets. You can also read our in-depth reviews for more details about each speaker.

Work with your favorite sound system provider or these retailers to get Advent speakers delivered straight to your door. Powered speakers, or “sound systems”, can be used for many purposes. Few common uses include outdoor events like concerts and parties, as well as indoor events like weddings and conferences.

These speakers are self-contained sound systems that consist of an amplifier, speaker(s), and power source. While they are generally more expensive than passive speakers, they provide more versatility in terms of how you can use them. However, there are some considerations to take into account when choosing what type of powered speaker to buy.

For example, you might not want a large sound system if you are only hosting a small BBQ party. Large speakers require more power which means higher prices on the electric bill. If your needs are different from this example then it will be necessary to select a different type of powered speaker that matches what you need for your event.

This guide will show you the best way to choose an advent speaker for your event.

Introducing Advent Speakers

How to Stack Advent Speakers: The Definitive Guide

Advent speakers are the perfect solution for customers looking to fill their home or office space with great sound. Advent offers many different speaker options, from desktop to outdoor models, so they can suit a variety of needs.

In this blog post, we’ll break down what you should know about Advent speakers and how to stack them. You may also check out our other blog on some of the Best sound bars for apartments.

Advent Speaker Types

There are three different types of Advent speakers available on the market. You can find them on the market as either portable or stationary speakers. There are a few different types of speakers available.

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You can use them in conjunction with other speakers or with your computer or smartphone. The first type is wired, which means you will need to plug the speaker into an outlet to recharge it. Wired speakers offer a more traditional listening experience and do not require as much power as wireless ones.

The disadvantage of this type is that you must be near the speaker for it to work properly. The second type is wireless and uses WiFi or Bluetooth technology to connect with other devices. This type offers a more modern listening experience by not needing an outlet for recharging, but does require some space for its connection.

Wireless speakers are great for people who want to listen while doing activities like cooking or working out. Each type offers different features and functions. For instance, the mini speaker is portable so it’s a great option for taking with you during outings or traveling.

It also has a built-in microphone for hands free phone calls and can be used to control smart home devices.

What To Consider When Buying Advent Speakers

When choosing Advent speakers, there are a lot of factors to consider.

#1: Size

Size is one of the most important considerations when selecting Advent speakers. You want speakers with the right size to suit your needs. Are you looking for in-wall speakers? Or maybe you need something small with plug-in functionality?

There are many different sizes of Advent speakers, so be sure that you know which size will best suit your needs before making a purchase.

#2: Durability

Durability is another essential factor to consider when buying Advent speakers. If you’re looking for speakers that will last, be sure to pick out models with durable materials like aluminum or wood. You’ll also want to check if your desired model has protective grilles and cables included in the purchase.

#3: Price

Price is an important consideration when deciding on new Advent speakers. Be sure you factor in the price of the speaker per unit and how many units you need for your space when considering your budget. Higher priced models might be necessary if you have a large area to fill, while lower priced models may work well for small spaces or specific project applications.

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How to Stack Advent Speakers

Stacking Advent speakers is easy with the right equipment. We recommend stacking Advent speakers using the Q Acoustic SS-30 Speaker Stands.

The first step is to find a location for your speakers. The best place to stack two Advent speakers is at ear height, one speaker on each side of your head.

Next, position each speaker so that it’s facing towards where you will be seated or standing directly in front of the other speaker.

Finally, use the Q Acoustic SS-30 Speaker Stands to stack both speakers together at ear height. If you have more than two Advent speakers, start with the closest speaker to the desired location and work your way back.

Advent speaker comparison table

Which Advent speaker is best for you?

The answer to this question will vary depending on your needs. That’s why we’ve created this handy table with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

We compare six different Advent speakers – The A14, The A18, The A26, The A36, The A38 and The A58. We’ll break down what they are and how much they cost in relation to each other.

*Please note that prices change frequently in the market. These are the latest prices as of 5/25/2018.*

Advent speaker benefits

One of the best features about Advent speakers is their ability to produce a wide spectrum of sound. Advent speakers have been engineered to reproduce natural, crisp tones that fill a room.

You also have the option to purchase a multi-room speaker, which allows you to create a surround sound system in your home or office. This is especially useful for large rooms with high ceilings and multiple floors.

Additionally, Advent speakers are designed to be easy on the environment. They’re energy efficient and made from recyclable materials. These eco-friendly features make them an attractive choice for businesses looking to make environmentally friendly decisions in their offices.

Advent speakers are compatible with most Bluetooth devices and allow you to stream music wirelessly from your phone or tablet when paired with wireless amplifiers like the ADAM-62 and ADAM-70 (sold separately). This makes it easy for you to listen to music in any room of your house, even if it’s not wired into your stereo system!

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Connecting advent speakers with other devices

It’s easy to connect Advent speakers to other devices. For instance, you can easily connect them to your television and watch movies and shows on a larger screen. Advent speakers can also be connected to laptops and desktops for listening to music while working.

These versatile speakers are the perfect addition to any living room or bedroom, for use with television programs, video games, or simply background music.

But what about using Advent speakers as alarm clocks? This is a great way to wake up in the morning! Advent speakers can be plugged into a charger and set as an alarm clock. Your speaker will then play music at the designated time until you turn it off or you’re ready for your alarm sound of choice.

When you’re not using your Advent speaker, it may be stored away in a cabinet or on a shelf. If this is the case, make sure it’s not plugged i.! Doing so could place excess strain on your device, ultimately leading to damage.

Advent speaker FAQS

Q: What are Advent speakers?

A: Advent speakers are an innovative line of wireless Bluetooth speaker systems that offer unparalleled sound quality, versatility, and style.

Q: Are Advent speakers waterproof?

A: Yes! All Advent speakers are 100% waterproof so they’re perfect for any occasion.

Q: How many watts do Advent speakers have?

A: Most Advent speakers have 10-20 watts of power with the exception of the Mini-Dock which has 5 watts.

Q: Do Advent speakers come in different colors?

A: Yes! You can find black, white, orange, blue, green, gold and pink available at most major retailers.


In conclusion, Advent speakers are a useful tool for those who want to relax and enjoy their time. They offer many features, from playing music to recording voice memos. In addition to being able to simplify your life with them, they also make for a fun conversation piece!

Advent speakers are becoming more popular as people move away from headphones and earbuds. These devices provide a variety of different functions that can help you relax and enjoy your time away from work. Thus this is the best way on how to Stack Advent Speakers.