How to make a guitar sound like a ukulele

How to make a guitar sound like a ukulele

Ukuleles are one of the most popular string instruments for children and adults alike. They’re smaller and easier to play than a guitar, which makes them less intimidating for beginners. More and more people have been asking how to make a guitar sound like a ukulele. You can use a variety of methods to make your guitar sound like a ukulele, or you can purchase an electric ukulele (ukuleles that plug into an amplifier) or purchase a digital ukulele (a synthesizer). How to make a guitar sound like a ukulele is discussed here.

Ukuleles have become a very popular instrument among people of all ages. It’s great because they are much easier to learn than some other string instruments such as the guitar.

The ukulele is also a great instrument to play in groups. If you’re in a band with other ukulele players, it can be a ton of fun to learn and play songs together. But what if your band only has guitars? Even if none of you know how to play the ukulele, there are ways for you guys to play together. Here are some tips for making that guitar sound like a ukulele!

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How to find the right ukulele

The ukulele is a string instrument that has four strings, instead of six. It has similar tuning to the guitar, but some people say it’s easier to play. If you’re looking for an inexpensive option, here are a few good places to start:

– Amazon

– Walmart

– Target

– Guitar Center

An ukulele will cost you anywhere from $10-$140.

Tricks for making a guitar sound like a ukulele

You can use different combinations of chords to achieve the same sound. For example, if you wanted to play a C chord like it would on a ukulele, you could play an A major instead. The same goes for the G chord. If you wanted to play that as an F power chord, you could change it and play a D major 7 instead. Changing the way you play your chords gives that ukulele sound without having to learn how to actually play the instrument.

Another option is changing the strumming pattern. Instead of strumming once for each chord, try using a three-strum pattern for every other chord. If you’re playing an F power chord, for instance, you would strum once then do three more quick strums in between each beat of the music. This can also help add a little bit of groove to your performance just like on a ukulele!

Tips for finding and playing chords

If you’re not playing the ukulele, it can be a little tricky to play chords. But don’t worry! Here are some tips for chord-finding:

*Find out which chords the ukulele is playing. You might only need to find the one or two that the ukulele is playing, and then make those sound like a guitar. For example, if the ukulele player is playing C and G7, you would just need to play C and G7 on your guitar as well.

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*Make an octave higher – If you don’t have a capo, try making an octave higher by pressing down on all six strings with your left hand while strumming with your right. This will give it a different sound than what you’re used to hearing from a ukulele player.

Where to find chords

You can download chord charts for the ukulele online. There are also a lot of YouTube videos that show you how to play chords on the ukulele.

Making a guitar sound like a ukulele

The E Shape

If you have a guitar and want it to sound like a ukulele, one of the best chords to start with is the E Shape. To do this chord, take your first finger and place it on the third fret of the A string. Next, take your second finger and put it on the third fret of the D string. Finally, take your third finger and place it on the third fret of the G string.

Now that you know how to play an E shape chord on a guitar, let’s try playing some songs!

The C Shape

One of the easiest ways to make a guitar sound like a ukulele is to use the C shape. If you don’t know how to play any chords on a guitar, this might be the best place to start. Strum all six strings with your left hand, and then use your right hand to press down on the third fret. This will give you an easy chord that sounds like a ukulele!

How to make a guitar sound like a ukulele FAQS

What type of strings should I use?

The type of strings you use will depend on the sound you want your guitar to make. For example, if you want a more “tinny” sound then you could use bass strings. If you want a fuller sound then try using acoustic guitar strings.

Can you make a guitar sound like a ukulele with just guitar strings?

No, guitars require thicker strings that are wound around the tuning pegs in order to be tuned, which will not allow for them to be tuned as high as an ukulele would need to be. There are many different ways you can make your guitar sound like a ukulele–you just have to find the one that works best for your personal needs.

How do I tune my guitar to sound like a ukulele?

To change the pitch of your guitar so it sounds like a ukulele, loosen the tuning pegs at the head of your guitar. Untightening them will lower pitch and tightening them will raise pitch. Once you have found your desired pitch, tighten the tuning pegs again for stability.

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I don’t know how to finger chords for an ukulele!

That’s okay! It’s pretty easy once you get started. The first chord is called an A chord because it contains all five fingers. Here are some directions in tablature form:

A D E F G (all open strings)

To play that same chord but in higher octave, just move your fingers back one fret or space on the fretboard.

Making a guitar sound like a ukulele

One way to make a guitar sound like a ukulele is to cover the strings on the guitar with felt. This will create more of a plucking effect, which is common in ukulele music. You can also use an overdrive pedal. This will distort the sound coming out of your amp, making it sound more like a ukulele. If you’re looking for an easier way to make your guitar sound like a ukulele, you can buy an electric or digital ukulele. They are easy to play and come in all sorts of colors!

Why does it sound like a ukulele?

The reason a guitar sounds like a ukulele when you change the string can be found in the physics of sound. A guitar is much louder than a ukulele, so it’s easier to hear the sound differences. The strings on a guitar are also much lower than on a ukulele, which makes them physically closer to your ears. The higher pitched strings on the ukulele create less sound – because they’re further away from your ears – and thus make it sound more like a guitar.

How to make a guitar sound like a ukulele

There are many ways you can make your guitar sound like a ukulele. You can use a capo to change the key and turn it into a ukulele tune. If you want an ethereal, softer sound, try changing the chords or strumming pattern. To make your guitar sound like a ukulele, experiment with different chord combinations and play around with the tone of your guitar. You can also purchase an electric ukulele that plugs into an amplifier or digital ukulele (synthesizer) to give your guitar that authentic Hawaiian feel!

Electric Ukuleles (the ultimate answer)


An electric ukulele is a digital ukulele. These instruments can often be purchased for a low price, making them more accessible to those who are just starting out with music. Unlike the acoustic ukuleles you can buy at a music store, which require fingering and strumming by hand, an electric ukulele contains pre-programmed chords that can be played by pressing buttons on the instrument’s neck. You don’t have to learn how to finger chords or strum the strings; it’s already done for you!

Electric Ukuleles often include features like easy access to popular songs and an auto-accompaniment feature that plays along with your music. This makes it possible for aspiring musicians to play songs they know right away even if they’re playing alone. The only downside? Electric Ukuleles cannot be plugged into an amplifier, meaning their sound is limited. However, many people find this tradeoff worth it as the instrument is much easier to use than an acoustic ukulele (but make sure you purchase one of the better quality ones).

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Digital Ukuleles (for those who want to keep the authentic sound of an acoustic)

If you want an acoustic ukulele sound without needing a real one, then you can purchase a digital ukulele. These are available online and are small enough to store in your instrument case or grab on the go. They plug into an amplifier just like a guitar, but instead of getting that deep, rich acoustic sound, it will have a more electric sound.

One of the advantages of using a digital ukulele is that it’s easier for beginners to pick up than the real thing. You don’t need to worry about re-tuning between songs and you don’t need to spend time learning chords because they’re all preset on the chord chart.

The disadvantage with digital ukuleles is that they can be expensive. The cheap ones usually only have 12 or fewer strings and have limited features while the more expensive models may be quite complicated.

How to make a guitar sound like a ukulele FAQS

How can I make a guitar sound like a ukulele?

There are many ways to make your guitar sound like a ukulele. One way is to bounce the strings with your fingers when you strum them. Another way is to play notes on the guitar that are high enough that they’re not being picked up by the amp, but low enough that you can still hear them. You can also use effects pedals to change the tone of your guitar so it sounds more like a ukulele.

Why do my fingers hurt when I try to bounce the strings with my fingers and play high notes?

Your fingers may hurt because you’re pressing too hard, or because you’re holding the wrong position for your finger tips. You want to press down on the string so it bounces off your finger tips and gives an even sound, but don’t push too hard or else it will be difficult for you to move from note to note easily.


Ukuleles are one of the most popular musical instruments, as they are easy to learn, inexpensive to purchase, and portable. If you want to sound like a ukulele player, you need to purchase an electric, or digital ukulele. With this type of instrument, you can easily switch between a ukulele and a guitar sound by using a controller. Here are the devices which will help you make your guitar sound like a ukulele:

>> Electric Ukuleles

>> Digital Ukuleles