How To Hack Bluetooth Speakers

How To Hack Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are a great way to have your music with you wherever you go. But what if you want to listen in your yard, on the porch, or even in another room? The answer by understanding how to hack bluetooth speakers.

I have found that it is very easy to hack a bluetooth speaker. The process is so simple, I created a video to demonstrate the process.

First, you need to disconnect the power from the speaker system and then turn on the bluetooth connection on your phone or music player device. When you see the blue light blink twice on your speaker, it means that your phone has successfully connected to it and you can start playing music right away.

The first step is disconnecting power from the speaker system. You’ll want to wait until the blue light turns off before continuing. Once it’s off, turn on bluetooth on your phone or other music player device. When you see two blinks of blue light from your speaker, then it means your phone has connected to it and you’re ready to play music! All you need now is something playing from your phone or other music player type device.

The following tutorial will show you how to hack the cheapest Bluetooth speaker on Amazon and make it wireless. And for just $5, you can turn it into a portable speaker that will last all day!

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What you’ll need

To hack your Bluetooth speaker, you’ll need:

– Scissors

– A drill or wire snips

– Frozen water bottle

– Wire cutter

– Soldering iron (with solder)

– Electrical tape

Hacking the speaker

You might have noticed that the speaker has a wiring port on it. This is where we’ll take out all the wires and make it wireless.

First, find the cord labeled “Wireless.” You’ll need to cut this one to get rid of all the wires.

Now you should have a cord left that goes from the wiring port to the speaker. Cut this one as well and now your speaker will be cordless!

Now you can enjoy your favorite tunes without ever having to worry about tangled wires !

Enjoying your new wireless speaker

The first step is to turn your Bluetooth speaker on and put it into pairing mode. Next, find the pairing button on your smartphone and tap the “+” sign next to “Bluetooth.” Your speaker should show up in your list of devices.

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How to Hack a Bluetooth Speaker

You will need:

-The cheapest Bluetooth speaker available on Amazon

-A computer

-Standard wire stripper

-Wire cutters

-Soldering iron and solder

-Screwdriver or small prybar (optional)

What are bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers are fairly new, but they’re quickly becoming popular. These wireless speakers enable you to listen to your favorite tunes without cables. Instead of connecting to a phone or laptop through a headphone jack, you can sync with the speaker wirelessly and play music.

:How to Make Your Own Wireless Speaker

In order to make your own wireless speaker, you will need:

-the cheapest Bluetooth speaker on Amazon

-a lithium battery with a USB port

-an audio cable

First, take off the back casing from the Bluetooth speaker. You should see two screws. Remove them and put them somewhere safe. The next step is to remove the bottom of the speaker by popping it off – again with two screws. Now you should see something like this:

The next step is to take out the circuit board just below the back of the speaker. It may be held in by a few cables or simply be glued in place. Once you get it out, you’ll need to cut a small hole in one side for the battery wire and on the other side for the power wire.

After that, you’ll have a hole in each side as shown below:

Then, place your new circuit board on top of where it used to be and connect all three wires (positive end of battery to positive end of power wire, negative end of battery to negative end of power wire). Next, attach both wires to either side of their respective holes – one will go into the hole on one side (the left) and one will go into the hole on the other side (the right). Finally, attach your audio cable to 3.5mm audio jack on your hacked Bluetooth speaker and enjoy!

How to have the best wireless speakers

Not all of us have the budget for expensive Bluetooth speakers. In fact, many of us buy the cheapest Bluetooth speaker on Amazon that we can find. These cheap speakers are often small, which is great for portability, but it’s not so great for sound quality and volume. Luckily, DIY enthusiasts everywhere developed a hack to make these speakers wireless!

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The hack is as simple as opening up the side of your speaker and removing a few pieces (literally!) to create a port on the back. With this port, you can plug in any device with AUX cable to play music. This means that not only will you have wireless speakers, but you can use them anywhere around your house–the porch, yard, or even another room!

benefit of having wireless speakers

Wireless speakers are great because they eliminate the need to deal with any wires. All you have to do is get up and walk away from the speaker, and your music will continue playing. They also have a lot of other benefits. For example, wireless speakers are more mobile than wired devices and easier to transport.

Why It’s Important To Know The Speaker’s Limits

One of the things that I always tell people is to know your speaker’s limits. You can’t just plug a speaker into your phone and expect the best possible sound quality. There are certain ways that you can get more out of the static speaker, but you have to understand what it can handle first.

How To Use The Speaker For More Than It’s Intended Use

One of the most common uses for a hacked Bluetooth speaker is to use it as a secondary speaker. For example, if you are using your laptop’s speakers and find that they just aren’t loud enough to fill the room, you can connect your bluetooth speaker to your laptop and use it as a secondary speaker.

Another use for a hacked bluetooth speaker is to use it with an audio amplifier or stereo system. Again, this is often used when there is no wireless connection for the speakers. You can connect your bluetooth speaker wirelessly or with a cable and then play through the amplifier or stereo system – this will increase quality and sound volume. One of my favorite tricks is using two bluetooth speakers together in order to create directional sound. This is perfect for parties because it allows people to chat without having to yell at each other while they enjoy music in the background!

How to Connect your Device with your Speaker

The first thing you need to do is press the Bluetooth button on your speaker system. You should see a list of devices that are nearby. The name of the device will be different for each brand, but it should be easy to recognize it on the list. Next, find the device on your phone and connect to it by clicking on the name. Expect a prompt indicating that you have successfully connected to your device.

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Disadvantages of speaker hacking

– You will have a more customized speaker

– The battery life might be reduced

– Sometimes, the hacking process involves uninstalling the original music player. However, if you do this, you can always use the original music player again because it did not delete any files.


How does this hack work?

The Bluetooth speaker is paired to your phone. The speaker will play music, but the sound will be coming from your phone. Your phone must have Bluetooth and audio-playing capabilities.

What if I can’t find the speaker online?

If you can’t find the speaker on Amazon, try looking for it in a store that sells electronics.

Which Bluetooth app should I use?

There are many apps out there that you can use with your hacked Bluetooth speaker. We recommend using “QQ Player.” It’s free and easy to use! If you don’t want to install an app or spend money on one, just open up “YouTube” on your laptop or computer and stream the music through your computer’s speakers.


How to Hack Bluetooth Speakers: Make Your Own Wireless Speaker

1. What you’ll need

– A speaker that has bluetooth capabilities

– Soldering iron and solder

– Heat shrink tubing

2. Hacking the speaker

– Find the bluetooth antenna on the back of the speaker

– Cut the wires to the antenna and solder them to the speaker

– Attach a small heat shrink tube to cover the soldered connection

3. Enjoying your new wireless speaker

– Plug the speaker into power and turn it on

– Pair your bluetooth device to the new speaker

4. How to Hack a Bluetooth Speaker

– Find an old speaker that doesn’t work anymore

– Cut the wires to the antenna and solder them to the speaker

– Attach a small heat shrink tube to cover the soldered connection

5. What are bluetooth speakers?

Bluetooth speakers are portable speakers that broadcast audio wirelessly from a Bluetooth enabled device, like a smartphone, tablet or laptop (or, in some cases, from a USB thumb drive).

6. How to Make Your Own Wireless Speaker

– Find an old speaker that doesn’t work anymore

– Cut the wires to the