How To Bring Guitar On Plane AirAsia

If you’re looking to take your guitar with you on your next vacation, but are unsure of the rules around traveling with it on AirAsia, this is the post for you. Strict size restrictions and complicated fees can make it seem impossible to bring your instrument. However, with some careful planning, packing, and label reading, there’s no reason why you can’t bring your favourite guitar on board with you.

Find out the best way to pack your guitar so that it will pass baggage check-in and clear security at the airport. You’ll also learn about the various fees associated with taking a musical instrument abroad, as well as what precautions you should take to ensure that the guitar arrives safely at its destination. Read on for more information about bringing a musical instrument aboard AirAsia flights!

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Why you need to know about AirAsia’s rules for musical instruments

If you’re excited to bring your guitar on your next vacation, but don’t know the rules around flying with it, this is the post for you. There are strict size restrictions and complicated fees that make it seem impossible to bring your instrument aboard. But there’s no reason why you can’t bring your favourite guitar with you!

The best way to pack your guitar so that it will pass through baggage check-in and clear security at the airport; what precautions to take in order to ensure that your guitar arrives safely at its destination; what fees you’re looking at when taking a musical instrument abroad; and more information about AirAsia’s policies for musical instruments. Read on for more information about bringing a musical instrument aboard AirAsia flights!

The AirAsia rules

AirAsia doesn’t have a list of prohibited items, meaning there are no rules against bringing a musical instrument with you on your next trip. However, you should read the AirAsia baggage policy in order to ensure you know what size restrictions and fees apply to musical instruments.

What you should know before traveling on AirAsia

Before you start packing your guitar, make sure to know the size of the instrument. This is especially important if you’re traveling with more than one of them. You’ll need to pack bags that are 36 inches or less in height and 22 inches or less in width.

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You should also know about AirAsia’s musical instrument baggage fee, which must be paid at the airport on departure day before travelling. The price for one bag is RM 220 (£44) but it will depend on the country where you are flying from. Musical instruments are subject to additional taxes when entering certain countries, so check on your destination’s entry requirements before booking.

If you have a full-sized guitar, keep in mind that it may not fit into any overhead compartments or underneath seats on board the aircraft. As such, ensure that your seat assignment is confirmed before making any reservations. If it isn’t, you run the risk of being bumped off the flight!

If you’re checking-in at AirAsia’s Brickfields office in Kuala Lumpur, make sure to bring your musical instrument with you as it will need to be inspected by security personnel before reaching baggage claim.

Make sure to label all items clearly as “guitar.” Otherwise, there’s a chance they won’t be properly identified and could fall victim to thieves! It goes without saying that care should be taken with all luggage containing valuables and personal belongings while traveling abroad.

How to pack your musical instrument

To ensure that your guitar is accepted by AirAsia, it is important to pack the instrument carefully. To complete this, follow these steps:

– Clean your guitar thoroughly. If there are any nooks or crannies in the instrument, remove dust and dirt with a vacuum cleaner or air compressor.

– Wrap your guitar in bubble wrap or foam padding to prevent it from being damaged during transit.

– Place the guitar in a hard case to give it extra protection during travel, especially if you’re not traveling with an assistant. Make sure that the case is taped shut securely to ensure that no damage can be done after you have already checked in at the airport.

– Put soft fabric around your instrument before packing it into its case to protect it from impact damage. This may include old sheets, blankets, pillows, or clothing.

– Make sure that all parts of the instrument are protected when checking it in at the baggage check office by taking out any accessories such as picks or straps which could scratch or break other items if they are not properly stored away.

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– Label your guitar as fragile so that you will receive special handling when checking it in at the airport.

What to be aware of while traveling on AirAsia

AirAsia is a budget airline, which means that they don’t offer their customers the same perks as other airlines. There are strict size restrictions and complicated fees associated with bringing a musical instrument on board any AirAsia flight. For example, you’re not allowed to bring your guitar onboard unless it meets the size and weight restrictions (the maximum dimensions of your luggage cannot exceed 158cm x 75cm x 75cm). You also need to pay an extra fee for each piece of luggage you want to bring with you – but only if it’s under 30kg.

These size restrictions make it difficult to pack your instrument in such a way that it won’t hit the luggage weight limit. If your luggage weighs more than 30kg, you’ll need to talk to AirAsia about whether or not there’s space on board your flight for you and your instrument.

If there is space on the plane, then you’ll have to pay a fee for each item of baggage that exceeds the 30kg limit. The charges range from US$5 per kg for flights within Asia-Pacific to US$25 per kg for flights outside of Asia-Pacific. While this may not seem like much at first glance, multiply those figures by how many kilograms over the limit your guitar is and you’ll soon realise just how expensive it can be!

What to do if something goes wrong with your luggage

If your guitar is damaged in transit, AirAsia may be liable for the damage. However, there are certain stipulations that must be met to make this possible. First, you’ll need to have obtained the necessary insurance to cover this risk. Second, you’ll need to provide evidence that your instrument was properly packed and labelled according to regulations before it was checked in at the airport. Lastly, you’ll need to produce evidence that your instrument was damaged during transit. If you can meet these requirements, AirAsia may be responsible for any damages incurred during the flight.

In order to use your instrument on board an AirAsia flight, it must first pass the dimensions below:

– 44 inches (length) x 17 inches (width) x 10 inches (height)

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– 22 kg (weight)

If your instrument doesn’t meet those requirements for cabin storage, you’ll need to check your instrument as baggage, which means paying an additional fee for each leg of travel and risking damage to the item should anything go wrong with the luggage.

How to bring guitar on plane Airasia FAQS

Should I pack the guitar in my suitcase or carry-on bag?

AirAsia would recommend packing your guitar in your suitcase. If you are not able to fit the guitar in your luggage, AirAsia will provide a hard case for you to use during check-in.

Do I need any other paperwork to bring my guitar on board?

Yes, if you are travelling with an acoustic or classical instrument, you will be required to present a valid Certificate of Authenticity (COA) at the time of check-in. Users of electric guitars should have their favourite amp and cord packed separately in their cabin baggage. If you are travelling with an electric instrument, please note that it must be carried separately in cabin baggage and not checked in luggage.

Are there any additional fees when taking a musical instrument aboard AirAsia flights?

No additional fees apply when passengers are carrying musical instruments on board as long as they comply with all dimensions restrictions. However, passengers who wish to check-in their musical instruments must pay for both excess baggage and extra seat fee per passenger per flight segment.

How do I keep my guitar safe while onboard AirAsia flights?

Passengers are advised to store their musical instruments in overhead compartments or under seats once they have been screened by security personnel at the gate. Instruments should not be placed in the overhead compartments closest to emergency exits or where goods are sold onboard.


AirAsia is a budget airline that offers flights to destinations throughout Asia, the Middle East, and Australia. One of the many things travelers should be aware of when booking a flight on AirAsia is the company’s musical instrument policy.

The following guide will give you a quick rundown on how to pack a guitar for a flight on AirAsia and what to do in case your luggage doesn’t make it.

In short, AirAsia accepts musical instruments on board as long as they are packed in the appropriate case and carried in addition to any other baggage allowance.