How do small speakers sound so good

Speakers are complicated little things. Even the most straightforward setup can wind up giving you results that aren’t what you’d hoped for. The article will discuss more on how do small speakers sound so good The good news is, with a little know-how, you can get the most from your speaker system. Speakers aren’t just … Read more

How Wide Should Front Surround Speakers Be?

Front surround speakers (sometimes called front speakers or front speakers and center speakers) are the speakers that you place in front of you to hear sound in Dolby Digital and DTS movies, games and music. How Wide Should Front Surround Speakers Be? Most front surround speakers connect to your TV, AV receiver or home theater … Read more

Do I need an audio interface for speakers

When you’re connecting a set of computer speakers to your laptop, you don’t need an audio interface. But what if you want to connect a set of external speakers or a sound bar? Or what if you plan to use your speakers with another audio application? Do I need an audio interface for speakers A … Read more

Do I Need Crossovers for My Speakers?

When speakers produce sound, they are doing so through a mechanism called an amplifier. In order to produce sound at all, your speakers need a source of amplification. Speakers that are not connected to an amplifier will only produce a low hum or buzz. Do I Need Crossovers for My Speakers? If you have speakers … Read more

Do I Really Need Surround Sound?

Even the most basic home theaters these days come equipped with surround-sound speakers and a specially equipped receiver. But for anyone with even a passing interest in movies, TV, or gaming, it’s hard to imagine a world without surround sound. Do I Really Need Surround Sound? That’s because it offers so much more than great … Read more

Do speakers need running in

When you set out to buy a pair of speakers, there are a bunch of factors to consider. Do you want tower or bookshelf speakers? And, perhaps most importantly, how much time can you spend auditioning different models? Do speakers need running in If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably sold on the idea … Read more

Do Speakers Use Lithium Batteries?

There are a variety of uses for lithium-ion batteries, including in electronics. But there’s one other application that can be used for: portable speakers. These devices are designed to produce high-quality sound. They’re also designed to be portable and light. As such, they may use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for their power source. Do Speakers Use … Read more

How to avoid guitar blisters

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How to sell a guitar amp

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How to paint a fender guitar

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