10 Best Bookshelf Speakers Under 500 Dollars in 2022

A budget-friendly bookshelf speaker can be tricky to get, especially if one has to consider the speaker’s quality. Most speakers that are budget-friendly have fewer features and poor quality. Therefore, we have tried to balance the cost and quality to come up with the best Bookshelf speakers under 500 Dollars.

On the same note, it is as well a good task to dig deeper into getting the best speaker at a friendly cost. This article has brought together a few good and tested bookshelf speakers that are of good quality and, of course, a favorable price.

A guide has as well been provided to help you to make quick and sound decisions as you buy your bookshelf speaker

Best bookshelf speakers under $500

Edifier R1280DB Studio speaker

Edifier R1280DB Studio speaker: The best Bookshelf speaker under 500 USD

The edifier R1280DB is a Bluetooth powered speaker with the capability of connecting to most Bluetooth devices. The speaker has a classic look with a wooden black finish. The speaker has a control panel where you can make adjustments on the bass and the treble.

Edifier R1280DB has AUX and 2 RCA connections that help in streaming. The HD audio, which is of good quality, is geared by the optical and the coaxial inputs. The Bluetooth connection helps you to connect the speaker to your pc, phone, and other Bluetooth devices.

The speaker has come with updated specifications which boost the speaker’s performance. the innovative features such as the onboard control make it the best Bluetooth shelf speaker under $500



  • Need more feature advancements

Klipsch R-41M bookshelf speaker

Klipsch R-41M bookshelf speaker: One of the best Bookshelf speakers under 500

The Klipsch R-41M has a frequency range if 68Hz to 21KHz. It also gives room for a subwoofer hence is quality sound and high volume. It has a tweeter and LTC that play a role in the reduction of sound distortion. Generally, the speaker has very good sound quality.

The speaker has a simple make with a vilyn and a copper woofer, which makes it look very nice and attractive. It is reinforced using MDF construction technology. The speakers can be paired with a subwoofer producing an amazing deep bass. The speaker is very powerful hence capable of filling a medium room.

The speaker has a good size. It experiences fewer vibrations while producing a very clear sound. A home theater can as well make use of the speaker to amplify its sound. Overall this is the best-powered shelf speaker under $500.


  • Good sound quality
  • MDF reinforced
  • Aluminum-based tweeters
  • Deep bass


  • Difficult to control sound tone.

Polk Audio T15 speaker

Polk Audio T15 speaker: One of the high quality Bookshelf speaker under$500

Polk audio company is highly rated in producing quality and best speakers. The affordability of Polk audio speakers will always make you get one every other time. The T15 speaker is medium-sized with 100watts power output. The speaker has a woofer and a tweeter and woofers on the front that enable sound control. It is considered one of best bookshelf speakers under 500.

The woofer of the speaker is 2.25, while the tweeter is 0.75. Their levels lead to the production of high-quality sound loud enough to fill a medium room. The speaker finishing is of a black grain wood with a Polk logo plate makes it very beautiful.

The speaker can be placed on the shelf or mounted on the wall using the 3.5cm keyhole. Other than the front makeup, the speaker has ½ MDF paneling, which makes it durable. Of all the best bookshelf speakers under 500 Dollars, the Polk Audio T15 has the best price.

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  • MDF reinforced
  • Easy to control
  • Good sound balance
  • Nice look
  • Good sound quality
  • Compatible with most devices


  • Need more features

Edifier R1280T speaker

Edifier R1280T speaker

The edifier R120T comes with remote control and a power output of 42WRMS. A tweeter and dual drivers’ setup make the speaker extend its range covering a wider area.  The speaker has RCA inputs that help you to connect with other devices.

To produce deep bass, the speaker has a flared reflex port and a 4inch driver. The deep bass with a mix of the treble and good volume gives a fantastic quality of sound. Adjusting the sound settings using the remote control is very simple. The speaker’s sound is competitive with those of some very expensive speakers.

The speakers don’t shake; hence can be placed on the shelf or table comfortably. The speaker has a modern look that makes it classy. The Edifier R1280T speaker is rated as one of the best bookshelf speakers below the price of 500 dollars.


  • Easy to control
  • Dual RCA input
  • Good sound quality
  • Loud volume
  • Deep bass
  • Classy look


  • No passive radiators
  • No rear bass port

Micca PB42X Speaker

Micca PB42X Speaker

The Micca PB42X speaker is known for its ability to save space and still produce a loud sound that is less distorted. It has the latest D amplifier, which enhances the production of quality sound.  With an 18V power adapter, the speaker gives a continuous quality enjoyment.

The 2 RCA inputs make it very easy to connect any device you wish. Moreover, the speaker, the speaker responds promptly to high and low frequencies with undistorted sound.  The carbon woofer and tweeters extend the sound range to a greater extent.

The bass produced is as well not compromised. There are minimal wall and floor vibrations and sound irritation. The most impressive thing about the speaker is the strong body. Hence being considered as one best bookshelf speakers under 500.


  • Has an amplifier
  • Has tweeters
  • A deep bass
  • Strong con


  • No bass ports
  • Limited features

Klipsch R-15M speaker

Klipsch R-15M speaker: one of the most powerful Bokkshelf speaker under $500

The Klipsch R-15M is a classy speaker with a versatile design and black vinyl finishing. They are compact hence easy to use on your cp. The speaker is flawless with high-end audio that enables you to play any music or game you wish.

The speakers cannot be mounted on the wall, but their handy size makes it easy to place them anywhere. For better sound performance, you can place them separately at any point in your room.

The most interesting thing with the speaker is that it has the latest tractrix horn, which makes it advanced with very high technology. The Klipsch is known for its very good and quality sound systems. 


  • Has a silver woofer
  • Flawless speakers
  • High technology


  • Cannot be mounted on the wall

Edifier R2000DB speaker

Edifier R2000DB speaker: One of the best Bookshelf speakers under 500 USD

The edifier R2000DB is a Bluetooth powered speaker. It has a tweeter that makes it produce quality sound. The speakers easily pair with TVs, receivers, and other gadgets to facilitate the streaming of music. The connection is made easier by its optical input.

Edifier R2000DB meets all your sound technological needs. You can add devices via Bluetooth or the RCA inputs. The auxiliary inputs also help in connecting several devices at once. The speaker serves home studios perfectly.

The speaker produces a quality bass, which is loud enough to fill a medium room. Having a wooden case, the amount of noise the speaker produces is limited. Apart from producing quality sound output, the speaker itself is made of high quality with durable materials. The making qualifies the speaker to be among the best bookshelf under the price of $150

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  • Good quality speaker
  • Good sound quality
  • Easy to connect to other devices
  • Supports RCA inputs
  • A quality tweeter


  • No bass balancing tool

Micca MB42X Speaker

Micca MB42X Speaker

The Micca MB42X is a multipurpose speaker that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Being a small speaker, you may easily get tempted to assume its power, but the speaker has powerful output. You can use it for parties and other home activities. The speaker occupies limited space.

The speaker has a crossover circuit. However, the low bass and low-frequency response may seem to bring the speaker down. It still has a sweet sound quality that makes it ideal for watching and listening to music. All in all, the speaker has a 4′ fiber woofer and tweeter that amplifies its sound.

The speaker is compatible with many devices such as pc, television, and others. You can stream using any media and have full enjoyment.


  • Powerful woofer and tweeter
  • Multiple inputs
  • Crossover circuit
  • Compatible with other devices


  • Poor bass

Edifier 1850DB bookshelf Speaker

Edifier 1850DB bookshelf Speaker

The edifier 1850 DB speaker comes with a strong woofer and 4″ bass driver and a 19mm treble driver. This combination gives a loud and high-quality sound output. The speaker has cool and advanced technology that enables you to connect other devices and operate them.

You use a remote control to operate the speaker. The sleek design makes the speaker handy. It has a wonderful old retro design with MDF makeup that reduces sound distortion. The base is inclined at an angle of 10 degrees, which promotes good output.

You can use the aux and the RCA inputs to connect streaming devices. It is very easy to connect your phone, laptop, and table. The deep bass creates an exciting atmosphere as it fills the room to satisfaction. The features of the speaker make it fetch the best price in the market.


  • Easy to use
  • Advanced technology features
  • RCA and AUX inputs
  • Bass driver


  • Too compact

Edifier 1700BT Speaker

Edifier 1700BT Speaker: One of the best Bookshelf speakers under 500 USD

The edifier 1700BT is a mid-size speaker with a walnut and classy finish that makes it very attractive. It comes with a tweeter and bass drivers that make it produce a perfect sound quality. It uses both wired and wireless technology to connect to devices.

The speaker has 2 RCA wires and a powerful Bluetooth connection. You can adjust the volume of the speaker and other operations using a remote control. The streaming devices can as well be used to balance and control the speaker.

The speaker has a 10 degrees slant at its base that helps in the projection of a clearer and loud sound. It has keys that help to balance the treble, bass, and volume, which are strategically located for ease of use. The speaker is long-lasting, for it is made with solid materials.


  • Has a remote control
  • Sound control keys
  • Easy to use
  • Clear sound and deep bass
  • RCA and Bluetooth connections
  • Classy design


  • Maybe slightly difficult to operate

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 Buyers guide for bookshelf speakers under 500 dollars.

The key features in all speakers are usually the same for both low priced and high prices. When purchasing the best bookshelf speakers under 500 for your home or office you need to consider the following factors to ensure you don’t buy a low-quality speaker at a higher price.

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Considering the following factors will help you get your ideal bookshelf speaker.


A speaker with single drivers produces more quality sound. The drivers formed by the presence of a woofer and crossovers. The weight of the woofer determines the quality and loudness of the sound produced.

The cross overs help in reducing sound distortion and also boost the speaker’s performance. This brings balance in sound and helps achieve the desired volume when playing music.

The speakers surrounding as well plays a role in enhancing good sound production. The speaker surrounding should have durable material, and preferably a rubber will help you get the best sound production.

Frequency range

The frequency range is the extent to which the speaker can project its sound. You should get a speaker that is loud enough. The quality of sound produced is something you should also focus on. Do not buy a speaker that vibrates or produces a distorted sound. The speaker you buy should be able to give the best performance.


The design is one of the major factors to consider when choosing one of the best Bookshelf speakers under 500 USD. The design of a shelf speaker has to do with its outside look. A good speaker should have a strong body. Choose your speaker, depending on where you intend to place it.

If the space is small, consider having a small speaker. If there is adequate space, you can as well get a bigger one. The make of the speaker should be firm so that it doesn’t get damaged in case it falls off.

Additional features

The speaker should have additional features, such as Bluetooth connectivity. Generally, a good speaker should be compatible with many devices. Connecting and controlling the speaker should as well be very easy.

Power handling

The speaker you buy should be able to handle large amounts of power comfortably. Get a speaker that has not only higher power output but also input. Such a speaker will serve you for a longer time.

Power handling has also to do with the amount of pressure in a session that the speaker can handle. Your speaker should be able to serve for a longer period


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Shelf speakers are very nice for home use. It is easy to get you desired a speaker under 500 dollars if you follow the above-provided guideline.

The speakers highlighted above are tested and proven to be the best shelf speakers available under 500dollars. Get one today and enjoy more.