7 Best Acoustic Electric Guitars Under 1000 Dollars for 2022

Is your guitar shopping basket having under 1000 dollars and in need of one of the best acoustic electric guitars? You are just in the right place. If you are here, it means that you love playing the guitar just like me. In addition, you have experienced the challenge in choosing the best guitar for your hobby or career.

Getting affordable and high-quality electric guitar can be very confusing, especially if you do not have basic information to guide you. Today we come with a solution to the quick acquisition of an acoustic-electric guitar.

Guitars come in several sizes, prices and specifications. If you are a professional, you can explore the best midrange guitar or even better and if you are a intermediate guitar player, you can explore the best electric guitar for an intermediate. However, on this guide, the choice will be based on quality, performance, and on a big way the price of under 1000 Dollars. If you are on a less budget, you can explore the best guitars under $700.

We have done a thorough research and compiled a list of the best acoustic-electric guitar. The only thing you will have to do at this point is to go through the guide and pick the best guitar. Therefore the following fall under the Best Acoustic Electric Guitars Under 1000.

What’s the difference between an acoustic and electric guitar?

Acoustic guitars are traditionally made of wood, and are not plugged into an amplifier. Acoustic guitars produce sound because the vibrations from the guitar strings cause friction with the air, which creates sound waves that travel to the listener’s ears.

Electric guitars have pickups and an amplifier to capture the vibrations of the strings and convert them into electrical signals. These electrical signals can then be amplified by an amplifier before they are sent to speakers.

Electric guitars are typically more versatile than acoustic guitars, as they can easily be used to play a variety of instruments (acoustic or otherwise). They also typically have a looser tuning, so more notes will sound at once on one string. This makes electric guitars easier to learn for beginners.

While it’s possible to play slide guitar with both an acoustic and electric guitar, they will each require their own special technique when playing slide.

In regards to what type of guitar you should start with, there is no one “best” option for beginners. The best advice is really what you like and what style you want to learn how to play in order make your transition go smoothly!

Best acoustic-electric guitars under 1000 Dollars

Washburn Comfort Series USM-WCG20SCE Acoustic electric guitar

Washburn Comfort Series USM-WCG20SCE

If you are looking for a guitar with a natural sound, this model makes a perfect choice. The guitar comes with awesome shape and a design that makes it very comfortable to play. You will find it very beautiful to play the guitar.

The guitar boasts of an auditorium cutaway with a single-cutaway wood for the top. It has an awesome mahogany bracing pattern with the sides and the back made of Sitka spruce. The fingerboard is made of rosewood while the neck has mahogany material.

You will appreciate the fact that the guitar has 21 frets, which is made of very simple to scan and navigate. The looks and ergonomics employed in making the guitar make it very comfortable to handle and play.

Moreover, the guitar has a unique and perfect belly top and the carve. Therefore, you will enjoy holding the guitar in a hugging position that makes it comfortable to hold and play. While sitting or standing, the guitar offers a great playability.

The beleved mahogany binding portrays the uniqueness of the guitar. Such a design makes the guitar very comfortable to hold and play because of the blunt edges. You will, therefore, not experience any sharp pains on the forearm while playing the guitar.

Finally, the gloss electronics and the pickup preamp make the performance of the guitar excellent. You will enjoy a better sound output with an awesome balance of the bass and the trebles. A sweet resonance dominates the environs when playing the guitar.


  • Lovely design
  • Comfortable to play
  • Very responsive
  • Sturdy and durable

Traveler Guitar 6 Acoustic-Electric string guitar (PSS MPPF)

Traveler Guitar 6 Acoustic

Featuring now is a compact and highly portable acoustic-electric guitar with an awesome design. You will admire having this guitar because of its functionality and simplicity involved in its use.

The guitar comes with a maple neck that has a straight connection to the body. A natural satin finish makes the guitar beautiful and very comfortable to use. It has a full size that makes its playing experience awesome in its small size.

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More about the guitar is that it has both electric and acoustic pickups. You will, therefore, enjoy both acoustic and electric tones. It has a stethoscope headset that provides you with an awesome private listening. Once connected to the amp, the guitar projects its tone perfectly.

The guitar uses an in-body tuning systemthat is very responsive. You will, therefore, do not need to use a headstock. An interesting thing is that you will still have a full-scale playing experience as other full instruments will offer.

Furthermore, the guitar has a lap rest that is detachable so that you comfortably travel with it. You will also appreciate the overhead compartment where the guitar bag fits in perfectly. Weighing only 3 pounds, the guitar offers excellent portability.

Finally, the ultra-light electric guitar is built with an adjustable tune-O-Matic bridge. A dual-rail Humbucker helps in sound amplification, therefore, producing a big tone. The sound delivered by the guitar is well balanced with a sweet blend.


  • Excellent tonal balance
  • Comfortable to play
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Highly portable

Ovation Mod TX Collection acoustic electric guitar(2078TX-5)

Ovation Mod TX Collection acoustic electric guitar(2078TX-5)

This guitar model comes with a soundhole design, which is instrumental in delivering the best sound quality. The sound projection of the guitar is excellent. You will love the texture and the finishing of the guitar that makes it a very beautiful element.

The guitar comes on a sleek and simple design but with an awesome performance. It is a highly evolved instrument with a modern technology design that makes live performances awesome.

Moreover, the guitar gets shaped to offer comfortability while playing and also an awesome electric feel. When you plug in the accessories, the guitar delivers the best performance. High output with a perfect tonal balanced gets felt every time you play the guitar.

The materials used to make the guitar offer its durability and a well-blended and projected sound. You will love the presence of a hard rock maple neck, a big contributor to the sustain, and the response of the guitar.

A resonant tonewood is embedded below the satin finish. A solid spruce top adds more to the guitar’s durability and gears towards a better sound output. Furthermore, the combination of the OP-Preamp and the OCP1 pickup makes the sound output excellent.

Finally, a Lyrachord deep-contour cutaway and die-cast sealing machine help in positioning the guitar for better performance. Tuning the strings to meet your desires is a very simple and effective task. The reason why it is considered among the Best Acoustic Electric Guitars Under 1000


  • Excellent sound balance
  • Comfortable to use
  • Effective pickups
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Excellent design

Martin 000Jr-10E Acoustic electric guitar

Martin 000Jr-10E Acoustic electric guitar

Featuring once more is an electric acoustic guitar that has a natural look and a natural sound production. The guitar itself has the best quality, and the sound produced is of the greatest quality with a perfect balance between the treble and the bass.

The guitar has a spruce top and a hardwood neck. On the sides and the back, you will find a Sapele wood while the fingerboard is of Richlite material. The neck boasts of hardwood material that offers both durability and a rich sound.

Moreover, the guitar gets enriched with Fishman Sonitone Electronics, which offers a natural sound. If you are a student in playing guitars, this model makes an ideal choice. The lightweight nature makes the guitar portable and easy to carry while playing. It is one of the Best Acoustic Electric Guitars Under 1000

Apart from portability, the guitar makes a perfect choice for stage performances. You will find it easy to move around with the guitar. The pickups make sound projection excellent.

The notes of the guitar ring harmonically with bell-like clarity and richness. You will love the warm and deep sound produced. Using the tuners, you will be able to set the guitar to meet your specific needs.

Finally, the guitar is simple to set up. You will need to connect the accessories and straightaway begin to play. The six strings are of good quality and very resonant. You will love how they will project the sound to the body, offering a sweet sustain.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Comfortable to play
  • Excellent sustain
  • Durable and sturdy

Seagull 048595 S6 Classic acoustic-electric guitar

Seagull 048595 S6 Classic

If you are looking for a guitar with a traditional design, then you have a perfect choice from this model. Coming with a beautiful shape and colors, you will find the guitar to be the most beautiful and nice to use.

More about The guitar is that it has a make of strong and durable materials. They include a solid cedar top and wild cherry back and sides. Completing sturdy make of the guitar is a maple neck with a silver leaf design. As a result, the sound produced is just like the other S6 line.

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Adding on the guitar’s beauty is a black wash on the sides and the back of the guitar. The simple design makes the playability of the guitar awesome. You will love the comfortability that the guitar will offer when being played.

Due to the sturdy material make, the guitar boasts of a better resonance. You will love the tone produced by the guitar, which is rich in a balance between the bass and the trebles. The dynamic sound of the guitar will leave you amazed.

For further sound amplification a preamp features. When plugged in, a completely new level of tone appears. It has a better amplification and a perfect balance even when the volume gets tuned to the maximum.

Finally, the guitar is lightweight. You will, therefore, comfortably use it for stage performance. It is also a highly portable instrument that is easy to be carried along by young guitar learners. This qualifies it as one of Best Acoustic Electric Guitars Under 1000


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Comfortable to use
  • Nice finish
  • Very responsive
  • Lightweight

Takamine TC132SC Classical acoustic-electric guitar

Takamine TC132SC Classical acoustic-electric guitar

Nylon strings are known for the durability and comfortability of the fingers while in use. This Takamine model comes with rigid nylon strings which offer an excellent resonance. You will love the beautiful design and finish that the guitar possesses.

The guitar makes a perfect choice for classical and jazz players.  It delivers an amplified and pure volume with a lot of clarity in the tone produced. The sound projection enhances a brilliant and supersonic sound.

The material make of the guitar is excellent. It features a cedar top, and the solid rosewood back and sides all make the guitar durable and sturdy. A mahogany neck with a truss rod makes the performance of the guitar excellent.

You will also love the dynamic range and the full tone that is produced by the guitar.  A sweet balance between the bass and the treble dominates the output. You will love the glossy natural finish, which is instrumental to the best sound quality.

Finally, the guitar comes at an affordable price that any player will comfortably acquire. It makes a perfect choice for both beginners and experienced players. You will appreciate the dual channel and the three-band EQ that, together with the chromatic tuner, make the guitar’s performance excellent.


  • Excellent tonal balance
  • Comfortable to use
  • Nylon strings
  • Sturdy and durable

Luna guitars safari Tribal acoustic-electric guitar (SAFTRIBAL E TSB)

Luna guitars safari Tribal

Last in our list is a high performing and natural-looking guitar that boasts of a great performance. The guitar has a sturdy material make that offers it great durability and perfect in delivering the best sound quality.

The guitar has a set neck with a mahogany wood that gets extended to the body. At the top of the guitar, you will find spruce material while the freeboard and bridge features a walnut material.

The combination of the materials used to make the guitar result in a high performing and highly durable guitar. It is also a lightweight guitar that is highly portable hence ideal for children and stage performances.

More about the guitar is the design that makes it beautiful. You will love the handcrafted body that is further amplified by the tobacco sunburst-satin finish. The quality of the guitar gets guaranteed by the safari tribal AE.

Furthermore, there also features a Luna SL3 preamp and a built-in tuner that boosts the guitar’s performance. The six strings and the adjustable bridge make the guitar simple to adjust for better performances.

Finally, the guitar has employed lots of minds, talent, and creativity in the making process. It makes an ideal choice for musicians and songwriters. This makes it one of the Best Acoustic Electric Guitars Under 1000


  • Excellent tonal balance
  • Comfortable to play
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Durable and sturdy

Buyers guide for the best acoustic-electric guitars under 1000 dollars

Getting an acoustic-electric guitar is a very simple process. With a proper guide, you will easily get one that will perfectly meet your needs. Let us then look at some of the key points you should focus on to get the best model.

Sound quality

The basic measurement criteria of an acoustic-electric guitar are sound performance. A perfect guitar should deliver quality output with an excellent balance between the bass and the trebles. A rich tone should always be delivered when playing the guitar.

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The best acoustic-electric guitar should be comfortable to play. The design, the finish, and the material should make it very easy to handle and play the guitar. It should be lightweight so that you don’t get tired of handling it.

Material make up

The material used to make a guitar should be durable and very strong. As a result, the sound produced is of the best quality. When buying an acoustic/electric guitar, you should look at the maple, mahogany, and spruce material.

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Acoustic Electric Guitars Under 1000 FAQs

Which is the best electric guitar under 1000?

Some very good models are under the range of 1000. Some of them have very good quality while some are not very good. You need some skills and understanding of some tricks to get the best electric acoustic guitar under 1000.
We have different brands and models that perform excellently and under the price of 1000. Some of the things that make up the best guitar are the material choice, quality of the model and even the size. You will also have to look for specific qualities such as frequency and electronics.
A good model should be easy to play with and add other effects. The general outcome should be good too. Yamaha, freshman Apolo, Ibanez and Taylor guitars have the best models under 1000.

What features make up the best electric acoustic guitar under 1000?

Various features make the guitars stand out within the budget of 1000 and below.  What you need to understand is the combination of features that make up the difference.
One of the things you need to look at is the material composition. Quality wood such as spruce, maple and ebony are the best because they deliver sound quality. Durable strings will also generate good resonance and will serve for a long.
Finally, we have the electronics. An electric acoustic guitar performs well when you have good electronics. They help in ensuring that you pick the best sound quality. It also allows you to add various effects, which in turn boosts the sound quality.

What makes an electric acoustic guitar so good?

An electric acoustic guitar comes with two guitars which means that you will have better functionality. It can function under amplification or without amplification. Most experienced guitarists and even beginners will find the model good for their journey.
Playing different music genres is also possible when you use an electric acoustic guitar. A guitarist who wants to master a specific style or implement a new thing in guitar playing will have an easy time with such a guitar.
People aspire to learn how to play various instruments. An electric acoustic guitar brings real experience. It allows you to play the guitar’s electric part and master how to use an acoustic guitar.

How do you choose an electric acoustic guitar under 1000?

The process of selection is a little bit challenging, but it is easy to master. When looking for the guitar, you have to get the models that are within your budget range. You will then look at specific features such as the type of pickup, electronics and others.
You will also look at the type of wood it uses. Some kinds of woods are the best while others may be very poor. Check on the strings and sound quality so that you understand the sustain.  The basic thing is to get a model that will deliver the best sound quality.
Finally, you have to look at usability. A good model should offer simplicity in handling and use. Both for a child and adult, ease of use is the basic thing.

Who uses the electric acoustic guitar?

It is possible to use the electric acoustic guitar regardless of who you are. Beginners and children can use the electric acoustic guitar for learning. Experienced players also use electric acoustic guitars to showcase and improve their expertise.
Electric acoustic guitars under 1000 are for guitarists who want pocket-friendly instruments. The beautiful thing with the price range is that there are instruments that are excellent performers.
It is also possible to get a model with the best price and the best quality so long as you do some thorough research. The budget gives room for all the players to get an instrument that fits their needs.

Final verdict

Getting the best acoustic-electric guitar is very simple. All you will have to do is go through our guide and pick one guitar that meets your budget and needs. All the picks are of great quality.